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Chelsea Clinton Wedding -- The Photos

8/1/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton finally got married yesterday ... so we can stop talking about her until she gets pregnant or something.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures



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Say WHAT?    

#2. - could not have said it better myself. She's just so unphotogenic it seems.

1522 days ago


@ Ginger, try taking your own advice. If you are easily offended, you might want to go to another site. Please try to stay on topic.

1522 days ago

ugly hot mess    

did she invited her poor cousin (Macy Clinton) who lives on Food Stamps? I recken not!!! Too rich to be hanging out with poor family members. She even invited Oprah a non-family member, and didn't even invited her own flesh and blood. Even though she is not responsible for other people's poverty, but the gesture would have been nice to invite her cousin.

1522 days ago


@ ugly hot mess, Looking at your spelling, I have to ask, What grade are you in in school ? And how many times are you going to ask that same question ?

1522 days ago


So, Chelsea got married to an investment banker? Good job, now the Clinton family can stay connected with Wall Street. It's funny how this sleazy family gets so much support. I guess people don't spend enough time to learn the fraternity of friends they have.
And you think they are any different than the Bush family? Didn't George Bush once say that he considered Bill a brother? They walk hand in hand with each other like two school girls.
If the Clinton's want money and power, they should have just married their daughter to the Mexican cartel.

1522 days ago


Midol, no offense, but your post was ridiculous!

Take a midol, stat! Chelsea looks lovely, as is her dress. I do agree that most people do NOT look great in strapless, especially larger women, but I do highly disagree about you and your views regarding wedding celebrations!

Who are you to judge when people should celebrate a marriage?! Most people have sex prior to marriage these days, so NOBODY would be getting married, and celebrating with weddings, according to you! Whether you have had no sex, or sex for 10 years, this is irrelevant!

Whether you have been 'living together' or paying for 2 apts and pretending to your parents that you're not really living together, in spite of the fact that you really are, doesn't matter either!

Hate to break it to you but most people today have had relations prior to the big day, and that goes for folks who married in the 1950's as well. Back then there were quickie marriages, lies about sex prior to marriage, forced adoptions, back alley abortions, and yes, sex outside of marriage!

Many people whom you believe to have been 'not living together' were indeed playing house! YOu have no idea! Just because there were no TMZ to expose people does not mean it didn't happen!

Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, were not the only women to have had multiple sex partners, some outside the conventional domicile! Grow up, and wake up and smell the coffee!

Chelsea is a lovely young lady, and your commentary is so ridiculous! According to you, very few people should be getting married, and having a wedding!

1522 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

TMZ should run stories about the Bush Twins for a couple of weeks since the Tea Baggers brought them up so many times in these comments about Chelsea's wedding.

1522 days ago


Chelsea looks radiantly happy! She almost glows. Hope it all goes well.

1522 days ago


That's not Chelsea, that's Michelle Trachtenberg!

1522 days ago


THANK-GOD! Put this dead horse [err Chelsea story] to rest. P.S. It doesn't take a high IQ to see where she gets her looks. Look at her parents. LMAO
Just Saying...

1522 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

Is it as easy to see who Tripp Palin's parents are ? LMAO Just Saying...

1522 days ago


Boy, she is ugly. I bet she is a good cook though.

1522 days ago


Chelseas' husband didn't marry her, he married her daddy's stash.

1522 days ago


Mean people!! I suppose everyone making the cruel comments are perfectly beautiful. Chelsea looks gorgeous, they all look very happy, why be so mean?

1522 days ago

Polly Schillig    

Congrats to the Groom! Best wishes to the Bride! As for all their appearances, I think they all did, the best that they could with what they've got!... it is regretable that Hilary's bra made an appearance on Friday night, the low cut mu-mu(sp?) might not have been her best choice, but then again ?

I am personally tired of all the cudos(sp?) to Bill and Hil for the job they did raising Chelsea. Hilary said it best,- they didn't raise her, "A Village" did!... let's all thank God for that! She turned out the way she is,(a dignified lady), in spite of her parents! Had it not been for Chelsea, Bill and Hilary might have been chased all the way back to the Ozarks! Having Chelsea was they're smartest move, and she has always been their saving grace.

I am happy for both Chelsea and Marc, now they have their own family. They can let go of their parents and all that drama, and live the life they was meant to live!

1522 days ago
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