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Deadmau5 Hospitalized for Exhaustion

7/31/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

World renowned DJ Deadmau5 was hospitalized last night after collapsing on stage during a performance at a Washington DC nightclub, TMZ has confirmed.


A rep for the Canadian-born DJ -- real name Joel Zimmerman -- tells us he collapsed on stage from exhaustion ... at which point, "medics at the venue took [Deadmau5] directly to the hospital, where he is now under supervision."

The rep also tells us that Deadmau5 -- Danny DeVito's favorite performer -- has canceled his next 9 shows ... under the advice of his doctors.


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So funny how people NOT in "that scene" seem to know better than those of us who are what the truth is, how easy it is to do what a DJ does, and what we're ALL about. If you don't know, don't babble.

1507 days ago


I saw him perform outside of Soldier Field in Chicago. It was amazing. He is scheduled to return to Chicago in October. I hope he makes it!

1507 days ago


#35 his work day isn't a couple hours. He is working non-stop 24 hours a day. He doesn't take breaks he's always working so that's obviously what caused his exhuastion not drugs and just because he's in the club scene or whatever doesn't mean he's rolling all the time. He prolly doesn't even roll.

1507 days ago


I have never once posted until now. First this went from a concern about someone's health to the same b/s I've been hearing for 15 years about electronic music and fans. I would like to see the average person play over 200 gigs a year spanning across the globe, making new music on planes and in hotels and then try to push thru illness so he won't disappoint his fans. As popular as he is hundreds to thousands of fans in one venue can raise the temperature to an unbearable degree on stage when surrounded equipment radiating heat. Oh and as far as the Bad Boy Bill comment both artists have played for me. They are both unique individuals..but to be honest BBB is the legend, but he would never think of pushing himself beyond his normal threshold. Trust me on that. There is my 2 cents.

1507 days ago

hung and dashing    

aw, poor little mousehead. :o(

1507 days ago


I love the mau5. I hope he feels better soon and gets back to doing what he does so very well. Thanks for all the great tunes mau5. See you in Ibiza!

1507 days ago


I would think the only reasonable explanation for his collapse would be the heat from being under that mask for extended periods of time. Other than that, the explanations I read simply for him being a Dj are just rubbish as I've seen him at this past Coachella and that is not as physically enduring as some of the scenarios krasovitz made.

1507 days ago


I have promoted for this guy! He is a CLASS A SLEAZE. the only peeps he lets near him are butt faced groupies he know will give him a quickie. He is 30 years old! hell no doubt be alone for the rest of his life making his crappy music. Infact its likely just to be an std or Hepititus C from stickin it to Tommy Lee to often.
Peace out ZzZzZ

1507 days ago


4 the peeps saying he dosnt do drugs, thats what he wants u to think. do u really think hed openly admit to it and risk loosing all the teeny boppers at his shows? Look at how skinny he is, its not natural and i know he brings ecstasy into clubs with him, we just have to allow it or he wont play because hes a little brat!!!

1507 days ago


Ive promoted his shows before, This guy is a class A SLEAZE, the only people he lets near him is butt ugly groupies that he knows will give him a quickie lay. Hes 30! will probably be alone his whole life making crappy music. Infact It wouldnt surprise me if its just an STD or Hepatitis C from sticking it to Tommy Lee too often! peace out ZzZz

1507 days ago

horacio gonzalez jr    

damnit vomitting and exhaustion... he must've chewed alot of magic pills....

1507 days ago


Humans get sick. Deadmau5, surprisingly, actually is human. He got sick, **** happens..chill ppl

1507 days ago

to little    

Mr pro Dj

hahahaha foolio, trying to compare DJ's to athlete is a joke.. Get real, dude is skin and bones you idiot. You don't know what a athlete anymore then most of us know about being a DJ.

1507 days ago


If you know anything about deadmau5 you would know he's not a DJ he's a performer read up on it.

1507 days ago


Haha TMZ better watch out... the mau5 might bomb the place for calling him a DJ. We all know what the mau5 thinks about being called a dj...

haha if the above people 'know good dj's' they'd know he wasn't one

1506 days ago
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