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Bristol Palin Takes a Tripp to Target

8/1/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amidst reports that she's broken off her engagement, Bristol Palin grabbed her son Tripp and did some quality bargain shopping at a Target store in Wasilla, Alaska the other day.


With Levi Johnston nowhere in sight, Bristol and a female companion picked up some necessities -- water, milk, etc -- and loaded it up into her Volkswagen Jetta on Friday.

According to reports, Bristol isn't the only Palin who drives a Jetta -- Sarah has bragged about owning one in fire-engine red.


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Three pregnancies and only 19 years old! This gal really enjoys sex. And Mama Whiner lined her up to be the Queen of Abstinence. That's what money gets you.

1509 days ago


All these photos show is that TMZ and/or its photographer really seems interested in Bristol's backside.

1509 days ago


$arah Palin was getting so much attention last week because she was going camping with the Gosselins. Did Kate get eaten by Mama Grizzley--I haven't heard any more! Sarah Palin is such a DIVA that she didn't want to share any attention with Kate--so she hired her dad and brother to teach her kids a little about camping. Piper must have missed school when nature and camping were taught--too busy signing autographs and waving to the crowds. All Sarah Palin in private life has shown the world is that if elected, she will have to have a huge staff to cover for all her lack of knowledge. The White House wouldn't be big enough for Palin's ego and all the staff required to make her the Queen of Davas.

1508 days ago


Whoa! The newspaper said Kate lasted less than two hours with the Palins and walked out and said she didn't have to put up with all that sh*it. Now we see photos of Palin with the credit going to the Heath Family. Looks like Daddy has been hired for millions to be the official photographer for $arah. Pretty obvious that Sarah wants to keep all the money in the family and not pay any taxes on her twelve million. Also see where Bristol is walking away from the Anchorage job and condo she just bought five months ago. Wasilla: the meth capital of the U.S. and the home of the twitters and quitters.

1503 days ago


Jinn, I think Bristol is pregnant again, too. Why even worry over getting married when so much time has passed? It's not uncommon for a man to impregnate several women in a short timespan.

1501 days ago


Bunch of media whores--did you see the pictures of Bristle chewing her gum and looking so pregnant; her mom talking to a school teacher on the teacher's private property. The teacher tells Sarah that she thinks she quit being Governor because she loved money and being a celebrity more. Duh! Everyone in Alaska would probably agree with that! So Sarah tells her she can do more good protecting the American citizen's rights. It appears that only the Palins have these rights: Sarah is on private property; Todd and her body guards have already gone to the public boat harbor and done illegal pat down/searches of the private citizens there; they try to obstruct the teacher's friend from taking a video of Sarah and her "attitude" toward anyone who doesn't bow down to the Palins; they order this woman off her own property because Sarah's film crew has arrived; and the Palin group rips up this teacher's sign declaring that Palin was the worst Governor that Alaska has ever had. Apparently freedom of speech means that Sarah can make all her divisive, polarizing negative comments against anyone but this lady cannot. Apparently Sarah Palin and her crew are free to take videos to promote Sarah Palin and her family but she cannot handle any criticism or take any questions. Apparently this lady's husband is a commercial fisherman and she realized that Sarah knows nothing about halibut or fishing in Alaska or fishing seasons or types of fishing quotas or areas assigned. Apparently when Sarah doesn't know something, she assumes that her fans don't either so she lies to them about watching halibut take the bait. (Lie) Similar to her lie about grizzlies standing up on their hind legs when they need to protect their cubs. Sarah just makes up whatever words are rattling around in her head.

Anyway Bristol is just as obnoxious and foul mouthed as her mom. Has a real attitude--she tells the teacher "you're just JEALOUS, Teach!" and calls the man with the cellphone an A**hole. Boy candies really show a gracious, polite representative as their Queen of Abstinence.Makes you wonder if the dermatologist she works for full time realizes how rude his employee is! The Palins make Wasilla look like it is the white trash capitol of the world. Sad thing is that instead of apologizing for the Palin's obnoxious behavior and lack of respect to this teacher/property owner the Palins are trying to blame it all on Obama and the lamestream media. They want you to think what Sarah Palin says about the incident is more accurate than what you watch with your own eyes. Truth is, some of her avid fans will believe her!

1500 days ago


To the ignorant person on here: Bristol is not pregnant, the new girl is the one they said is suppose to be pregnant. Read the facts or learn to read before you post. To you other ignorant ones on here, this is not about Snooki so leave her out of it and you others need to get a life.

1496 days ago
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