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Lindsay Lohan Headed to UCLA

8/2/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Judge Marsha Revel had a change of heart after TMZ's story about Lindsay's rehab -- and now she is headed for treatment at UCLA Medical Center ... exactly what her doctors wanted in the first place.


TMZ broke the story Judge Revel had selected Morningside Recovery -- despite the fact that the two court appointed psychiatrists along with other medical professionals were not recommending that facility. The shrinks put UCLA in their top four, but it was the facility favored by everyone because the treatment program was perfectly suited for Lindsay's psychiatric and drug problems.

We're told Lindsay will not be in the psych ward -- rather this is an intense specialized program to deal with psychological, as well as addiction problems.



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who dat    

Lindsay will soon definitely be the most popular young actress in Hollywood soon again, after she's clean and starts working hard again.

Posted at 11:30 PM on Aug 1, 2010 by Elissa

That post has to be from her douche bag father. Nice try loser.

1510 days ago


Speed is speed and a good source tells me that a place that treats meth addiction can treat adderall(aka speed). I have a very good source for information pertaining to her and people close to her so stop making stuff up!. Oh my source is my imagination just like the people who write this crap.:)

1510 days ago


I agree, the judge is psyching out the so called "news" people, since it is none of their darn business where she goes. But then this group loves to destroy people, as long as it gets them money. Oh, and it's almost 1230am No Lindsay. Another fake out I guess.

1510 days ago


Thanks! We don't need that fake LA trash here in the OC...we already have enough with those "real" housewhores of Orange County giving us a bad rep!

1510 days ago


UCLA Medical Center is a much better choice than Morningside Recovery.

Morningside Recovery's website says "In order to arrest the addictive behavior we must heal the underlying wounded soul.".

"Celebrity medicine" is garbage.

If the judge changed her mind based upon TMZ's story, TMZ actually did something good for a change.

1510 days ago


Homegirl just needs to go full rehab - she's already shakin th booze-nw it's time for all the illegal drugs improperly prescribed. Keep her ass locked up for 90 days - NO contact, NO Cell phone, No Tweet, No Computer...No Outside deal at all...she was pampered and treated like aprimadonna in Lynwood..14 days for a 90 day deal..Next time - 90 with the population...that'll correct her ass real quick..she needs a taste of real life..No hatred - just want to see her beat up a tad to snap her out of her crap...that's being nice..Keep her ass locked down - don't want to hear her name again for 90 days - got it TMZ...kill the deal...

1510 days ago


Come on now leave her alone give her some meth push her in a corner and forget about her she has taken up to much celebrity time as it is.
They have already diagnosis her that she has a addiction to methamphetamine and opiates and a little crack every now and then. Plus she is Bi-Polar and Bisexuals what else do you want.
There are to many other celebrities lined up for there turn this is not fair.
And we all know mel gibson can be very Impatient when he does not have it his way.
So let's move on let her go we have had enough of her let's find someone else new and exciting.

1510 days ago


Ummm... Y'all do know that TMZ doesn't have a direct line to the judge? For all we know, the judge never "picked" Morningstar at all but went along with the UCLA idea from her consultants from the very beginning. I doubt very much that the judge pays any attention to TMZ or believes anything it says....

1510 days ago


will she get out of this early also??they should have never given her jail time 2 weeks is sure she learned her lesson.

1509 days ago


If the judge is making legal/life altering decisions based solely on what TMZ states, then she should be booted off the bench.
I can't help but thinmk that TMZ got the story wrong and now to save face say they caused the judge to change her mind. It could not be possible that TMZ's source might have been wrong, or god forbid lied to get a paycheck.

1509 days ago


Exactly, where is she going immediately after being released from jail?

1509 days ago


So now she will not be treated for two conditions she doesn't have, and instead get treatment for the conditions she does have. Seems to make sense. Good luck, and please don't write anything more about her until her stint at rehab is over and she's sober, calm and free.

1509 days ago


Well its hard to tell the difference between bipolar and a drug problem. So they really need to clean her up first before diagnosing her with a mental disorder. Meth and opiates combined would give her that up and down mood behavior bipolars have so I am having serious doubts she has bipolar disorder. I truly don't care who says she does. I will not believe anyone who says she has it till she is clean and sober for while then gets diagnosed. Now if it was Britney Spears I'd believe it. She had the classic signs of it but not Lohan. She is on drugs that would give the illusion of a mental disorder. I just hope Lohan does not get treated special and does not learn from her experience. She needs to suffer a bit in order to learn something fromo this experience. NOW thanks to the stupid people diagnosing her with bipolar she will now have an excuse for her bad behavior. A ticket out of jail card the next time she is caught doing something stupid. Even though having a mental disorder is no excuse for bad behavior. I know a lot of bipolars who do not end up in jail or in trouble. But I am sure Lohan will use that as an excuse for her behavior. After all that is the way of Hollywood to blame someone else for their own problems.

1509 days ago


This judge is pathetic saying she could have 48 hours when she was sentenced then when she surrenders she cuts it to 24 and when she is actually serving her time she reduces it to 0.

1509 days ago


I love TMZ and read it several times a day. But, as a Paralegal I find it almost criminal that a sitting Judge is basing her decisions from a on-line gossip rag!!!!! Maybe see needs a judicial review!!!

1509 days ago
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