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Deadmau5 Hospitalized for Exhaustion

7/31/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

World renowned DJ Deadmau5 was hospitalized last night after collapsing on stage during a performance at a Washington DC nightclub, TMZ has confirmed.


A rep for the Canadian-born DJ -- real name Joel Zimmerman -- tells us he collapsed on stage from exhaustion ... at which point, "medics at the venue took [Deadmau5] directly to the hospital, where he is now under supervision."

The rep also tells us that Deadmau5 -- Danny DeVito's favorite performer -- has canceled his next 9 shows ... under the advice of his doctors.


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And clooney you're the ****ing worst of them, you thought he should be in the US Army?

1509 days ago


hope you get better Joel. some people are just too damn ignorant to really understand what's behind everything you do, yeah you are not and will never be a dj, but you do perform like one, and as far as your productions they are simply brilliant, yet if people would understand and work with the gear and software you use, they wouldn't know where to beggin.. get better soon! :)

ps. if you die can I have your mau5 hats?........lmao!...j/k

1509 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Canadian, huh? Figures.

1509 days ago


Wow there sure are a lot of opinionated douche bags on this website.

The guy is the #5 in the world at what he does and (seeing him a few weeks ago) he does it well. Just because you don't get to fly all over the world and party and have women throw themselves at you..don't be so jealous. So the guy got sick or food poisoning or something, who cares he is only human.

He seems like a cool guy and I hope he recovers quickly and relaxes. I know he works way too hard.

1509 days ago


@majestik.... yeah, that job would entail exhaustion... what's your point. anyways, I'm not arguing against his musical talent. He is obviously extremely good at what he does. I was just pointing out that in that scene, exhaustion after playing for a couple of hours, when his work day is no more than a few hours a day is most likely a coverup for a serious drug crash. A lot of celebrities use it... and 150 bpm was referring to drug induced tachycardia, not music

1509 days ago


before I head out... this is an open forum, and if you only expect ass-kissing, I'm sure he has a website where you guys can all gush in tandem. I've only argued against the exhaustion excuse, not the guy, and if you got off his dNck you'd see the actual debate.

1509 days ago


Wearing that mouse head has to go. That would exhaust anybody.

1509 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

I know first hand how hard it is to do this, I am doing it close to that level, you have to have the energy of a star athlete / action star to do a full show, try running, not jogging, running straight for an hour on a cross trainer and see how long you last, I bet you will quit in 2 minutes,

that is why the few that have done it are worth upwards of 20MM are still in high demand, and they get their price not to mention some clubs the temperature in the booth area that is not closed off is 85 degrees + with all the heat from the gear even with the fans and air cond at full blast, I make it a point to only do 2-3 shows a week tops, that is it,

1509 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

I also forgot to mention that Joel is a one man band, 99% of the dj's including myself create the music in the studio and spin it at the clubs, we play a few keyboard lines during the shows on top of the tracks during the live show,

Joel actually creates songs / tracks on the fly, that is his calling card, and that is the perfect recipe for a mental breakdown, and I am sure that is what happened to him, remember what happened to Geoffery Rush's character Pianist David Helfgott in Shine he had a mental breakdown when he tried to play the an impossible piece from memory, even though his teachers, parents and friends told him not to do it,

1509 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

That is why it is best to team up with 2 other dj's but then again your networth is cut by 75% and that is a hard pill to swallow,

1509 days ago


DJing is NOT easy. How many of you have been in a rave before? It gets INSANELY hot in them and those industrial fans they use barely cut down the heat. You stand up there in the heat, surrounded by electronics (which produce more heat), and trying to keep the party going for however long you have to. And when you do this on a nightly basis, you will slowly feel the affects. Add on travelling (of which Deadmau5 has been doing EXTENSIVELY this summer), this guy's body is in hell. I don't know what loser DJs you may know that barely work but it's a lot more to it. And moreover, as has been stated by others, Deadmau5 isn't an actual DJ. He gets labelled one because he plays for the same crowds, runs the sae tour lines, and often works with DJs. He's a live preformer, and he usually doesn't stay in place. He likes to move, get the crowd to move to. Plus he wears that giant mouse head a lot on stage, you know that's trapping heat in there and he isn't getting any fresh air. The guy is way overworked because he loves his job and wants to keep doing it as much as he can. I swear, people have no clue about anything outside their little worlds.

1508 days ago


I love and respect Deadmau5. He is an incredible, innovative artist that cares and devotes a lot of time to his fans. No other DJ does live chats like he does... especially right before going on stage.
The guy is sick for crying out loud. Give him a break. I wish him a speedy recovery.

1508 days ago


well i have opened for him...he was probably pissed that he didnt have the right number of coronas or blue M&M's in his private dressing room. The dudes teeth are fakes covering his once rotted stubs. He is disrespectful to all of those around him, and hides backstage in solitude til its time for him to "shine" ask anyone 90% of DJs, Producers, and Promoters cant stand him...he makes great music dont get me wrong...but thats no excuse to treat people like ****. OH and Rukes takes amazing shots...dont hate.

1508 days ago


His teeth are so yellow from being healthy. Looks & acts like a tweaker.

1508 days ago


He is one of the most creative electronic music producers, he is passionate and dedicated to his work, the fact that he tried to work when he was feeling that bad proves his passion. I have the most respect for him and am looking forward to seeing him when he comes Minnesota.

1508 days ago
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