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Deadmau5 Hospitalized for Exhaustion

7/31/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

World renowned DJ Deadmau5 was hospitalized last night after collapsing on stage during a performance at a Washington DC nightclub, TMZ has confirmed.


A rep for the Canadian-born DJ -- real name Joel Zimmerman -- tells us he collapsed on stage from exhaustion ... at which point, "medics at the venue took [Deadmau5] directly to the hospital, where he is now under supervision."

The rep also tells us that Deadmau5 -- Danny DeVito's favorite performer -- has canceled his next 9 shows ... under the advice of his doctors.


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He's not a crackhead, he's straight-edge. He apparently had another deejay kicked out of the backstage area because he was smoking pot! Also, you try performing to thousands of people nightly wearing a stupid oversized mousehead.

1546 days ago


Earlier in the night (like 6 p.m.) people saw him looking all ****ed up and said he appeared drunk. He didn't collapse on stage, he walked off and announcers said he was too sick to continue. 9:30 Club and Deadmau5 have refused ticket refunds. The night before he only played 1.5 hours.
If he was really sick he should have just canceled the show rather than screwing over his fans.

1546 days ago


At least he played as long as he could. Is it really so unheard of for someone to get sick once in awhile. These guys are only human. Cut the kid some slack.

1546 days ago

george clooney    

Gosh Daddy, what did you do during the war? Oh honey, I wore this mask that looked between a cross of a fly and mouse and I spun this vinyl record, making noise like a teacher with a bad piece of chalk on a chalk board and every once in while....I passed gas. Give me a break!

1546 days ago



1546 days ago


Lots of people stand ALL day at their jobs and don't collapse, there has to be something else going on. I read that he couldn't stop puking and was dehydrated, which can def. make you collapse.

1546 days ago


Rukes = the past era of washed up groupy photographers. topcreeper exclusive.. see you this fall!

1546 days ago


Morons. Almost all of his songs are 128 bpm, no where near 155 (where did that come from? do you have any idea what you're talking about?). Yes he collapsed during the show, or that wouldn't have been posted on his own fcking facebook page. Do you think a collapse brought on by exhaustion is suddenly going to happen out of no where? No. He obviously felt like ****, played as long as he could, and when he felt too ****ty, he walked offstage To say he's a producer and not a DJ is also stupid, producers PRODUCE music, as in arrange/compose/often actually mix recorded songs. Yes deadmau5 does this. he also DJs (mixing different songs live, he's not actually creating the song then. he is DJing the music he has produced). and oh my god he is from CANADA. dont make ignorant comments about him and the US army. And this guy talking about thursday's show, saying 1.5 hrs. He played for 2+. People should shut up about his mousehead, you sound like morons. "Wow that helmet must be hot." Its not just a helmet, its basically a lightboard on his head. He's got 6 amps running through that, it only takes .4 to stop the human heart. Educate yourselves and think with reason.

1546 days ago


this guy does not do the **** that an old school dj would do with vinyl. The things Bad Boy Bill could do in his prime on the tables wsa magic. This guy is not a dj ....he is just a performer and its not very difficult to play the music in todays day n age of technology. Its all a gimmick....lose the mouse hat and he fades into oblivion. Joel..come to Chicago and battle against some of the street djs would get your ass handed to you.

1546 days ago

george clooney    

#23 Mau5y WHO ARE YOU? ACTUALLY, WHO MADE YOU KING? We can say whatever we want on here. Unless you want a size 12 up your arse

1546 days ago


"Exhaustion." Right, I love the standard celebrity cover for a drug overdose.

And Joel Zimmerman is paper thin because of a great low-carb diet. And Joel has black bags around his eyes in his youtube videos because he is an insomniac. His colaborator is called BSOD - Better Sounding On Drugs.

Joel is part of the club scene whose sole purpose is doing drugs:

E, K, C, G, M, No2, the list goes on.

And, whenever you spot Paris or Lindsay drinking H2O in a nightclub? Hydration is the most important activity while you are on the club drug alphabet soup!

1546 days ago


So he rollin' or a crackhead? Two very different things, you judgemental jackas.

1546 days ago


Just trying to set straight all the ridiculous bull**** people were putting out there. Not saying they cant say it, just ****ting on them for being wrong.

1546 days ago

bring back recent posts    

BUTTERFLY............" Jennifer from accounting won the gift certificate"......LMAO! funny post

1546 days ago


Krasovitz, if you want to get technical try blazing hot sun and roofing while tossing around 80lb bundles. This wasn't a contest to see who does more, just an observation that being under those lights is draining. Thanks for resorting to name calling, don't you have chemical equipment to be hauling?

1546 days ago
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