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Randy Jackson

Nearly an 'American Idol' Casualty

7/31/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson is the only judge returning to "American Idol" next season ... but that almost wasn't the case.

Randy Jackson - American Idol
Sources close to production tell TMZ there was "serious talk" of a clean sweep of the judge's panel ... but we're told "Idol" brass wanted to keep a connection to the original judge's table, so Randy was spared.

As we previously reported, Simon Cowell left for "The X Factor," Ellen DeGeneres stepped down after one season and Kara DioGuardi was let go -- leaving Randy as the only remaining judge.

Welcome back, dawg!


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Dump Randy and get Flavaor Flva at least he'd be entertaining. Ellen was a mistake from day one. have two mystery judeges every week, sombody in the music bizz, some one who sold some records or worte some hits

1455 days ago


Randy, I got nothing but mad love for ya dog. You been in the music business for years. If you left Idol your star will still burn brightly.
Idol has become borning not because judges are coming or going. Bad singers who make it week after week while the good ones are elimated is whats destroying the show. You vote on talent not looks! Simon was doing this for years before American Idol went on the air. Paula,Randy,Kara & Ellen have been in the entertainment business for years. Even Ryan does his job well. The judges know talent & lets face it, every year untalented people audition and some how a few of them make it through. I stop watching not because of the judges who know who the untalented people are but, because who wants to here these out of tune weirdos. It's amazing how some people get upset when they're told the talent isn't there. I dont care if your cute, someones grandchild or live in my town, "HAVE SOME TALENT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy do your self a favor. Make a quick exit from Idol. Like the other judges you existed before Idol & you will well after. How long will Idol last no matter who's the judges are? Does anyone remember Star Search or Debbie Allen's Fame! Where are these shows now!!!!!! I don't even see Show Time at the Apollo any more. REALLY!!!!!!! I'M JUST SAYING!

1455 days ago

J Simp    

Lucky for Randy I guess.

1455 days ago


Yawn. Time to deep-six the whole show.

1455 days ago


oh no dawg..dawg i'm just not feelin it man.. oh wow i don't dawg..not another season of the worse judge was fun with paula and simon,never felt the other woman, man and ellen dawg brought comedy to it. gee jackson with whoever man they should have started with all judges, they might have a prayer. i really dawg can't stand to see a season with dawg man oh gee wow i'm just feelin it anymore.

1455 days ago


Randy is extremely talented. His music career goes back decades. Most people aren't aware of it because he doesn't brag about it. Randy has more musical talent and musical experience than Simon, Paula, Kara and Ellen combined. ~ Nothing against the last four, it just is what it is.

1455 days ago


at least Steven and Randy know alot about music...JLOW...nothing..she is talent-LESS, fugly (without all the plastic and makeup trust she would be seriously busted in the face)...and egotistical as H E L L...why AI????? wwhhyy put JLOW in there...i simply cannot watch this anymore..and I LOVE STEVEN TYLER...BUT DESPISE JLOW ....ANOTHER MUST MISS SHOW NOW!!!

1455 days ago

The G.O.L.    

Dawg, oh Dawg...ALL, in DUE time, CHUMP.

1455 days ago


Say what you will, even though the ratings have been falling, American Idol is still the most watched tv show and garners a ton of money. Thanks in large part to the bubblegum set that may be why the age requirement was lowered to 15. I think the revamping is gonna make more people watch at first just out of curiosity. Hopefully the judges don't sound to fake or go overboard. And of course a lot of people like to watch the auditions so they'll probably keep watching since they invested so much time already. It's unbelievable, yet there are a lot of folks that watch to see the host Ryan Seacrest. Personally I think he's grossly overpaid, like Vanna White (talk about a free ride, heck she don't even have to turn the letters anymore, they just light up). Anyway I think as long as there are teenyboppers, people into reality shows, people interested in popular music, they continue to bring on established artists and they continue to make the show interactive where fans are concerned it can continue to be on tv for quite a while.

1455 days ago


With X-Factor coming on board, the producers of Idol should just throw in the towel. With only Randy remaining, NOBODY is going to watch anymore. Give it up and free the space for some other stupid reality show.

1455 days ago


My prediction:
AMERICAN IDOL will not last after this season.
It is BORING show since Paula left. The fun chemistry dies when she left. By the way WHO is that other judge, no not Ellen, the other women.
Honestly, I think she killed it, mind you she was fired.
To bad that the show will most likely die off. It gave so many people such hope.
Most likely, these selfish people/judges wanted more millions to add on top of the millions they already make. NO ONE is WORTH that amount.
O.K. Frustration is out of the way.
Now to go for my walk with my dog.

1455 days ago


#3 Nadia, Politically Correct? So I guess you think black people know nothing about music? He is an accomplished musician that's why he is a judge.

1455 days ago

go home!    

I am so happy about the new judges because now I definitely am not going to be tempted to watch AI. With Simon gone I was ready to say goodbye but then heard rumors about Bret Michaels possibly being a judge and we all love Bret, so I would have had to watch with him, begrudgingly. Now I have 6 hours free of my week!!! yay! Cant wait till X Factor comes on!

1455 days ago


Let's sum up the past few years on Idol: Hundreds of thousands show up to audition, the screeners have no brains whatsoever and let a number of complete losers gain spots just for ratings(?), and then, through careful weeding out and weeks and weeks of torturous tv, the wrong person wins.

1455 days ago


This show is so OVER! My God, when you have to resort to J.LO as a judge, that's pretty desperate. What Idol needed were judges like Ozzy Osbourne who would have really made the show fun and other honest to goodness music artists. J.LO? PLEASE. Randy is just boring after all these years. Big losses when Simon left and Paula. At least they had fun chemistry on the show. I'm done watching it and so are many other people.

1455 days ago
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