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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab for Meth

and Bipolar Disorder

8/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be treated for addiction to methamphethamine and bipolar disorder during her court ordered 90 days in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab - Bipolar
According to a source familiar with Lindsay's case, methamphetamine and opiates are her "drugs of choice".

Methamphetamine -- also known as crystal meth or simply meth -- is a highly addictive stimulant and opiates, generally, have more of a downer effect.

Morningside Recovery -- the Orange County, CA rehab LiLo is scheduled to enter -- lists opiate and methamphetamine detoxification among its specialties. As TMZ first reported, sources say Morningside was not on the list of facilities recommended by court appointed psychiatrists.

We're told Lindsay will begin her rehab stint almost immediately after getting out of Lynwood Correctional Facility.

UPDATE: Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley says, "I have never seen any psych report concerning Ms. Lohan which references a 'bi-polar' diagnosis or an addiction to 'methamphetamine.' I think this is a total fabrication."

One important note ... it has been widely reported that Lindsay takes the prescription drug Adderall, which is an amphetamine. Experts in the field of rehab and addiction tell TMZ there is a difference between amphetamine and methamphetamine.

We're told it would not be common for a rehab facility to consider Adderall and methamphetamine the same drug.


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Brian Parris    

I cant see her smoking crystal. She has a script for adderall.. which has amphetamine in it which is used to treat ADHD. I just don't believe she was smoking crystal meth.... YET. If that was the case we would see all the pictures of her leaked from spinning the **** pipe like Amy Winehouse.

1523 days ago


It is obvious that she is a meth- addict. Meth DESTROYS a persons looks and youth. She does not look young anymore. She looks more like 34. Very sad!

1523 days ago


I have never heard of rehab for being bipolar. The person who is bipolar cannot help being bipolar. It is a condition that most people who suffer from it needs drugs to help control it. If they do not get proper medication to control the bipolar mood swings, many sufferers will self medicate with any drug availible. We have heard of Lindsay suffering from ADHD, but not being bipolar.
If TMZ actually meant they are sending Lindsay to rehab for methamphethamine, that is also going to help her control her being bipolar, they should have plainly stated it. Many people in the US are bipolar and with the proper treatment, they are wonderful giving citizens.

1523 days ago


I like following the Lindsay trainwreck as much as the next guy--obviously--I'm posting here. Reading about her carousing and legal shena****ns has been entertaining as weird as that sounds. However, I do have a problem with TMZ announcing that she is bipolar. Most of the info about her comes as a result of her being seen out and about or is a matter of public record. A medical diagnosis is a whole other story. This is something quite private and should have been Lindsay's decision whether to make the matter public. (HIPPA laws anyone??!!!) And yes, I am bipolar. I'm not ashamed to admit it. However, while I tell some people about my illness, I don't tell everyone that I come with whom I come into contact.

1523 days ago


Now does her mother realize her daughter has big time drug issues!! At least her dad tried to get help for his daughter.

1523 days ago


That'd be taking more than the stated dosage of Adderall and opiates like hydromorphone. Not street methamphetamine, which is generally of much poorer quality than pharmaceutical quality medicines.

Good news is either she's already physically free of opiates or was already being treated with a Suboxone implant, hence no 'trip to the infirmary' 48/72hrs after stopping taking them, like a well known heiress. So she's already 50% of the way there. Not easy, but not hopeless either.

Methamphetamine isn't actually as much of a withdrawal problem physically as opiates and particularly benzodiazepines type/alcohol (both of which can be very dangerous cause of seizures). The big with problem methamphetamines/amphetamines is often malnutrition and the neuroses that come with it. So while not as physically addictive, it makes up for it in not looking after yourself properly and psychotic behaviour due to prolonged sleep disturbance. And psychological addiction. A basic (legal) high dose of Adderall in prison, plus Ambien to sleep, would avoid major withdrawal symptoms.

Good luck to her. Given her family life, early fame/money, and hangers on, I feel more sorry for her than hateful. Just another example that fame and money are nothing without internal happiness.

1523 days ago


And I thought she would be outta jail by now. Maybe tomorrow. What is this - her 4th stint at rehab?

1523 days ago



1523 days ago



1523 days ago


It's really no one's business what her health history is. She should be allowed privacy in that respect. Not nice, Harvey.

1523 days ago


So much for HIPAA laws. My husband can't even accept a phone call from my doctor's office without a signed do***ent. I'm pretty sure Lindsay didn't waive her HIPAA rights for TMZ, lol

1523 days ago


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1523 days ago


Knowing this loser she probably crushed up her scripts and smoked them instead of taking them the proper way!

1523 days ago


She's on booze,blow and meds for a long time now. Caught numerous times abusing these substances. Even Samantha revealed what Linds was doing.

She's not doing meth.

1523 days ago


There is a difference between meth and crystal meth. (Think coke versus crack.) It's why she doesn't look like a traditional meth head. It's all in how you ingest and administer it. She's getting her fix through a prescription

1523 days ago
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