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Oksana to Be Deposed in Child Custody Case

8/1/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva will take the oath -- swearing to tell the truth tomorrow when she is deposed in the child custody dispute with Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson Oksana Custody

Sources tell us Oksana and her attorneys will meet with Mel's attorneys.

This could be tricky for Oksana because although the primary focus will be custody of Lucia, the topic of the tapes will most likely come up -- the recording and sale of them. Oksana could invoke her Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to talk about that subject.

Either way, tomorrow's events will be critical in this case. Check in with TMZ for all the updates.



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oh please, if this woman was truly abused and frightened for her life she would not have been traveling around the country with Mel after the alleged attack. So she got a verbal lashing....big frigin deal...sticks and stones.....

1552 days ago


My rant --

WHO or WHAT leaked pix of baby to various sites? The alleged tapes are false, the alleged leaker's body and mouth are false, no other issue right now.

WHY WAS BABY USED and odd (open for public discussion and analysis) photos disseminated? Just wondering --

1552 days ago


BTW, she has to swear on The Bible...Does she even care or even believe in the Bible?
for her to have done all that we believe she has, she has to be the spawn of the devil himself! anyone who believe in His Name couldn't possibly doing what she is doing?

She has shown thus far, she doesn't care about the US court system so...with no belief in God, she will just continue to lie about everything! she has so far!

1552 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

They don't make you swear on a bible during a deposition.

1552 days ago


they better install some lightning rods pdq or they're all going to be toast as soon as she answers the first question.

1552 days ago


how is she gonna keep her lies straight...that's the million dollar question.....

1552 days ago


This ACTURD Gibson is one scary dude... I wouldn't let him near my child!!! I suspect genetics is at play here...i mean AUSTRALIA WAS A PENAL COLONY! Their decendants r criminals.Look at that ACTURD Russel Crowe...another angry weirdo. And speaking of criminals- is that producer still roaming around free,u know, the one w/ the dead wife in a Mexican sewer? THERE'S NO PEOPLE LIKE SHOW PEOPLE...

1552 days ago



was my post invisible or should I be flattered? LOL!!


1552 days ago



Swearing to tell the truth means nothing to a pathological liar.

This crunt does not know what the truth is.


1552 days ago


Having had a lot of time to think about this, I am ambiguous. I wonder if the reason for all the hate against Okdana is really because she is a foreigner from Russia? She also has a lot of holes in her story, but I think it is her being a foreigner AND Russian that has created this antagonism towards her. On the other hand, we don't like Mel, but by damn he is closer to one of us than she is and so we side with him more. I personally don't think he beat her as she claimed, I do believe he is a loud, bullish, bigot and I can see him throwing her on a bed and screaming in her face, just as I can envision him screaming profanities and abuse until he's nearly apoplectic. I betcha he has been this way most of his adult life, and like most of us, he only shows to the public what he wants the public to see and believe. To his family this is "normal" behavior for Mel, this is who he is to them. Just like my Dad, who was a yelling bigot, who made his kids nervous to be around him, when he was in one of his rants, but we loved him, because he was so much more than just the raging bigot. Mel has a good side and a bad side, Oksana got on his bad side.

1552 days ago


no's the holes in her story.......

1552 days ago


I have a huge question....If she did not release the tapes to ROL which have potentially destroyed her Credibility and put her in jeopardy with the courts and the police for leaking sealed evidence....WHY WOULD SHE GIVE THEM THAT STREET INVERVIEW YERTERDAY....the Mike clearly said RADAR....they should be her enemy for leaking this stuff because she could get in trouble.... Am I wrong?

1552 days ago

voice of reason    

Child Protective Services should assess the mental state of this person to see if she is fit to be a mother!

What "sane and fit mother" would continually expose her child to a man who was "dangerous" and "hit the child".?
What "sane and fit mother" would not immediately call 911 or go to the authorities when she "feared for her child"?
What "sane and fit mother" would not immediately remove herself and her child from that house the night "she wasnt going to make it"?
What "sane and fit mother", who is a role model for her children, would publically destroy the childs father instead of going through the courts of law to settle their differences?

OG has serious answering to do.

As for "swearing to tell the truth", it will be her "version" of the truth, whatever that is.

Stay strong Mel!

1552 days ago


Dont really care about this money hungry witch!

1552 days ago



was my post invisible or should I be flattered? LOL!!


Posted at 12:37 PM on Aug 1, 2010 by barnswella

so sorry..didn't mean to plagiarizer...i didn't realize you said it already and when i re-read some posts , i saw you already said pretty much what i wrote..


1552 days ago
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