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Randy Jackson

Nearly an 'American Idol' Casualty

7/31/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson is the only judge returning to "American Idol" next season ... but that almost wasn't the case.

Randy Jackson - American Idol
Sources close to production tell TMZ there was "serious talk" of a clean sweep of the judge's panel ... but we're told "Idol" brass wanted to keep a connection to the original judge's table, so Randy was spared.

As we previously reported, Simon Cowell left for "The X Factor," Ellen DeGeneres stepped down after one season and Kara DioGuardi was let go -- leaving Randy as the only remaining judge.

Welcome back, dawg!


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Randy has a limited vocabulary. Says the same thing over and over. BORING!
Get rid of him and bring back Paula!

1552 days ago


The funny things about all of this that people seem to be forgetting........

Folks are talking about the show like it is dead already. In spite of dropping ratings American Idol ended up being the number 1 show on television every year it has been on including this one! It did drop to number 2 a few times against Dancing with the Stars but came out ahead for the whole season. No one is pulling the plus on the most watched show on all the television.

Secondly, Ellen could not have simply "quit" AI. She had signed a 5 year contract, an actor can't just quit a contract. If she hated judging she would have known that before the new season is getting ready to start and a new executive producer has taken over who wants to scrap her. Had to be a deal - they let her say she quit and they let people think she did. Ellen is great but let's face it - she sucked as a judge and didn't know squat about music. As far as her saying she couldn't taking criticizing the contestants... has every one forgotten that by the end of the season Ellen was rivaling Simon for the barbs she was throwing out to the singers.

1552 days ago


I think they should ask Steve Perry(Journey)to be a judge!

1552 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

He looks like my monkey poop with glasses. I would have fired him for being a repetitive fool.

1552 days ago


Randy goes way back with musical talent most people aren't even aware of. I seriously wouldn't watch the show without him.

1552 days ago


I am so tired of hearing the whining. Ellen is right and at least she was honest about her life. Leave her alone. American idol has been a joke for awhile. i am tired of this so called america cause i am tired of blacks,mexicans and all other non americans taking over our country and taking our jobs. pretty sad that we the americans are treated like **** in the place we were born. all our congress etc is just a joke. really sad when you call a bank etc they ask first if you need someone that speaks spanish. why do we allow all from other countries to come here and reap the benifits and do not help us people that were born here in the united states. so sickening when us us citizens can not get help but so called illegal people get it in a heartbeat. wow you may call me prejudice but i know i am not the only one who feels this way. it is time all us real us citizens speak up and tell all the idiots in congress to wake up and grow up

Posted at 4:08 AM on Jul 31, 2010 by Rebecca Weston

What does this have to do with American Idol? I'm not making the connection? I think you need a political forum to rant on maybe?

1552 days ago


I bet you anything, this will be the last season of American Idol. Simon and Paula were the stars of the show. Not Randy. All Randy does is say, "Awe...Dog, that just wasn't it for me...." Ellen was funny, but I could tell she didn't like judging. Kara was actually starting to grow on me. But now she's gone. I did not like it when Kara was on with Paula, because it did seem like Kara was trying to take Paula's position. To bad the last season's episode was a send off to Simon, and not everyone else.

1552 days ago

J Wallinger    

This show is over and done.....

1552 days ago


Ellen was brought in for a ratings boost. Didn't work. She knew it. Kara was just plain horrible. Randy, please say something other then dawg.

1552 days ago


I agree that American Idol needs to leave some resemblance of the original show. What a mess this is all turning out to be with the threat of Simon Cowell's show coming up soon on the same network. Although they won't be competing against one another, the comparisons will still be there.

I have watched the show faithfully since it started and I think Jennifer Lopez will be a great add. Steven way! He's too much of a mess to be devoted to this show. He can't keep his own commitments of band gigs let alone this TV Show.

My vote goes to Harry Connick Jr.!!!!

1552 days ago


Randy was a great choice to keep... the man knows talent and knows how to get them to the top!! Randy is famous for that so it doesn't matter how he wants to "Awe Dog" it.

1552 days ago


sadly American Idol will never be the same ever again....I will always remember this show with the three original judges, ever since season one....

1552 days ago


Clean sweep would have been the better choice. "dog" looks bored on the show and his opinions are "pitchy" TIRED OF RANDY on the show. His contract was not up so Idol probably did not want to buy him out. Idol messed up when they OVER paid Ryan Seacrest then OVER paid Simon then refused to pay Paula more. DUMB producers. The show has been crap since Paula left.Simon seemed to want to screw up the show this past season. He knew he was leaving.

1552 days ago

Raeann klouse    

Time to take American Idol off the air, it has ran it's course and the so called talent is no more...and I can not stand J Lo or the dawg man!!!

1552 days ago


Wow. For once the AfrAm is left standing.
Usually they are the 1st ones killed in all the movies.

1552 days ago
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