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Oksana to Be Deposed in Child Custody Case

8/1/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva will take the oath -- swearing to tell the truth tomorrow when she is deposed in the child custody dispute with Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson Oksana Custody

Sources tell us Oksana and her attorneys will meet with Mel's attorneys.

This could be tricky for Oksana because although the primary focus will be custody of Lucia, the topic of the tapes will most likely come up -- the recording and sale of them. Oksana could invoke her Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to talk about that subject.

Either way, tomorrow's events will be critical in this case. Check in with TMZ for all the updates.



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The truth is that she wants Mel's money.

1547 days ago


Swear to tell the truth? This will be awkward... She has a snow ball's chance in Hell!

1547 days ago


"This could be tricky for Oksana ..."
The only thing tricky for her is that she has to avoid lying.

1547 days ago


Oh, I misread the title of this item ... I thought it read "Oksana to be disposed of in child custody case", like, as in dumped into some sewer or left in the desert so the vultures can have some Russian instead of Mexican food.

1547 days ago


Are non-citizens covered under the Bill of Rights? Do non-citizens have the right to plead the fifth?

1547 days ago


Oksana wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the @ss.

Team Mel.

1547 days ago


She doesn't care about telling the truth. Our court system, she obviously doesn't respect, contempt of court in releasing the tapes, didn't pay any attention to the gag why would she feel the need to start telling the truth now. I hope someone leaked how she transferred the tapes to ROL, and how much they really paid her for them. Fingers crossed.

1547 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Hope Mel gets custody and they throw her in Jail or kick her out of this country. She's NUTS!!

1547 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I hope Mel gets custody and the Russian Whore goes to Prison for lying, making the tapes, altering the tapes, and selling the tapes. She just wants custody so she can get more money. Also, she's POed because her record, that Mel financed, went no where. She is delusional if she thinks she can sing. Actually, maybe she belongs in a Psycho Ward. She's NUTS!!!

1547 days ago


under oath? surely will strike this biotch tommrrow....I almost wish I could be a fly on the wall.

1547 days ago


well i want to see the person ask her if she swears to tell the truth and nothing but the truth with a straight face.

they're going to laugh their azz off trying to get those words out.

1547 days ago


She doesen't have the truth in her. I'm sure her right hand will melt!!!!!!!

1547 days ago


Could it even be remotely possible that Mel Gibson did push Oksana down on a bed, and scream horrible things in her face? Notice I did not say punch her, black her eyes, or knock out her teeth. But is it possible that in a rage, he not only ranted on those tapes, but prior to those tapes on Jan 6th that he did push her down on the bed in a rage? Isn't possible he is a verbally abusive and scary man? Is it possible Robyn actually did put up with all his rage and verbal abuse all these years because she knew how to fight back? Maybe too much is at stake property wise, which is where most of their wealth is tied up in. Maybe he is able to pay people off, get more lawyers and win in the end, because he has more money. Isn't this how politicians often win? He who has the most money has the most power. This is why a poor man will sit in jail for 90 days because he can't bail himself out, and someone with money and lawyers usually walks out in less than an hour. I believe the truth lies in the middle regarding Mel and Oksana. Both of them just disgust my sensibilities. The children are their poor victims.

1547 days ago


The "fact" that she allowed her baby to be in danger by staying with her father, and all that Oksana has claimed that he has done, should certainly be taken into consideration. Keeping your baby in a "dangerous" environment and exposing her to the alleged abuse is not acceptable and reason for her to lose custody if what she says is true! Ha, now that would be funny.

1547 days ago


she has been thumbing her nose at our court system since this custody battle...

since she has disrespected our courts thus far, what makes anyone think she will tell the truth now? i don't think she will in anyways feel bad or guilty about lying at this point, by her own actions!

1547 days ago
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