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Oksana's New Rep -- Quits Before He Started

7/30/2010 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's new PR rep Howard Bragman is out ... even before he officially signed on.


Sources tell TMZ Bragman had all but agreed to help Oksana -- that is until she gave an impromptu interview in front of a grocery store early this morning.

We're told Bragman completely supports Oksana and believes she is the victim here -- but, as one person put it, "He can't help a client who won't listen."

Interestingly, Oksana's last publicist Steve Jaffe said almost the same exact thing on his way out the door.


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All these people that were working for her having started to figure out what drove Gibson over the edge. She's a complete loon. I hope the picture is starting to get clearer for some folks.

1485 days ago


I will never buy anything realated to this woman, books, music etc. During this hole story/stories I´ve come to understand what a horrible person she really is and I will not support a person like that.

Attorneys, PR people keep quiting, I smell a rat. I take that as she´s not an easy to get along with. Victim? I don´t believe that for a second.

1485 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    


there's like, what? 5 of the 5000 Oksana supporters left!

What happened? you guys finally realize she's doing ti to herself? :P

1485 days ago


When is she gonna realise that she is through in the USA. Nobody is gonna want to be around her long enough for her to tape what they are saying. She's toast in the USA. If i see her walking down the street and i'm talking to my friend, i would tell my friend stop talking, that's the chick that walks with a tape recorder in her bag to tape people and then blackmail them....

1485 days ago


I thought the purpose of hiring a PR person was for THEM to handle the PR. Guess I'm wrong.

1485 days ago


Good riddance. Bragman represented slime bag James Ray of the Sweat Lodge Deaths. He didn't change anyone's opinion about his creep client, who was indicted.

1485 days ago


You can see in her talking she fears and she is scared to death.
Well I would have too , dealing with that lunatic.
Its too sad she is forced to use ROL and other media caouse if she follow the rules she is screwed.
I think she plays good card. Mel is basicly screwed.
They should both come out in public and talk. **** the court rules.

1485 days ago


The original reports of her hiring Bragman said that they had an agreement principal that he would represent her pending preparing the full, final agreement. Now Bragman has bolted because she apparently reneged on the terms of their arrangement. She and Mel had an agreement in principal regarding custody and money, which she actually signed, pending preparation of the full and final agreement. She reneged on that agreement. Anyone else see a pattern here?

1485 days ago


One day soon, people will say "she pulled an Ox on me".
Then she'll be famous.

1485 days ago


Isnt shes changing her story all the time?
She just said she made all the recordings that night.

1485 days ago


Either Bragman quit or was fired with creep Ray also:

1485 days ago


Seems she never understood what a "gag order was". She leaked everything and made up things each day.

Mel respected the judges "gag order" and refrain from even refuted those made up tapes. He never said he hit her.

1485 days ago


"She feared for her life!" Why didn't she call the police?

Posted at 11:12 AM on Jul 30, 2010 by Bitch
I always break out the recording equipment when I fear for my life. If someone’s breaking into my house, the first thing I grab is the camcorder. If someone’s calling and threatening to kill me, I grab the tape recorder. Then I call my lawyer and the local news stations. Isn’t that what everybody does? I guess just those of us interested in justice, I like to have proof when I don’t go to the police.

1485 days ago


Here's the correct link to Bragman either quitting or being fired with CREEP client James Ray also:

1485 days ago


I guess Mel is preparing his $$$ $$$ $$$ big time.

1485 days ago
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