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Chelsea Clinton Wedding -- The Photos

8/1/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton finally got married yesterday ... so we can stop talking about her until she gets pregnant or something.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures



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Because that's the way Republicans are.
It's all about looks to them - superficial.
It's why conservative women always wear way too much makeup and why Fox news only puts on good looking women - because conservatives only want to see "pretty things."
It's why Sarah Palin is so popular - it sure can't be her intellect.

Congratualtions to Chelsea and Marc - everyone looked beautiful and happy.

1541 days ago


Congrats to the newlyweds. I wish them all the best.

1541 days ago


Wow...I'm am embarrassed for our society. Why would anyone hate on this girl? She has done nothing to garner the spewing comments on this site. She is a very lovely young woman and you people are sick,jealous morons...

1541 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

I thought I was going to be able to go through looking at some of the comments, and not see some a-h say something idiotic in comparing them to the Bush girls, or something like that, and then number-5 it did not take long. You are such a IDIOT number-5.

1541 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

She looks lovely! And I love her bouquet!

1541 days ago


Cute, attractive and Jewish, shes a lucky girl.

1541 days ago

T L    

Nice photo's, the happy couple look so much in love. I can't wait to hear the relationship advice they could give married couples in the future

1539 days ago

my opinion    

They look very happy...congrats to Chelsea and her husband...Bill looks extremely sick and very thin

1539 days ago


First of all, Congratulations to the newlyweds, Chelsea and Marc! Bill and Hillary, you did an amazing job raising a beautiful daughter. I am sure that you both very proud parents! She looks beautiful and looks very happy and wish them both happiness always. She deserves all the happiness in the world as she is a person that can do a lot of good things in this world. Her husband is handsome and also seems to love Chelsea very much. He definitely is lucky to have a wonderful girl like her. I am sure that he is a wonderful man, too. Again, Congratulations to you both and May God Bless your family!

1538 days ago


Poor bastard...has a lifetime of waking up next that horse-faced bitch.

1534 days ago


She is homely....she is homely...homely.....homely....whomever thinks she is prettier than Jenna or Barbara Bush had better find a new eye specialist - and fast. Moreover, someone on here made a comment re: Jenna - why, because she went out and partied and drank like all college kids do? I happen to have firends who attended Oxford with Ms. C. and believe me - she had her nights of partying and drunkeness but the press did not pick up on them. What has Ms. Clinton done to warrant any attention? She has been in school from the age of 18 to age 30, with a brief stint "working" to manage a hedge fund which means essentially she sat in an office, did nothing, and got paid very well while her father's buddies invested their monies. Sorry - I have little use for this woman as I happen to know what she is really like; surly, snooty, spoiled and did you see how thrilled and warm she was (NOT) when speaking during her mother's campaign? I can only guess she is good in bed - perhaps wearing a bag over her head?????

1531 days ago

Linda Minier    

Beautiful, beautiful what a good looking family. Congratulations and best wishes.

1529 days ago


wow....I had seen her a long time ago and thought she was pretty now. This is NOT a pretty girl, she is very homely, no???? I think the dress does not suit her because she has no shape,also. So she has pretty ugly face, frizzed hair she must bleach and straighten-iron, icky smile, and no nice figure. My frind saw her up close when her mother was running and he told me Ugh - she has the face of a horse, big nose, ugly profile and huge hands like a man. So why do we care about this wedding????? She has not done anytning of value other than in herit her parent's money and the worst of their looks. Lucky she got the best education.

1482 days ago

karim, abdul    

She really has wise eyes, like her father. Her husbund is a lucky guys.

1123 days ago
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