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Lindsay Lohan Headed to UCLA

8/2/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Judge Marsha Revel had a change of heart after TMZ's story about Lindsay's rehab -- and now she is headed for treatment at UCLA Medical Center ... exactly what her doctors wanted in the first place.


TMZ broke the story Judge Revel had selected Morningside Recovery -- despite the fact that the two court appointed psychiatrists along with other medical professionals were not recommending that facility. The shrinks put UCLA in their top four, but it was the facility favored by everyone because the treatment program was perfectly suited for Lindsay's psychiatric and drug problems.

We're told Lindsay will not be in the psych ward -- rather this is an intense specialized program to deal with psychological, as well as addiction problems.



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why is she going to ucla? lol...didn't dina say she was just fine??

1522 days ago


maybe if dina wasn't dying her hair to cover all the gray and paying more attention to her family her daughter wouldn't be in such a mess. good job dina, and btw you look 55.

1522 days ago


Releasing Lindsay early is just one more way of enabling her once again. This poor girl doesn't know the meaning of consequences due to those around her...especially her family.

1522 days ago


Good for Lindsey! Maybe she will get the proper help and make a comeback as an actress! She is a waste of a talent for now!

1522 days ago

clyde casstevens    

an;t it ashame many americans,like you TMZ got here on earth because your Mothers [swallow it]instead spitting it out.if they had spit it out[nature]would have dry it up & you would not have been here.its ashame & a disgrace women will do anything including distorying everything they have anything to do with,cause we are going to do what we want no matter what the price,remmber eve,nothing changes since,

1522 days ago


I am not a star, however the more and more I read about them the less impressed I am. These people live their lives with inflated self-importance from the Judge all the way down to the defendant. This case should be simple. DUI then lose your license. What stupid lawyer allowed or introduced into the court room anything about bi-polar, other drugs, is beyond me! Not only is this a display of a total freak show breaking down, it is also a testament to our lack of freedom. The sick thing is that the court, judge, police\security all comes from taxpayer money. If she wants to kill herself on drugs let her, but don't let her drive a car.

1522 days ago


I was just looking at the daily schedule for the Resnick Center "4 East ICU". How terrible is it that I felt a twinge of jealousy? Rehab seems relaxing to me.

1522 days ago


So- Poor little rich girl is finally out of summer camp and into rehab? Hope that she and others like her, have finally realized that the laws are made for everyone and that they must be obeyed. Maybe..just maybe some good will come from all of this. As a senior in his laste 70's I feel a little safer on the highways now.

1522 days ago


Imagine the scrum of paparrazzi outside Morningside yesterday and understand the judge is not stupid. She put out the destination, though it was not on the list, to draw the paps away and let Lindsay be transported to where she was going without a barrage of lights, questions and stress being inflicted on a fragile woman in the primary process of recovery. It could have set her back and she made it 2 weeks no smoking, no drugs, other than meds. Adderrall is evil. I have seen it. Now, she is safely away from people lusting to be the next person to do a speculative story. 3 months from now, hopefully she will be stronger and more able to keep her sanity while all around her people are doing insane things in the name of press, her parents are the worst and I hope they impress that on her. She needs to be free of them.

1522 days ago


While constantly taking bows for their non-existant exclusives", totally botched news about Lindsay, lack of any credible pictures and/or video, numerous fabrications, etc., TMZ has hit rock bottom. Well, not quite...there are the on going suits. So thanks to twiddle dum and twiddle dee (Mick & Mike) and all the girls that go bark in the night.

1521 days ago


just another day in the life

1521 days ago


Who's paying for Lindsay's rehab?

1521 days ago


mabay e dhieco,vhor the press,,or maby h or bailout

1521 days ago



1521 days ago


Does anyone find it interesting that the clinic LL at UCLA was funded by Jane and Terry Semel, the parents of LL's "gf" Courtenay Semel? Just asking.

1521 days ago
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