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Lindsay Judge Ignored Psychiatrist Suggestions

8/1/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Judge Marsha Revel ignored the advice of Lindsay Lohan's court appointed psychiatrists by ordering Lindsay to enter the Morningside rehab facility in Orange County.

Sources familair with the case tell us the two psychiatrists -- selected by Judge Revel -- recommended four facilities, including UCLA Medical Center. Morningside was not on the list.

We're told several medical experts informed the judge UCLA was particularly well-suited to handle Lindsay because she needs to be treated for psychiatric and substance abuse issues -- both specialties at UCLA. Medical experts told the judge they could tailor a program at UCLA that could be especially effective -- but the judge would have none of it.

But we're told the judge rejected their recommendation and instead heeded the advise of a probation officer who favored the Morningside facility headquartered in Newport Beach. As we first reported, Lindsay will be at a satellite compound in nearby Costa Mesa.

Sources say David Gates, COO of Morningside Recovery, made a push to get Lindsay as a patient by assuring the judge he would actually be tougher on Lindsay than the average patient ... by cutting off communication between Lindsay and the outside world.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, declined to comment on this story.


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UCLA would be the place to go to evaluate and treat a bipolar illness,I think that's why the psychiatrists recommended it. But it is NOT the place to go for substance abuse, and a "tailored" program is not what she needs. (UCLA isn't known for addiction treatment.)Also, she'd have no privacy, couldn't go outside (lot of paps and people), and it's a public hospital known for leaks.

Lindsay has to be in a fulltime treatment facility, and off drugs for some time before her bipolar can be properly evaluated. Her self-medicating can seriously be affecting her mood disorder, and create problems re treatment of that.

90 days of treatment with others that suffer from substance abuse problems makes sense. THEN see where she's at with the bipolar. I wish her well. I know many people who've suffered from these dual disorders. It can be done, and I think Lindsay can do it.

1513 days ago

tom terrific    

I find it entirely creepy if the attitude of the Morningside rehab facility is that they will be tougher on Ms. Lohan than the average patient by cutting off her contact with the outside world.

Why in heaven's name would Ms. Lohan be subjected to treatment at Morningside that is tougher than the average patient?

Why would the judge ignore the advice of the 2 psychiatrists, that she herself appointed, in regards to the treatment facility Ms. Lohan is assigned to and instead take the advice of a probation officer?

I am not a fan of Ms. Lohan's. I think that she is a troubled individual whose problems are exacerbated by the Hollywood lifestyle.

I also think that the judge and possibly others have it out for Ms. Lohan.

1513 days ago


Judge Revel is ignorant beyond description. California falls under the jurisdiction of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In 2007 the Ninth Circuit became the third Circuit in the US to rule that 12-step coercion is a violation of religious liberty.

It is no secret that Morningside is a 12-step gulag. Lohan should stand up for religious liberty, sue for big bucks, and get this issue settled once and for all by the United States Supreme Court.

1513 days ago

Ken Ragge    

The thing that amazes me most about Lohan being sent to faith healing not far removed from what one would get from Benny Hinn is that almost no one is talking about it. The 2nd, 3rd and 9th Circuit Courts (along with a number of state courts) have ruled coercion into Step "treatment" unconstitutional on religious grounds.

It is just as illegal for the courts to coerce 12-Step indoctrination as it would be to coerce Moonie indoctrination or attendance at a legitimate church.

Twelve Steps are not only less successful as no help whatsover but have a higher death rate. (for example, see 12-Step Grouper and George Vaillant's "Natural History of Alcoholism" where he reports on his own research findings "an appalling death rate" yet he goes on to compare AA to the Fountain at Lourdes and encourages 12-Step indoctrination)

Why is Judge Revel sentencing to 12-Step indoctrination when it is patently illegal? The most recent ruling, the one in the 9th Circuit, makes clear that there is no excuse, that ignorance is no defense for even a probation officer. So where does Judge Revel come off in sentencing someone, or anyone, to faith healing?

1512 days ago


How many of you A wipes had even seen LiLo to be so hateful with so much anger toward some one you had never know nor meet? From my angle, you people are the ones that need help! Look at the judge, of all the photo taken of her I had only see discuss and jealousy, I thought judges are suppose to be non partial: She have lasered eye lashes to and bottom, her hair look like a wig and her make up is so thick that it will crack very soon!....

1511 days ago


Experts, my ass. Dr. Kaushal Sharma is known in the legal profession as a "prosecutor's whore." Something funky about this case.

1506 days ago


This case reminds me of case 8CA10541 in the CCB downtown. This is giving me the creeps.

These judges are abusing their power. It's got to stop.

1505 days ago


CM... are you serious? an organization to help celebrities with mental issues? there already is one.. the American Medical Association, which is filled with thousands of doctors who could help celebrities with their mental issues, if only they'd admit they had them and seek help... I do feel for them, particularly the young ones... if you've ever been in their orbit, you would see that their lives are simply crazy - difficult to even imagine, and completely divorced from the lifestyles of "real" people... the younger they are, the less they are equipped to handle it, and in these cases it really is right to blame the parents..

as for your outrage that the press isn't writing about Maia Campbell, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say "who?"

1503 days ago



1496 days ago

R. Cortez    

Time to see if Judge Marsha Revel has made any bank deposits lately. It smells like corruption to me.

799 days ago
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