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Oksana to Be Deposed in Child Custody Case

8/1/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva will take the oath -- swearing to tell the truth tomorrow when she is deposed in the child custody dispute with Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson Oksana Custody

Sources tell us Oksana and her attorneys will meet with Mel's attorneys.

This could be tricky for Oksana because although the primary focus will be custody of Lucia, the topic of the tapes will most likely come up -- the recording and sale of them. Oksana could invoke her Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to talk about that subject.

Either way, tomorrow's events will be critical in this case. Check in with TMZ for all the updates.



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Maria Ashot    

No. 931, Jackie:

Based on my knowledge of the operations of criminal syndicates originating in the former Soviet bloc, especially the ex-USSR, I do not believe for a minute that those "recordings" are authentic.

I believe this was from the very beginning a plan to extort or otherwise force one of the wealthiest American superstars to give up a significant chunk of his fortune, or risk having his character & career annihilated.

Fortunately, criminals do not always succeed in their schemes. This story is not completely over yet, but it appears increasingly likely it will end with the truth being fully revealed.

Anyone who has worked in the film industry, with political figures, or with law enforcement in some capacity can tell you that today's technology makes it very, very easy to fabricate "recordings" of just about anyone saying just about anything.

In this particular case, even just a little listening reveals the tapes to be completely bogus -- very blatantly doctored material in which there is obvious crude editing, splicing in of scripted material and what I am convinced are stitched together patches of audio even incorporating bits from films of Mr Gibson's.

I am sorry to spoil your clear-cut idealized impressions of "Oksana Grigorieva" but I do not even believe that is her real name. I believe she is a trained, calculating criminal who had help in this scheme from known ex-Soviet felons with criminal records. I believe they targeted Mr Gibson back when he decided to do a film in Russia based on the "Anna Karenina" novel. They studied him, observed his weaknesses, familiarized themselves with his routines & even his entourage, and laid a trap that he unfortunately blundered into.

Had he taken up with some mainstream French or Brazilian pop star, let's say, instead of an ex-Soviet sex worker, I could believe this was indeed a consensual relationship between informed, honest & forthcoming adults who eventually decided to break up. Or maybe even had a couple of huge, ugly fights. But were basically a couple.

It was nothing of the sort.

I have not found a single photograph of "Oksana Grigorieva" in which she actually looks pregnant. I don't know if you have ever been pregnant, but pregnant women have swollen ankles, blurrier facial features, move in a particular way, have a tendency to be short of breath, place their hands on their expanding tummy... It takes them more than six weeks to begin to regain the contours of their original shape; it takes enormous effort to actually lose all the weight -- but even that doesn't immediately fix the problem of the loose folds on the belly...

Some of "Oksana Grigorieva's" former customers/boyfriends in the UK have gone on the record in the British press with details about their time together that raise enormous questions about her motivation and credibility.

So don't check your brains at the door... If this story actually interests you, and Justice matters, poke around and see what you discover.

1540 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Mel, re: previous (Nos. 924, 925, 926):

Taking a really close look at this now and I need to process it. There are a number of things to consider, and yes, I have certain thoughts.

We are venturing towards what I will only address obliquely.

Mel, vraiment, je suis ravie de pouvoir communiquer aussi en francais... Pour des raisons diverses, y compris le fait qu'en France il y'a pas mal d'expertes dans ce genre de mal et cette categorie de criminalite. Je suis presque sur que toi, tu sais concretement de quoi il s'agit et je peux te rassurer, si tu on a besoin, que ton instinct te sert bien.

Earlier in this thread (I have yet to glance at the new one, with the new developments which are certainly intriguing & I would even say potentially promising), I believe it was Tellthetruth who remembered a moment when Mr Gibson described how he understood a possible confrontation with the prince of darkness might manifest itself.

And of course, both he and Tellthetruth were absolutely right.


1540 days ago

Maria Ashot    


Even an ex-Mossad bodyguard is still a bodyguard. Bodyguards are trained as fighters, and to have reflexes & instincts. But basically they work with their BODY, rather than their brain.

ME, I am all about the brain.

That is the difference, in the simplest way I can put it to you. Were there other agendas? Of course there might have been. The first time I watched Zidane head-butt that Italian, M, which subsequently led to Italy winning the World Cup, I was livid with the Italians and understood Zidane's great (Muslim) angst... Then, a few years later, watching him again (just weeks ago), it occurred to me that he might simply have chosen to throw the game.

There are huge interests in football. Enormous amounts of money change hands. You see where I am going with this?

We know, as Christians, that there is Providence in the fall of a sparrow. Not a hair on your head shall fall before the Lord consents.

All the bodyguards in the world won't change a thing, one way or the other. And of course, that is not to be interpreted (by Sammy for example) to say I believe superstars should not have bodyguards.

But a bodyguard who guards superstars is not quite at the level of expertise as is a bodyguard who guards, for example, Putin or Medvedev or Obama or Sarkozy. The bodyguards you describe, even with Mossad credentials and a high-profile business, are not of the same calibre.

Here we get into something that will further annoy some of our readers present, and that goes to the heart of who I am, how I know what I know and -- assuming I have certain skills -- why I am writing here, or have a funny name, or have a strange bio, or am not in fact working for some suitable agency known to employ people with such capabilities.

The long answer is not for public exposition and would take many many weeks of detail to fully present.

The short answer, and toi, peut–etre tu la comprendrai intuitivement, grace a la dimension creatrice, is that when someone with my level of skills arrives in the shape of a small, ethnically -challenging and disarmingly youthful appearance -- and when I showed up on the scene I was quite young still, fetching (I am now told), sweet-tempered, bursting with creative gifts, but inconveniently ethnic. Plus not especially compliant in the specific ways powerful men of this age expect young "girls" to be compliant... The executives who could not bend me to their will decided -- this was 30 years ago -- there could be no good explanation for a pretty young girl having such abilities; meanwhile, the people who did not really want someone with this skill set around, making their schemes a bit harder to implement, were only too happy to do whatever possible to torpedo a promising little career...

Having other fish to fry, I did not care enough then to fight back; the life of the mind -- especially a good mind -- is infinitely more interesting than a Hollywood party or a mountain of money or the applause of unintelligent people, anyway.

There is a prominent executive in town who knows me from waaaay back, almost from childhood. We are great friends. He would confirm, Mel, that the fascinating capacity I have to study a puzzle, pull out a few odd pieces and rearrange them in a pattern that is suddenly obvious to everyone is indeed something that has been known about me -- and enjoyed by my friends -- for a very long time.

In other words, don't necessarily hold it against someone, even when it was in their job description, when they missed some pretty significant red flags that I come along and point out to you, or anyone else: it says less about them than it actually says about me. That's just how it is. "amba" imagined I was young, when in fact I am your age. I have been around, and while you were studying your craft, and your bodyguard was studying his -- THIS is what I have studied.

One of the reasons I am so much more comfortable in the UK than in the US is that for some reason their minds work much more like mine (and mine much more like theirs): their security people see the red flags where I see them, and as quickly (although they may not always let on); curiously, they understand me better and are not put off by the 'package' (whereas in the US I got worn out with all the stereotyping & dismissive sniffs of suspicion); they remember History (which helps A LOT needless to say); they are always interested in getting more information (never resting on their laurels) which is of course KEY in matters relating to security.

Consider how many Americans, even security or policy professionals, regard security matters. Consider the past year alone... Don't you think there are people here who have a lackadaisical approach to their own business interests even in the face of overwhelming evidence of huge risks staring them right in the face? Wouldn't you say most Americans prefer the posture of the ostrich to the habits of the falcon?

I hope you understand. At the end of the day -- and I am quite certain Mel Gibson, who has an absolutely gorgeous, brilliant intellect has fully processed (if not yet completely finished recollecting) all the crazy details of this past twelvemonth of menacing threats -- it is The Party of the First Part whose life is on the line. That is PRECISELY why said party gets to call the shots, and may pull no punches: because it is THEIR LIFE. The most basic of God-given & Constitutionally enshrined rights.

For example, I found the detail about the Panama photo extremely significant. I've been there -- many years ago. Another long story -- a crossroads, and you must remember anywhere there is an embassy, anywhere there is a port, anywhere there are spas or beaches & 'holiday destinations' no one can ever be surprised to be surrounded by anything, anyone, anytime.

It is the most natural thing in the world today -- and it makes your best weapon, your best defense, in all cases, your ability to to think clearly. Which necessarily means also one is not to get entangled with persons who disturb that thought process: on no account, for no reason.

I think you know where this is going. Are we agreed? I'll check back in tomorrow early.

1540 days ago


Marysyka, Our Lady of Fatima, as Ohreally said, is the solution. Our Lady said that Russia will spread her errors, but when your country is consecrated in a special way by a pope to her Immaculate Heart (it will be done but it will "be late"), the Golden Age of Peace will come. More trouble is prophesied to come after that but we will not be alive for it. There is strong evidence that the pope could do this soon, so pray for the Consecration to be done. The help we need is Heavenly.
I've always thought it very significant that the producer of the Passion of Christ was snared by a Russian. Her use of the emblem of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is even more significant, in that it is a diabolical mockery of Our Lady, who has the most influence over the grace we receive from Our Lord.
God will not ignore this mockery, believe me.
Posted at 8:40 AM on Aug 4, 2010 by Sammy

You say snared, you must be crazy, the word snared implied that he had no choice in the matter, what did she do to him... Drug him and rape him?

Get of your self righteous high horse, you are soo full of yourself. Who do you think you are God? You don't know what went on behind closed doors! Unless you Mel... Are you? Otherwisise, Your just a loud mouth punk. Quite using religion to bash Oksana. I'm not pro Oksana nor pro Mel, I am pro truth and you are trying to sway people to Mels camp by kidnapping religion, and you should be ashamed of that.

1540 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Mel: re: plastic surgery

Well, obviously it is all to hideous effect.

I really don't think she is the girl in the photo accompanying the KP report. All the plastic surgery serves the purpose of making it more difficult for someone to come up & say "No, you're not!" Most convenient... Lots of Sovs, esp. operatives, but also now in the new era for all kinds of reasons, loved getting all their teeth replaced nice and early in life. Partly because of the obvious cosmetic effect, etc. But also partly for reasons of professional standards for certain fields of operations, for example: to change dental records (identification) or for other reasons you can deduce.

There is a very simple way to settle the identity questions -- not that it will happen -- if there were even a strand of her hair still clinging to some hair brush: just send it off to Oxford Ancestors (see online) with a small fee & you will receive a COMPLETE description of where the person's ancestors have lived, come from & to whom they are related.

Liposuction does not alter DNA. Just fools susceptible men... and women... into imagining beauty where none exists -- by creating a distracting exterior that makes it harder to home in on the rather appalling vice of the subject. (pun intended)

Good night & sweet dreams, mon ami et mes amis.

1540 days ago


So now you are saying I am a secret Muslim in their mafia? Oy, I must put my tinfoil hat back on. I don't "want you to think" anything, just be accurate. This unfortunate event simply does not fit into your preconceived notion of a conspiracy theory, not to say it cannot be a plot launched by another org. That you work to discredit the FACTS, refuse to acknowledge that you don't have evidence, immediately began promoting Sophie's false ones, made me immediately suspicious. You came here with a canned story and refused to LISTEN. Your histories and descriptions of Russian politics and culture was fascinating but your theory does not add up and for some reason you don't care. Yes, I have a deep mistrust of Russians since the cold war, and that applies to you as well as Oksa. You paint a hopeless picture to lead people to despair, which is never the Christian way.
Marysyka, Our Lady of Fatima, as Ohreally said, is the solution. Our Lady said that Russia will spread her errors, but when your country is consecrated in a special way by a pope to her Immaculate Heart (it will be done but it will "be late"), the Golden Age of Peace will come. More trouble is prophesied to come after that but we will not be alive for it. There is strong evidence that the pope could do this soon, so pray for the Consecration to be done. The help we need is Heavenly.
I've always thought it very significant that the producer of the Passion of Christ was snared by a Russian. Her use of the emblem of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is even more significant, in that it is a diabolical mockery of Our Lady, who has the most influence over the grace we receive from Our Lord.
God will not ignore this mockery, believe me.

Posted at 8:40 AM on Aug 4, 2010 by Sammy

Get of your self righteous high horse, you are soo full of yourself. Who do you think you are God? You don't know what went on behind closed doors! Your just a loud mouth punk. Quite religion using to bash Oksana. I'm not pro Oksana nor pro Mel, I am pro truth and you are trying to sway people to Mels camp by kidnapping religion, and you should be ashamed of that.

1539 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Sammy, using the contents of revelations from miraculous visions to dismiss evidence of well-known and well-do***ented criminal behavior is not a prerogative you have been granted.

Any serious Catholic would know that.

It is you who are being presumptuous here.

A much higher, unimpeachable & universally recognized authority has stated: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that which is God's."

In this simple teaching is contained all that true Christians believe about the side-by-side immanence (immanence in the sense of continuous active & palpable presence) of Temporal Powers on Earth who are allowed & indeed sustained by the Providential Sovereignty of Divine Spiritual Kingship.

In other words, the Fatima prophecies, and any others, relate to human beings' spiritual condition & warning them about what was bout to come: WW1, the collapse of five empires (four in Europe alone), death & destruction on a scale never before seen, the rise of militant atheism and the return of religious persecutions & extermination campaigns, WW2, the Killing Fields that ensued in the post-WW2 period.

The "errors of Russia" to which you allude -- based on just one authorized "translation" of the record of the visions (and translations can always be tinkered with, leading, amongst other things, to schisms & discord) -- have nothing to do with Mel Gibson in 2010 or 2005. They have to do with the biggest error Russia was right then about to command: the rejection of God, the rise of militant murderous atheism, the transformation of civilized Europeans (which is what the Russians were at the time of the visions) into Homo Sovieticus, that Bulgakov so beautifully encapsulated in his story about the ordinary man into whom a scientist experimentally transplants the heart of a dog -- and all that follows from that experiment.

The "errors of Russia" had nothing to do with the fact that Russian Orthodox people make the sign of the cross slightly differently, adhere to the pre-Gregorian calendar (that was the civil calendar when Jesus lived), or do not have the same categorical views on preventing conception that the Holy See imposes (without actually having married priests who would understand the dynamics of married life & creating strong families & why it is indeed possible for adults who are Christians and love God & obey Him to carefully reflect upon how many offspring they may reverently create, and at what intervals? That God does not, through the bishops of the most conservative of all three branches of Authentic Christianity -- the one you call "schismatic" -- deny His children the right to use their brains and medicine to guide their procreation choices?

St. Luke was a physician. And at the time, when Jesus lived, the practice of preventing conception with the use of medicine existed, and was accepted as a normal part of life. Nowhere in the New Testament does the Lord denounce this practice, nor even comment on it.

Yet the Vatican persists in clinging to very bizarre ideas & tormenting families with guilt & shame about something that was not even controversial when Christ lived amongst us.

Which is all my roundabout way of saying that the Catholic Church today is a mess, as everyone knows. That does not in any way diminish the importance of the devotional life & Catholicism of good Christians, Mel Gibson among them.

But it does diminsih your ridiculous attempt to suggest Our Lady of Fatima was warning good Catholics to "stay away from all Russians or anything Russian" because of Her comforting words & exhortations for people everywhere to pray & lead decent lives.

Russia, specifically in its Orthodox population, remains overwhelmingly Marian. The veneration of Our Lady the Ever-Virgin Mother of the Redeemer is more intense there than just about anywhere else.

So stop raving, please. "Oksana Grigorieva" is as "Russian" as Shakira. Or you. And most emphatically she is NOT Orthodox, nor Christian in ANY sense of the word.

No "Russian Orthodox" woman would have spent all those years around Mel Gibson without ever celebrating Russian Christmas or Russian Easter or St. Alexander's Day (for her son), or her own saint's feast day, or reading the Holy Gospels in front of him, or making the sign of the cross... How often did she do this? How many holy icons did she keep at ICON.

Today, in modern Russia, you will see actual Russians (not Muslims) and even many Jewish Russians visibly displaying small paper images of the Mother of God, or the Savior, or whatever favorite saint they prefer.

How many holy images did "Russian," "Orthodox" "Oksana Grigorieva" keep in her home while she resided at addresses provided by Mel Gibson? How many did she travel with when they stayed in hotels together?

Finally, and for the last time: NO RUSSIAN WOMAN -- no ethnic Russian with actual Christian beliefs -- would have dared spend time around Timothy Dalton or Vanessa Redgrave's little orphanage for Chechen terrorists in London -- IF FOR NO OTHER REASON BUT TO AVOID HAVING HER FAMILY IN RUSSIA ENDANGERED BY BEING PUT ON SOME 'ENEMIES' LIST' BY THE PUTIN-ERA POLICE AUTHORITIES.

At the time "Oksana" appears in London and meets Dalton, hostilities between the Russian Government and the Chechen jihadists trying to tear off a piece of the Caucasus for their own private sovereign Caliphate WERE AT THEIR WORST. And if you had any knowledge of the Russian and Russian-speaking (including, for example, Kazakh, or Ukrainians and Georgians) community in London -- which of course I do and so do millions of us, and most particularly so do the UK authorities -- you would understand that anyone who chose to publicly spend time and smile & dance with these people was necessarily admitting they were comfortable with the Chechen terrorist cause.

No ethnic Russian, no Orthodox, no one with a vulnerable family back home, would do that. Russian girls are SPECIFICALLY taught to "stay away from Chechens" because they are so dangerous.

If Timothy Dalton was chums with Vanessa Redgrave at the time "Oksana" was introduced to him by Nikita -- and she had been just what she was said to be, a "Russian girl" moonlighting as a translator (although I doubt she can talk her way out of a paper bag) -- she would have looked for the next safe wealthy Briton to seduce. (Like Anna Chapman.)

The fact she was comfortable with outlaws tells you a lot.

How many Friends of Obama do you run into at Tea Party gatherings? Not many. The gulf that exists between actual Russians in London and the Zakaev circle is even bigger. It is unbridgeable, and was far more sharply drawn back in those years.

Has anyone ever asked "Oksana" what Russian church she attended in London, and who her confessor was? Because that would be pretty basic evidence.

How many

1539 days ago


OK. I have been trying to keep up with all of these posts and saying little, but Maria MoShot, I can't sit idly by any longer. Your hatred for MY HOLY MOTHER CHURCH is on your expensive sleeve and your rejection of what I hold holy (and, daresay I, much of what MEL holds holy) is beyond offensive. Your snide and prideful put-downs of those who not ONLY adhere to Apostolic Succession but ALSO accept ALL of the Church's teachings - *whole and ENTIRE* - are the true Catholics. Reject one, reject all. And by your own admission you gleefully trounce upon more than one of them. Being a "know-it-all" at the expense of acknowledging truth doesn't guarantee salvation. Some of the greatest Saints were of meager intellect. I'll go with them and remember that Satan tempted Eve with the Tree of Knowledge.

I am not going to get into a flame war with you (it goes against my FAITH to violate charity, stupid under-developed blindly-trusting, unthinking cretin that I am). I will tell you, however, BACK OFF on the igotry-bay.

I just love pig Latin, don't you? Ah, Porky. I was finally starting to laugh at his postings. Can they swap his for some of yours?

1539 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Good morning -- or afternoon, as the case may be:

Deeb, No. 933: Here's a Russian saying you should master:


Let's correct a few things:


"commend" should read "commit"

"on" should of course be "en" (in the last French)


People who cannot tell a rhetorical question from a Muslim should revisit Reading Comprehension.

No one who is fluent in English could possibly confuse anything I have written above for "hatred of the Mother Church."

FYI, deeb, a majority of serious Christians alive today, including most Catholics, do not agree with the Vatican in its blanket ban on all forms of pregnancy prevention.

Millions upon millions of Catholics have been begging for a review of the celibacy rule for priests, because for the first 1000 years of the existence of The Church, priests and even most bishops were married and had families. Monasticism -- a perfectly holy calling -- appeared in the Early Church considerably later.

True celibacy is a great virtue; however, few have that in them, and it should not be demanded when obviously there is a huge shortage of priests. The Orthodox & Anglicans -- and the Uniate branch of the Catholic church -- all have married priests, as well as monastics who elect to be celibate as a different aspect of their holy orders.

I think I have made some people nervous by suggesting it would be so easy to fool some very earnest Catholics by claiming to be "Russian Orthodox" while in fact being something else entirely -- even a secularized Muslim, and a puppet of Muslim as well as other (non-Muslim) criminal interests.

From what deeb says, it is obvious Catholics know less about the Orthodox than vice versa.

You dismiss as "bigotry" my honest & in fact very moderate reminders of trouble in the institution of the Catholic Church. Yet some of your own most respected Cardinals, and even the Holy Father himself, Pope Benedict 16, have been most outspoken about these same troubles, and even the effects of demonic temptation -- demonic attacks -- within the Christian family, including its Catholic faithful.

If you know anything about the end times, none of this would be surprising to you, and you would not be vilifying me for speaking the truth from the point of view of one who knows some things you could benefit from considering -- as the very substance of this case reveals.

Your last sentence, deeb, I will not even dignify with an answer. It implies women are merely intended to be wombs, that they were created by God to be brainless... And that of course fits neatly with Islamic doctrine. Fascinating.

1538 days ago


did you all even listen to the tapes where he (out of breath) THREATENED HER LIFE????

1537 days ago



1537 days ago


Jackie.... We all heard the tapes, you can tell that they have been altered. Check on I believe its on Good Morning America, the professionals have stated the tapes have been altered, they are not what they seem to be!!! Why do you think so many have pushed away from this woman, she has been playing everyone!!

1536 days ago


I thought this was about that skank Oksana...what does religion have to do with a lying whore?

1534 days ago

Byron Green    


1438 days ago
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