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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab for Meth

and Bipolar Disorder

8/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be treated for addiction to methamphethamine and bipolar disorder during her court ordered 90 days in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab - Bipolar
According to a source familiar with Lindsay's case, methamphetamine and opiates are her "drugs of choice".

Methamphetamine -- also known as crystal meth or simply meth -- is a highly addictive stimulant and opiates, generally, have more of a downer effect.

Morningside Recovery -- the Orange County, CA rehab LiLo is scheduled to enter -- lists opiate and methamphetamine detoxification among its specialties. As TMZ first reported, sources say Morningside was not on the list of facilities recommended by court appointed psychiatrists.

We're told Lindsay will begin her rehab stint almost immediately after getting out of Lynwood Correctional Facility.

UPDATE: Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley says, "I have never seen any psych report concerning Ms. Lohan which references a 'bi-polar' diagnosis or an addiction to 'methamphetamine.' I think this is a total fabrication."

One important note ... it has been widely reported that Lindsay takes the prescription drug Adderall, which is an amphetamine. Experts in the field of rehab and addiction tell TMZ there is a difference between amphetamine and methamphetamine.

We're told it would not be common for a rehab facility to consider Adderall and methamphetamine the same drug.


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Will she ever be able to get back on track? My nephew was bipolar and he committed suicide. He refused to take his medication and shot his head off!!! I've seen videos with people on Meth and it is really scary. She must not be afraid of death.

1488 days ago


I posted this on several sites and so glad now that the Judge has changed her mind. Morningside isn't the place for Lindsey. UCLA is a structured and controlled enviroment. Which she needs

Has anybody checked out Morningside Recovery? Activities: snorkeling, yoga, body surfing, surfing, shopping in town all things done on vacation.
The living environments are spacious and comfortable offering satellite television and high-speed internet access. SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT? This sounds like a glorified HOTEL!!!! Sounds like an advertisement for an Hotel or Spa?
THIS STINKS!!! If it was me or you we would be in controlled environment, period.

1488 days ago


Her "rehab trips" are bullsh*t. She has been to "rehab" THREE times and every single time she goes to a place that looks like a vacation spa. Then they wonder why these celebrities never stay clean. Probably because these "rehab centers" are jokes. Most people without a freaking addiction would want to live at those places. Send her to a REAL damn rehab facility. Not some luxurious live in spa that they call a "rehab center"

1488 days ago


You know, after reading the vitrol spewed by "Sarah Palin bite me", I have now become a Palin supporter. Whoever you are, your posts are VERY disturbing. Now, I will leave the forum open for you to come in and flame me.

1488 days ago


Hopefully she dies from withdraws soon. Death is the best thing for this loser.

Posted at 10:06 AM on Aug 1, 2010 by Bubbles The Chimp

I see your here on a lilo thread 'spreadin' the love around' just like when you post CONSTANT nastiness on the MJ articles! Your certainly consistent with your 'hatin' aren't you? My guess is you've never got a damn thing NICE to say about anybody or anything! lol. Why don't YOU do somewhere & 'self-terminate' considering you contribute nothing positive to humanity whatsoever. Sorry Bubbles but it is YOU who is the 'real loser' & I can spot YOUR BS a mile away:) You'd do well to address all your OWN 'issues' & stop worryin' about Lindsay's!

Wow! What a combo-bipolar & meth addiction. I wish her only the very BEST & she's def. going to need IT!! All the well wishes & positive prayers she can get to battle this one. Baby girl 'likes to fly' it looks like?! As a recovering addict myself, I know how tough addiction can be to battle & it NEVER ENDS . EVER!! I've been clean/sober x18 yrs this past April 12th & I still 'have my days' when I wonder what the HELL this 'sobriety' crap is good for?! For the addict the 'stuff of life' is so damn difficult to deal with & we're wired to use in order to cope. We find everything to be so painful & difficult without our drug of choice to buffer 'the REAL world'. Lindsay having the bipolar disorder will make it extra tough. She has these incredibly elevated moods which she buffers with the narcotics & the incredibly 'low' lows which strangely enough, are worse. Bipolars become 'addicted' to the 'highs' of BPD itself, so when they are 'low' it feels waaaaay WRONG but when their mood is elevated, they feel they are more imaginative, more creative, at the height of their artistic creativity. Many BPD's are artists, actors, writers, poets, etc. Highly imaginative & creative individuals who 'enjoy' the exaggerated 'high' moods their BPD causes. For THEM, it feels 'normal'. When they take their medication, well let's face it, a lot of them WON'T take it because they don't like what it does; to 'normalize' their mood, even out the ups & downs. They feel 'sedated' & 'dulled', unable to express themselves fully so many stop taking the meds then when they are in the grip of the mania, they 'act out' which is most often in overtly inappropriate behavior whether it be sexually, increasing their drug use, but most of all they make incredibly BAD DECISIONS BECAUSE THEIR JUDGEMENT IS SO IMPAIRED & THEIR PERCEPTION IS SO SKEWED BY THEIR MANIC MOOD. This is tough stuff & it's going to be really hard for her to balance her recovery with managing her mental illness. Many creative BPD's( BPD's generally ARE people with a highly developed sense of 'aesthetic' brain functioning just by nature) generally don't do well with maintaining their medication regimen. Truth is, they don't WANT to feel 'normal' because 'normal' feels anything BUT 'normal', for THEM:(

I wish her the very best & my hopes are that she embraces recovery & gives it everything she's got. Addicts only have so many 'recoveries' inside them until they are claimed one of 3 ways; jails, instituitions, or death. Addiction ALWAYS ENDS THE SAME if left untreated. There is no 'managing' it or 'cutting down' or 'controlling their use' for the addict. The addict has LOST any ability to 'control' when it comes to drugs. There's 'abstinence & RECOVERY' & that is IT. NO other way out of this for her or any addict. Usually WHEN someone gets 'into recovery' depends on how long they insist on 'doing it THEIR way' & just how sick & tired of it all they get. When Lilo becomes willing to follow directions & do the 'work' of recovery, then her life will change. There's just no shortcuts. Meetings, work the steps, counseling, & ABSTINENCE. Addicts are funny people; they try to go 'under' recovery, 'over' it, 'around' it, & will bash their heads against the same wall until they are just defeated & become 'willing'. For some that day never comes. Sad. Lindsay's stubborn so this could take a very looooonnnnggg time for her to 'get it':( All addicts have to 'find their own BOTTOM'. It's different for us all. For some of us it's 'financial devastation', for some it's the loss of their spouse & kids, for some it's health consequences, for some it's 'criminal & legal' consequences. For some, it's death. Michael Jackson had so much money that he practically had NO BOTTOM TO EVER REACH which is really, really sad. There was always someone willing to enable him & make sure he didn't 'pay any consequences' but were certainly doing him no favors at all. Lilo's 'mommy' needs to go get into therapy & start Ala-Non meetings & stop thinking she's got 'all the damn answers' cause clearly whatever she has BEEN doing certainly hasn't done LL any good. I really don't see that happening with her mom though because THAT is how she 'controls' Lindsay is to 'allow her to indulge in her self-destructive sense of entitlement' to her own detriment; that's how 'mommy' stays front & center in LL's life. How selfish! That 'little sister' will be the next one going down the toilet! Mommy's made sure she's well on her way with her instilled pitiful sense of 'priorities' in life. Michael Lohan may be a douche but AT LEAST he's on his 'game' where Lindsy is concerned in this case. Takes an addict to 'know' another:) We can recognize another addicts bull**** a mile away. That's why meetings 'work' cause we don't let each other get away with our own **** because it's the same **** WE try to pull ourselves. It's takes other addicts for ALL addicts to 'get well', & I sure hope that LL begins to understand that there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in the crack whore selling BJ's in a nasty alley for just 'one more hit' day after day than HERSELF & starts to 'get REAL'! It sucks for the addict to take a good hard look at themselves & what they've become but it's ESSENTIAL to break thru the denial we create in our own MINDS


1488 days ago


Spot- Idk what doctors you've been around, but you don't take a blood test and get physical exams to determine if you're bipolar. Bipolar disorder is diagnosed by a psychiatrist. There is no such thing as a blood test for bipolar disorder. P
osted at 8 :44 PM on Aug 1 , 2010 by yerppi3

A responsible Dr. will do a physical exam as well as doing blood work to determine if an underlying medical condition is causing the symptoms the patient presents with.

@ yerppi3 actaully responsible doctors do take a blood test and physical exams to determine if their patient is suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Depression and Bipolar disorder can stem from other physical illnesses for example heart disease and low levels of thyroid hormone!! get your facts right! Posted at 9 :01 PM on Aug 1 , 2010 by nadia

You're partly right, the Dr does his exams and blood work as I said above, to determine if there is an underlying medical problem.
These exams will not determine if someone is bipolar. I noticed another post you made which was correct r/e a questionnaire you fill out which can help the docs determine if the diagnosis is clinical depression. Or along with the physical exam and blood work determine the depression as secondary and is a result of the medical condition. Other medical conditions can not cause BPD. It is a stand along diagnosis.
BPD is determined by a set of symptoms that are normally present in BPD, and the patient must have a certain amount of these symptoms to be diagnosed. These are found in the DSM-IV, the "handbook" of diagnosing mental illness.
So, between the two of you, there are some right and wrong answers on both sides. No need to fight or argue over it anymore. {o:

1488 days ago


I doubt she's "Bi-polar" because anyone that knows ANYTHING about the disorder will tell you the last thing you EVER give anyone with the disease is adderal or any other kind of amphetamine like substance, that it makes them manic... do some psych research TMZZ damn

1488 days ago


I used aderall XR before it was licensed by the fda. It is just like meth ! Lindsay do not drink cofee or soda or enrgy drinks. aderall is not the answer to ADD.

1488 days ago


...NOW it all makes sense to me---
her looking so worn out!

I have slight pity for her, being so stupid starting taking it in the first place.
She's rather underbred than anything else!

1488 days ago


@AllieM. Not quite. I'm bipolar and take Ritalin--generic name METHYlphenidate. The Ritalin is prescribed by my shrink who just happens to run the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA--Lindsay's home for the next 90 days. You don't become head of such a premier institution without being a well qualified physician. Yours is the faulty research.

1488 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t sarpalinbiteme go to hell
hey I don't like Lindsay Lohan but wish harm on her and her to die makes you lowlife d*ckward

1488 days ago


In case you want to trash my shrink--here's my situation. Some of my other meds cause drowsiness and the Ritalin counteracts that. The depression aspect of my bipolar disorder is treatment resistant so most meds don't help me. I.e., switching to other meds to negate the need for Ritalin is not an option.

Lindsay clearly has MAJOR problems and second guessing about her situation is what draws us here. However, none of us can state with absolute authority regarding her medical status as we are not privy to such info.

1488 days ago


One day, Lilo will walk down Malibu boulevard, clean as a whistle, once Hollywood completely bites her apart, where she will be free to retain herself without a single photographer or journalist in sight.

1488 days ago


1488 days ago


she does have a methamphetamine problem. she was in new orleans a couple of months back and one of my friends ran into her at a bar. she was on meth and coke then.

1487 days ago
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