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Lindsay Lohan Headed to UCLA

8/2/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Judge Marsha Revel had a change of heart after TMZ's story about Lindsay's rehab -- and now she is headed for treatment at UCLA Medical Center ... exactly what her doctors wanted in the first place.


TMZ broke the story Judge Revel had selected Morningside Recovery -- despite the fact that the two court appointed psychiatrists along with other medical professionals were not recommending that facility. The shrinks put UCLA in their top four, but it was the facility favored by everyone because the treatment program was perfectly suited for Lindsay's psychiatric and drug problems.

We're told Lindsay will not be in the psych ward -- rather this is an intense specialized program to deal with psychological, as well as addiction problems.



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Laffin Bear: If you really believe all that you have been spouting, I would suggest that you re-read the Big Book. The word god is always capitalized, as in "God". That indicates one God, not many gods, not a doorknob, not a light bulb, not groups of people. I cannot count how many times I have heard the following comment in meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous: Higher Power, whom I choose to call God". This comment is usually stated in a hushed, reverent and mystical tone. I could go on, but...why bother? I'll close with the following quote from Chapter 6: "Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us."

1540 days ago

Laffn Bear    

I am of the belief that if you look hard enough you can find someone in America who will support your personal belief, no matter how ill conceived.
I have had my say and I will retire and let you rant and rave to your heart's content.
I do wonder, if someone has/had 12 years of sobriety, what quality and why they would decide to attack the program that contributed to that sobriety.
There are countless variables in any statistics of human behavior. Enough to make most any conclusion questionable.
Have fun and be sober and serene. I know I am. By the way, my concept of a higher power has nothing whatever to do with the concept of any one's definition of "God."

1540 days ago

Mona Lisa    

Laffn Bear: All I can say is that anyone who has been in the program of AA for any length of time, read the literature (as quoted accurately by raysny) and concluded that AA has nothing to do with God or with praying must be really delusional. I wish you well, but I suspect that what you view as serenity is actually denial of the obvious.

1540 days ago


Laffin Bear,

Is your God incapable of curing your alcoholism but able to remove your desire to drink on a daily basis and remove your shortcomings?

Doesn't matter what you call your God, if you answered yes, you have the same god as everyone else in AA, the god of AA.

If you answered no, then you're really not doing the program. You should probably take it up with your sponsor.

1539 days ago


Laffin Bear writes:
"I can look out of any window and see things are more powerful than myself."

But do you pray to them and do they answer your prayers?

As far as sticking a knife into an electrical outlet, I DO believe in electricity, but I'm not going to pray to it to remove my desire to drink.

I don't have to pray to anything to remove my desire to drink, I quit drinking nine years ago, on my own, after several unsuccessful tries in AA and 12step treatment. All they offered was faith healing. For years I kept saying that if I got help for the depression that always caused me to return to drinking, I could quit for good. People wouldn't listen because I was just a drunk and I'd be pushed into 12step treatment/programs.

I finally got help for the depression and haven't had a drink since. Now I work in mental health, primarily with those who have coexisting substance abuse issues.

Lohan has been through 12step treatment 3 times at least already. And this judge wanted to push her into it again. As an AA true believer, you probably also blame Lohan for not "working a good program" and her relapses. How about she gets treatment that might work for her?

1539 days ago


@ Laffin Bear:

"AA says a higher power that they choose to call God.
Perhaps you are confusing the AA representation of a god with the Judaic-Christian concept of a one God."

I'm not confused at all. I'm well aware of the AA representation. Very early on (I'm a quick study) I realized there were two things I could do:

(1) I could think whatever I wanted about a higher power, anything I wanted, and I could murmur the word "God". "God" could have any private meaning I chose to give the word. And everyone would be happy with what I said as long as they didn't know what I was thinking and how I defined the word. They appeared to imagine I meant pretty much the same thing they did.

(2) I could give the higher power any name I wanted: the Tree in the garden; a Power that makes for Righteousness: Good Orderly Direction; the Doorknob; Group Of Drunks; the Power of the Universe, anything at all. And people would be happy as long as I described this higher power - by whatever name - as something that will get me sober upon my turning my life and will over to it and would remove all, yes, all, my character defects upon my humble petitioning, and to whom I would pray and meditate in order to do its will.

Yes, you're right. There is indeed an AA god, a pretty specific AA god. I found out the hard way that I'd get plenty of trouble if I didn't appear to accept the AA god.

"This is common and the word God triggers those with a bone to pick to anger."

Why do steppers assume that anyone who challenges AA dogma has to be "angry"? I'm pointing out flaws with AA, but I don't feel any anger.

"AA is a spiritual program..."

AA may well be "spiritual", whatever that weasel word might mean, but in fact AA is a religion. It's Buchmanism. It's the larger and better known of the two sects of Buchmanism. Initiatives of Change is the other Buchmanist sect.

" the respect that we are all encouraged to believe in a power greater than ourselves. There is no mention of who or what we are to believe. You seem to overlook that."

I don't overlook it at all.

I'm well aware that AA is chock full of contradictions. On the one hand we're told we can have our own conception of god. OTOH we are also told we will sign our death warrant if we don't Come To Believe. We're told that even atheists can get "sober". OTOH, the Chapter to the Agnostic tells us that the atheist will finally find god. And don't forget the members who will scowl at you and snarl, "I notice you weren't praying," or, "You gotta get God if you wanna get "sober"."

(No! Don't tell me that those members "aren't AA". The No True Scotsman Fallacy (google it) is alive and well in AA.)

"I would suggest that if you do not believe there is a power greater than yourself, stick a bread knife in a wall socket.
I can look out of any window and see things are more powerful than myself.
Perhaps you would stand in the road in front of a speeding car and see if there is a power greater than yourself."

Please, Laffin Bear! I've heard that one over and over in AA. It's so lame to compare the AA higher power with a speeding mack truck. C'mon...

Why do steppers assume that anyone who questions AA or doesn't believe in AA's higher power imagines hirself to be all powerful?

"Perhaps your crusade to defeat AA has blinded you to the truth."

Perhaps your defense of AA has blinded you to some unpalatable realities.

"I would suggest you lose the concept that God is the only the god of the Abraham and Jesus."

You're trying to read my mind, and you're failing. I'm well aware that the Abrahamic god and Jesus are not the only versions out there.

In another post from Laffin Bear, "I do wonder, if someone has/had 12 years of sobriety, what quality and why they would decide to attack the program that contributed to that sobriety."

The 12-step program had nothing to do with "sobriety" for me. It's religious busy work. I kept myself "sober". I came to realize that coming to meetings and "working the program" were what people do while they get better, get worse, or stay the same.

I'm challenging AA because it does a lot of damage to people while actually doing little to "get people sober". Yes, you're "sober", and you can go to meetings and see other people who claim to be "sober". But that doesn't mean that it's effective for many other people. You see five people, but you don't see the other 95 people who aren't there.

1539 days ago


Laffin Bear also wrote:
"Perhaps your crusade to defeat AA has blinded you to the truth."

No, only to your truth. I'll take my own experiences, statistics & studies, facts & figures. AA does not work.

1539 days ago

Rutting Elf    

Praying is NOT a part of Alcoholics Anonymous???

What does every meeting end with? The lord's PRAYER!!!

Oh, yeah. I'll bet that some AA is going to show up and reply "Dude, MY home group doesn't do it that way." pppffftttt....

1538 days ago

Rutting Elf    

I can look out of any window and see god with a capital gee. I can also see Russia, which is now burning. And if I think about it hard enough, it tastes like chicken.

1538 days ago


Laffin Bear wrote:
"I would suggest that if you do not believe there is a power greater than yourself, stick a bread knife in a wall socket."

Better yet, why don't you? You have a higher power that will protect you.

1538 days ago


Lafin Bare,

umm, a couple things:
So, REPLACING God with anything i can think of is ok? Isn't this an example of another religion? So if the power of Christ or God, isn't my cup of tea then any ol' power including the light socket is ok?
I've read the book, in fact the book Alcoholics Anonymous never says Christ anywhere-so as a Christian I could just ask Christ every morning for healing and be good, or no the book says only other alcoholics have the power to heal other alcoholics. Can I mention Christ at the meetings you attend or would you discourage it? And there's that whole chapter Agnostics which tries to make me a AA and not really a Christian, because only Christ has the healing power of God right? Hmmm. Still sounds like a religion and not spirituality at all. But we agree on disagree.

Second (last), maybe a higher power should be EDUCATION. And not prayer and steps. Because a butter knife won't fit in a light socket....derrrr. Maybe there's a reason (rational reason and not mystic supernatural shiite). You mus be a great sponsor in AA telling people to go around stic metal in one prong of a light socket. Here's the part you also need education on one prong in a light socket does nothing unless you are stupid enough to tell newcomers to stand in a puddle of water too....i ain't no electrician but i have inadvertently completed a circuit before and it didn't feel good. i don't think its a good idea to pick a higher power in AA in fact its just a bad idea to be in aa for very long at all. SMART and professional help. ut I would suggest to really down-and-out types to use na/aa (XA's) and all along pretend to let them use you as they search for an outlet for power and control of other. Once on your feet reun to professionals for professional help-often addicts have mental health issues which need address if they really want to be free forever.

1516 days ago


Oh Ms Lohan, if you get this far on the comments section. I think on some level you know there is hope and there is at least a small problem. You're still young enough o find new patterns - aside from chemical ones - to re-train and evolve out of seeking the temporary joy. I understand at 45 i am finding them. It seems (45) a long way ahead for you but i happens in a blink so keep plugging never stop moving forward and evolving these things are temporary if you play the justice system game by their rules...we all know its a joke. But you can spend eternity in the "system." And you have enough fame and fortune to really hurt yourself and no one wants to see it-really down deep. You'll be fine if you just listen to the inner you. Just get moving forward woman and never look back- you remember the pain of wanting more and still not geting satisfaction so...evolve.

A dual diagnosis for me was a life-saver-stigma aside, the mania and depression are killers and the things which make me think i need a pick me up. you are not alone in that for sure!


1516 days ago


Lindsay Lohan mostly in discussion and she is so famous celebrity. TMZ has learned Judge Marsha Revel had a change of heart after TMZ's story about Lindsay's rehab and now she is headed for treatment at UCLA Medical Center exactly what her doctors wanted in the first place.

1502 days ago
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