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Randy Jackson

Nearly an 'American Idol' Casualty

7/31/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson is the only judge returning to "American Idol" next season ... but that almost wasn't the case.

Randy Jackson - American Idol
Sources close to production tell TMZ there was "serious talk" of a clean sweep of the judge's panel ... but we're told "Idol" brass wanted to keep a connection to the original judge's table, so Randy was spared.

As we previously reported, Simon Cowell left for "The X Factor," Ellen DeGeneres stepped down after one season and Kara DioGuardi was let go -- leaving Randy as the only remaining judge.

Welcome back, dawg!


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Apparently the brother had no other career options.

1553 days ago


He's gone wish he'd been let go... when he looks to the left and sees Steven Tyler and looks to the right and sees J-Lo.

1553 days ago


I wish they let him go , he is the most boring judge ever! I guess they always need a black guy on the show to keep the it politicaly correct!! bring Paula back!

1553 days ago


Good Move keeping Randy.

1553 days ago


Ellen was totally fired. Her excuse makes no sense (She didn't like critiquing people? What exactly did she think the job was before she tried so hard to get it?)
AI just agreed to let her announce she quit because her people probably thought it would hurt her talk show ratings if it was announced she got fired.

1553 days ago


I heard they wanted Randy Jackson from the Jackson family but accidently contacted this one.

1553 days ago


Execs wanted him as a link to the past? Keeping him makes the bigwigs less nervous but he's dead weight, especially with JLo and Tyler. I guess I'll keep tuning out when he gives his predictable opinion waiting for the others to speak.

1553 days ago


how about bringing Paula back???? I would love to see her back there.

1553 days ago

Rebecca Weston    

I am so tired of hearing the whining. Ellen is right and at least she was honest about her life. Leave her alone. American idol has been a joke for awhile. i am tired of this so called america cause i am tired of blacks,mexicans and all other non americans taking over our country and taking our jobs. pretty sad that we the americans are treated like **** in the place we were born. all our congress etc is just a joke. really sad when you call a bank etc they ask first if you need someone that speaks spanish. why do we allow all from other countries to come here and reap the benifits and do not help us people that were born here in the united states. so sickening when us us citizens can not get help but so called illegal people get it in a heartbeat. wow you may call me prejudice but i know i am not the only one who feels this way. it is time all us real us citizens speak up and tell all the idiots in congress to wake up and grow up

1553 days ago


They could have hired me for 1/10th of what they pay Randy Jackson. I can say "pitchy" and "for me it wasn't good" and "dawg" over and over again just like Jackson does. He's the WORST (next to Paula) they ever had. Bad move.

1553 days ago


I don't care how many times he says "pitchy" -- he's always honest, and I like that. I always trusted his judgment more than any of "all the others" -- the parade that has now become the AI panel....

1553 days ago


Rebecca Weston is dumb and need to wake up or go find a real job instead go on here and posted your stupid comment . Randy is suk and hope they fired him soon .

1553 days ago


Why is this show still even on again?

1553 days ago


They do need a whole new set of people on this show. I really liked simon though, at least he told it like it was, but I didn't agree with him all together though. I know ellen was firwed that was a great choice.

1553 days ago


randy has other things, ABDC is a better show than AI. His career is not dead, he does things behind the scenes.

1553 days ago
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