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Mel vs. Oksana -- Where Do You Stand?

8/1/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's gut check time -- you've seen and heard some of the evidence ... so how do you feel about the nine critical questions?

Mel Gibson & Oksana


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I think it is obvious, that Mel's damage control team is working overtime to stuff the ballot box here, and perhaps, and most likely, members of his phony church are assisting, to flood web sites like this...with bogus pro Mel comments, well, it isn't working, and it is not going to work. He is a very sick man, and metally unstable, and unhinged man, who needs help. He is also morally corrupt, and a meanspirited and uncommonly cruel individual, judging by his actions, and the contents of the tapes. I think it ironic that he built, and owns, a church...and yet, he comes off like someone who is possessed, as if by evil spirits, and I don't say that jokingly, or with sarcasm.

1524 days ago

Team Mel    

Little by little the truth is coming out. Can't wait until that gold digging slut is put in jail!


1524 days ago

fuddyduddy that you Howard Bragman? Still tying to get Mel, are you?

1524 days ago


I wish Mel woul pay her,she'd take the money and they'd both go away. Sick of all of it!

1524 days ago


Beaucoupx there is zero credible or legal evidence that the voice of Mel Gibson is on those tapes.

Regardless of your personal feelings, altered audio recordings / altered evidence / tampered evidence do not meet the strict standards required for them to be entered as legal evidence.

The fact that Oxsana Grigorieva was blocked from entered the heavily altered tapes as legal evidence, and the

the fact that Oksana Grigorieva use the audio recordings in attempts to extort money from Mel Gibson

completely deflates Oxsana Grigorieva's so-called proof of any domestic abuse including verbal, physical and/or emotional.abuse.

I agree with you though, TMZ has not been fair when they have consistently used the worst photos of Mel Gibson. compared to the professionally shot photos of Oxsana Grigorieva. When a photo went up accidentally showing Oxsana Grigorieva with a very large red cold sore on her upper lip, TMZ moderators removed that photo within 30 minutes.

A sort of Curriculum Vitae of Oksana Grigorieva shows her true talents:

Oksana's road to Mel: From Russian poverty to Hollywood royalty via an embittered British husband and a Bond actor

Created 10:48 PM on 02nd May 2009

"...But there was one man who watched Oksana’s red-carpet performance with a rather more critical, and rather more cynical, eye.

Thousands of miles from the clamour of Hollywood he is a man who, he suspects, Oksana would rather forget.

Yet, in all likelihood, he is the man to whom she owes everything. He is her ex-husband, 58-year-old graphic designer Nicholas Rowland.

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, he admitted: ‘I was amazed when I heard about her and Gibson.

‘I was married to her only very briefly. It’s a period of my life that I would rather forget.

'I don’t have any pictures of her. I threw them all in the bin. If I’m honest, once it was over, I wanted to forget the whole thing completely.

‘As far as I’m concerned he is a rubbish actor and he and Oksana deserve each other.’

Asked what sort of a woman Oksana was, Rowland replied: ‘You should ask all the other men – there were enough of them.’

Perhaps a degree of bitterness is understandable when a former husband is met with images of his ex-wife so evidently in thrall to another man.

Rowland’s life may have moved on and he is remarried and living with his second wife, Alison, in a quiet cul-de-sac in Cambridge, but he’s only human..."


"...It seems, however, that there was very little love to be lost between Rowland and Oksana in the first place.

He was introduced to her through a former business partner, Andrew Aldridge.

Last week, neither man would elaborate on how the romance began that would end in that notably brief union.

Indeed, the most permanent thing about their marriage was the British citizenship that the ceremony at Brighton Register Office on April 6, 1992, afforded the Russian musician..."


"...Schoolfriends recall Oksana as clever and hard-working, keen to hone her English and to one day experience life in the affluent West..."


"...She entered beauty and music competitions in a bid to broaden her horizons. She was, they say, impatient and determined.

Perhaps that impatience lay behind her decision to marry for the first time at 19, while a music student at the prestigious Kazan Conservatoire.

Her mother, it seems, was horrified. Little is known of Oksana’s first husband save that he shared her desire to live in the West – and was a drug addict.

According to neighbours of the family’s former home on Prospekt Lenin, Oksana met and married the man within a month..."


"...It was, one said, ‘a very dark time in her life. She had a lot of trouble with that man.’
After six months, and much to her parents’ relief, Oksana ended the marriage.

But her restless ambition was far from quenched. At the age of 20 she got just the break she was looking for – a ticket out of the USSR.

The chance came when she heard of an exchange organised by family friend Sergey Kuzmin, who ran a cultural centre in Saransk.

Speaking last week, he recalled: ‘She was utterly determined to get away and use her beauty to get on in the world.’..."


"...She applied to travel to Britain to be placed in a voluntary role by the Community Service Volunteers Organisation

Oksana was put in touch with Elizabeth Hoodless – now Dame Elizabeth, the executive director of CSV – for whose parents she was to act as care assistant in Shoreham, Kent.

The placement was not a success – not, that is, from the point of view of the Hoodless family.

‘She didn’t really understand her duties,’ Dame Elizabeth says. ‘One day she asked my parents to run a few errands for her, such as taking her film to be developed. They had to remind her that she was supposed to be looking after them.’..."


"...In Shoreham, Oksana dated Matthew Simmons, the son of a local vicar. But after three months she moved on, securing a job in Hampshire.

One family friend who refused to be named says: ‘Oksana was afraid that she would not be able to stay in Britain after her visa ran out.

'She began looking for a man to marry because this would give her a chance to remain permanently in the West. She could not face the ignominy of going back home; of failing in her dream to be a success in the West.’

Conveniently, she met graphic designer Nicholas Rowland, a man happy to go down on one knee to this exotic beauty 19 years his junior..."


"...Oksana’s new life had begun. As her studies at the Royal College of Music started, her marriage to Rowland seems to have ended.

A relationship with a much older man, well-connected and wealthy, seems to have followed, although he has never been named.

According to friends, it was he who introduced her to London society and into a circle that led to her being photographed by Lord Lichfield and appearing in a calendar of his work.

Her eyes were being opened to a new world of wealth and opportunity.

It was a world that would bring her into contact with 007 actor Timothy Dalton and, though the details of their meeting are not clear, the spark between them led to a relationship lasting ten years and to the birth of their son Alexander, now 12.

News of the relationship filtered back to Rowland, so briefly her second husband but so vital to her new life in Britain and beyond.

He reflects: ‘The last thing I’d heard she was living in Hammersmith, then the next thing I knew she was with Timothy Dalton in Hollywood.’

For all his awareness of his ex-wife’s beauty and ambition, Rowland seems stunned by her apparently rapid rise into the realms of Hollywood wealth and celebrity..."


"...It’s an ironic part for the Russian whose first defining role, the one that unlocked the path to her current lifestyle, was that of a care assistant in Kent.

Speaking once about her daughter’s romance with Timothy Dalton, Oksana’s mother Lyudmila described it in fairytale terms: ‘The Prince noticed a Cinderella,’ she gushed.

Even the most impartial observer might feel that this particular Cinderella appears to have a history of lobbing her glass slipper into the path of a variety of Prince Charmings."

1524 days ago


TO: Beaucoupx

I am a professional female with insomnia. That's the only reason I am up.

While some of Mel's friends may be on these sites SO ARE OKSANA'S and they are just as vituprious.

In response to portions of your post THE REASON MEL'S LAWYERS AREN'T SAYING ANYTHING to defend him is because THEY ARE OBSERVING THE JUDGE'S GAG ORDER. Oksana claerly can't control herself. To risk criminal prosecution for leaking illegal (and now we suspected edited tapes) AFTER the judge placed his gag order makes you wonder. Even though her sis or mom did it same difference'

She had her lawyers misrepresent the context of the entire, complex situation by OMITTING TO TELL HIM ABOUT THE PRIOR MEDIATION. The judge was none to pleased.

These things make a normal person like myself wonder how truthful she is.

And frankly she wanted to play hardball ... she threaghted to release the tapes before the gag order, gag order was issued and she did it anyway. Vindictive. Of course Mel is angry, his PR team probably has some paid posters but it has become clear to me she is doing the same thing.

Now I am wondering weather she paid the polish hooker too. Those eastern european/russian women aren't playing around. Don't get between them and a dollar. Have you ever delt with one at a mall kiosk or in business. People survived brutal communism and came out hard with a survival instinct conditionned to think "me, me, me".

1524 days ago


Let's see...

At 19 Oksana married a fellow Rusky who promised to get her out of Russia. She dumped him within a few months after he failed to get her out.

Oksana immediately snagged a housekeeping position in England, and within 2 months she married a "random" older gentleman. She stayed with him just long enough to get her English Citizenship paperwork in the mail, and she dumped him immediately for a another elderly gentleman with actual status and money.

She dumped that fellow and moved in with Timothy Dalton within one month of meeting Timothy at a party, thrown by her soon to be ex. She moved to the US with Timothy and stayed with him for 10 years, living on an allowance. When Timothy moved back to England and things started getting tighter financially [living only on child support can be tough you see] she immediately set her sights on someone like Mel and started pursuing him. Note, if you don't think Oksana knew exactly how much money and property Mel was worth, then you're just not paying attention.

Let's see...
Within six months Mel bought put her a 3 million dollar house, gave her a $300k car, setup a five million dollar album deal for her, and paid for her plastic surgery.

Oksana then had Mel's child as quickly as possible and within 90 days of her daughter's birth, she was professionally tape recording Mel's conversations on expensive equipment specifically designed for recording phone calls.

By that time Oksana already had an attorney in place [the first of 3], a Civil Suite drawn if the negotiations didn't go her way, and pictures from when she chipped off her vaneers one night [ooops I meant when Mel broke her teeth].

Oksana negotiated a $15 Million dollar offer, but refused to sign it at the last second, thinking she was short changing herself.

All I know is this, if Oksana was stupid enough to send Mel text messages relating to the money she was extorting from him[which can be traced directly back to her through her CELL carrier] she's not going to fare well in the end.

Plus, Judges tend to get upset when they tell you specifically NOT to talk about a case, and you're talking to the media every other morning.

1524 days ago


Amended For Typos, and Additions:

I think it is obvious, that Mel's damage control team is working overtime to stuff the ballot box here, and perhaps, and most likely, members of his phony church are assisting, to flood web sites like this...with bogus pro Mel comments, well, it isn't working, and it is not going to work. He is a very sick...metally unstable, and unhinged man, who needs help. He is also morally corrupt, and a meanspirited, and uncommonly cruel individual, judging by his actions, and the contents of the tapes. I think it ironic that he built, and owns, a church...and yet, he comes off like someone who is possessed, as if by evil spirits, and I don't say that jokingly, or with sarcasm--I mean that quite literally, and seriously.

To be God's eyes, is to be a person who stands-up for what is morally right, or at least, to give a good faith effort to live by what is deemed right...under God's law, and when someone, even a benefactor, family member, or friend, is proven to be corrupt, you must stand on the side of justice, or you are even worse than they are. The Bible says..."God hates hypocrites", that is a direct quote. You can't have it both ways. Either you heed God's word, or you don't. Mel Gibson is corrupt, and no one who has true spiritual ethics can stand by him and give him support, while blasting Oksana. She is the victim, no matter which way you put it. Mel did this to himself. He had choices, to abuse, or not to abuse, to harass and stalk, or not to harass and stalk. These were a series of choices he had...over many days, weeks, and months. But he chose otherwise? He also had a choice to, even recently, not to "bare false witness", by not denying the charges against him, and by not blaming the victim, but again, he chose to rebuke the word of God--and chose to bare false witness against another soul, thus, he has sinned greatly, and continues to sin, that is the mark of a truly evil man--one who has bought a flock of worshippers, who seemingly worship him exclusively, over their own God--and that is the true, and most ugly and ominous sin committed here; well, besides, beating the mother of your child, threatening to kill her multiple times, and debasing her character behind closed doors, to the authorities, and publicly. Only an evil coward does that, not a real man, and certainly, not a true follower of God!!! Beware of whom you choose to worship, even in the form of celebrity, as you may be following the devil...himself, but it is not like you don't know now, what this man is, or has become.

Who is the real Mel Gibson, the man whom we all came to think we knew and loved, or was that an act, and is the person on the tapes, the true Mel Gibson--someone we never knew at all? That is the scary part of things here!!! Has this man been a monster all along, and we never knew it?

1524 days ago


And who owns and controls TMZ? The same Hollywood moral and ethics factory which has distributed Mel Gibson's films for years.

Harvey, your professional act now is reduced to aerobic eyerolls as far as your own ethics stand here. And, yes, you're definitely a lawyer -- but sadly, maybe worse than sadly for you, that is all you are.

I do know from personal experience that Mel is a pathological lawyer. Do you know he has claimed regularly to have directed all of Zefferelli's Hamlet because F.Z. was a "drunk gay" stuck in his trailer... whereas F.Z. indulged the deeply insecure Mel by having dinner with him nightly to build his understanding of the character? (Didn't work -- played him as a lovable action hero.) He also claims to have been the sole creator and producer of Shakespeare in Love.

Besides, Harvey -- don't you recall how often Mel insisted on having his characters beaten by crowds in almost all his movies? Don't you see a relationship with what he does to others?

You're a little too old to grow up, Harvey. You're charming, yes. But you serve your commercial masters more than you do even the outskirts of journalism.

1524 days ago


I also think this a conspiracy against Mel, I mean the Russian woman doesn´t work yet she has enough money to hire and rehire people + she has no pubic defender, she has an expensive lifestyle, house and car. This is obvious that someone stands behind her and feed her with money because nobody could be that stupid to borrow her money when she has no income. If Mel get convicted it´s a conspiracy, the case is laughable.

1524 days ago


@ Lisa

Lisa I only wish I were being paid to write here or anywhere. I need the money. But I'm afraid that's only a wish, maybe a dream.

I'm here because when I heard the audio recordings and then heard the blatant edits throughout, I wondered why someone would edit them. Altered evidence, tampered evidence means no evidence in a court of law.

The non-stop media attacks against Mel Gibson, the so-called professional "family therapists" issuing prime time diagnoses and prescribed treatment for Gibson all based upon altered audio recordings they apparently believed; and the bitter threats from many in Hollywood who still seek revenge for Gibson's drunk Malibu rant plus their vows to destroy Gibson when he dared produce "Passion of the Christ" and then succeeded; all of these are a few of the reasons which have kept me very interested in finding the truth, the real story then writing it here.

1524 days ago


JF...on post #39, you sound like you have a personal ax to grind with Harvey. Did this post pinch a nerve? Me thinks you protest too much...

1524 days ago


And do you become a 'pathological lawyer?"

"I do know from personal experience that Mel is a pathological lawyer." Posted at 4:01 AM on Jul 31, 2010 by JF

You've got your panties in a bunch over this, don't you? Got a little too mad and typed 'lawyer' instead of 'liar.' Maybe you ARE a lawyer, huh?

1524 days ago


Somebody wake me up when Morticia Addamsgorieva has faded back into well-deserved obscurity.

1524 days ago


Team Mel all the way!!

We've all got a little Mad Max in us, don't you think?

Hugs Mel...and you too, Robyn.

Still wish the two of you would kiss and make that would be poetic justice!

1524 days ago
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