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Chelsea Clinton Wedding -- The Photos

8/1/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton finally got married yesterday ... so we can stop talking about her until she gets pregnant or something.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures



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Chelsea Clinton may not be that fortunate in terms of looks - but considering her parental DNA I thinks she's done a great job of putting her best self forward, not just in the wedding photos, but in her everyday life. She obviously works out, she keeps the hair flat-ironed, she has good taste in clothing, and having the "wedding day glow" makes all the difference IMHO. Personally I think she's a million times classier than either of the Bush twins...or Miss knocked-up-at-seventeen-I'm-getting-back-together-with-my-baby-daddy-wait-no-I'm-not-he-knocked-up-another-girl Bristol Palin. Ugh.

1544 days ago


I would love to know what some of you nasty people out there look like.

Congrats to the bride and groom, hope you both are happy for many years to come.

1544 days ago


This wedding had way more press than it should have!!!

1544 days ago


chelsea is an unattractive woman, bottom line.
She does NOT really make a very pretty bride at all.
She looks like howdy doody to me.

1544 days ago


@ teresa, leave those girls alone you bull-dyke

1544 days ago


Theresa you nailed it!!! Chelsea Clinton is Howdy Doody re-incarnated. Google "Web Hubble" and notice the resemblance and remember the rumors that he is her father! I wish someone would do a DNA test.

The groom looks like Count Dracula to me and yes, where is his family? Father still in prison?

Re. Bristol Palin, I posted the other day somewhere that I thought it very tacky for an unwed mother to expect to wear a white gown with all the trimmings! Even though there are few virgins it seems getting married, some traditions should be reserved for those who at least have the decency to not make a mockery out of what is considered to be a sacrament by many.

Bristol would have made a beautiful bride and is much prettier than Chelsea. However, if and when she marries, imo she should wear a simple suit or dress and it should not be white.

Then, I did feel very sorry to hear right after the brouhaha about her wedding to the baby's father that he had impregnated another girl/woman and she was one of Bristol's friends! If true, that has to be a double whammy and shame, shame and more shame on him and the "friend."

Until this has been resolved, I hope Bristol does not marry anyone especially this LEVI who seems to be after the Palin celebrity and money (that they have worked very hard for unlike the gimme, gimme, gimme Clintons and Obamas).

When Levi was associating with Kathy Griffin, I believed all the dirt that I'd heard before about him that at the time, took with a grain of salt.

Bristol has learned some lessons the hard way and her baby has to come first and will be considered "excess baggage" by many good men.

It is too bad but if I were a mother, I would not want my son to marry a woman in Bristol's situation especially if it was his first marriage and he had no children of his own. Few men want to raise another man's kids and I don't blame them. There are a lot of men who really don't want kids of their own...especially at the ages these are.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and not something you do to get a few presents and attention.

Bristol and all the others like her have made her bed and now has to sleep in it. Unfair as it is, creeps like Levi Johnson can fool around a lot without getting caught and don't have nearly as heavy a burden as an unwed mother. With all the negative publicity, I hope this rumor about Levi and the other woman is false...otherwise she is much better off without this stupid jerk. If he is cheating now, he most certainly will continue doing it and getting married will not stop him and anyone who thinks differently really has their head buried in the sand.

1544 days ago

You Betcha    

Thanks for filling us in on the soap opera, Midol.

1544 days ago


If Chelsea looks like Howdy Doody, Bristol looks like Buffalo Bob

1544 days ago


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! vile, disgusting excuse for a human being. As a woman, you should know better than to **** all over another woman's wedding day. Your parents did a craptastic job of raising you!!

Posted at 11:00 AM on Aug 1, 2010 by Chris

lol Aww wow how are you gonna call me out like that when others have said way worse than I have? Oh by the way, Chelsea doesn't know me from Adam, trust me she'll be just fine.

1544 days ago


Most of these no class bloggers are really guys thinking they can get away with more if they use a girl's name. The hostile right-wingers like to pretend they are a woman on TMZ everyday.

1544 days ago


Now we read that Chelsea and Marc have only dated for about five years even though they met about ten years prior to that. Who knows the real truth but I tend to think the latter is the case. Otherwise it makes no sense that if they were dating in college and had an on-going relationship, she'd have gone off to England and went chasing after that other guy and drinking like the sot her father seems to be as well as her mother's brother!

Also just read these two have been living together for SOME TIME (forget how long)but think it was over a year.

This makes this wedding even more ridiculous and in just as bad taste imo. Couples who live together prior to marriage or have children out of wedlock should not pretend they are virgins without children and have these lavish wedding ceremonies. They just want to show off and get lots of presents and in this case, make money off the pictures.

I hope this is the end of Vera Wang's career as there is nothing great about it at all. When I gave a bridal shower for a friend many years ago, we played "design a wedding gown" out of tissue paper withing thirty minutes. I just was going throught the pictures and every dress was prettier or as pretty as this one. Vera Wang is oriental and is reminding me of Yoko Ono and there is something very odd about her imo. Is she gay? Not that it matters but I think her designs can be worn by very few and the look is no longer new. These people are just buying "the name" and I personally hate snobs who do this.

When the designer is worth it and someone can afford it, fine but otherwise all this phony raving over this dress is ridiculous. There are way too many obese young women who look horrible in strapless gowns and someone needs to tell them that. Do not even think of wearing one unless you have a good back and shoulders and are a normal weight because people will talk behind your back, you'll be very uncomfortable and really regret it years from now when you look back on the pictures.

If Chelsea and Marc really have been living together, why suddenly get married unless they are planning to have kids? She is now THIRTY years old and the clock is ticking. Hopefully they will not because she does not seem like the mother type at all and just a spoiled brat who will continue to be given ALL THE PRIVACY she wanted before. Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it!

1544 days ago

Ron Golden    

Imagine what she looks like with no makeup first thing in the morning. I just threw up in my mouth a lil

1544 days ago


good post midol!

1543 days ago


I know, I'm at the long end of lots of posts, but have to say it's really funny how many people come here to chastise posters. If you are easily offended, you might want to go to a different site. People here are catty but not seriously nasty like the ones praising the Clintons and vilifying the Bush girls, who, last I looked, had absolutely nothing to do with this event.

1543 days ago


ok, so chelsea was never drop-dead gorgeous, but she is an articulate, intelligent, successful and classy woman. looks fade, integrity is forever! i wish them the best *mazel-tov*

1543 days ago
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