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'American Idol' Finalist -- Fury Over Hunting Show

8/3/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" finalist Kristy Lee Cook has landed right in the crosshairs of an animal rights group -- over a new reality show in which she's on the hunt for a record contract ... and animals to shoot.

While promoting her new reality/hunting show "Goin' Country," Cook -- who placed 7th on "Idol" in 2008 -- recently said, "I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it.  It's the food chain.  Animals are here for us to eat."

Obviously, the statement didn't sit well with the group In Defense of Animals, who see things a little differently ... saying, "Contrary to Kristy Lee's beliefs, animals are meant to live out their lives in peace, not to be killed for our enjoyment."

So we gotta ask ...


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Flip Gunderson    

I wonder how many of these 'animals first' group members have pets at home? But I suppose they'll say it's ok because those animals 'want' to be there, trapped inside four walls and a roof while their owner goes off somewhere. An animal is an animal - domesticated or not, it should run free without ANY retrictions or it's open season (for food that is. I'm not for sport hunting). Pick one side and follow through with it. ****ing hypocrites.

1520 days ago


Is she trying to become the Sarah Palin of music? How pathetic!

1520 days ago


I am now a Kristy Lee fan forever. She's country and hunts, damn, her husband is a lucky guy.

1520 days ago


Hunting for survival and hunting as a sport are two different things. In the old days, there were no meet factories, people did not kill thousands of animals daily for their consumption, they killed enough for the family and they lived with nature and they respected the naure. What is happening today is shameful, we harvest millions of animals and kill millions of them daily, and most of the meet end up in waste and in addition, people have taken up HUNTING as a SPORT, which is the worst kind of barbarism out there. Killing of any living being is not a SPORT. Just like humans, animals feel fear and they struggle to live, hunting an animal for the thrill of it is just disgusting and barbaric.

1520 days ago


No excessive tats, no excessive piercings,not simulating oral sex on some guy (or girl for some of you readers)not drinking or falling down or heading to rehab,not taking her cloths off in public or being part of a released sex tape or walking around with no talent but an ass the size of a small town....WTF TMZ,this is the biggest non story I've ever seen here!!

Come on... I only visit this site because the circus no longer comes to our area.

1520 days ago


PETA....i love it and i'm a member...People Eating Tasty Animals

1520 days ago


"Man" has been hunting and eating animals since the beginning of time. I am a 50 yr old woman and love to hunt. I am from the country and have grown up with hunting, whether its deer for food, or killing an animal thats eating our crops (which is our lively hood). We also trap alligators, and duck hunt and our grandkids will grow up doing the same. I don't get all the hostility.

Posted at 4:49 AM on Aug 3, 2010 by mimi


Um, Mimi (if that's your real name,) the "hostility" you claim not to get is because you, and EVERY other Redneck Hillbilly on this site, are allowed to breed, thereby making an otherwise pleasant place to be, rather unpleasant. I don't expect "ya'll" (is that how you say it?) to have an inkling of what I'm saying... I just had to put it out there....

Just an observation.....

1520 days ago


What's so wrong about hunting? People who say its a sin to hunt, its murder, etc. are all a bunch of stupid liberals who have never stepped foot in the woods. Hunting is incredibly important to the environment. If we did not hunt, we would be overrun by animals. AND, if we did not hunt, we would lose 1000s of square miles of some of the beautiful land in our country

1520 days ago


it'll be considered "fair" when you "brave" hypocrites go out there and kill these animals with your bare hands. hey, fair is fair. any takers? i didn't think so!!! you dumbasses!!

1520 days ago


Vegetarianism is a product of a SPOILED RICH society, that has the luxury to say I don't want to eat this because I have too much food available to me. Hunting has been a staple of human history and survival since the DAWN OF TIME, and people who hunt now are simply tapping into that instinct and keeping the skill alive. I'm not a hunter, but I understand the purpose of it.

You hippies and tween girl do-gooders think hunting is just walking into the woods and shooting a deer point blank in the head that's just standing there waiting for you. It's not. You have to develop the ability to read tracks, to strategize, to have incredible patience, to have a cognitive map understanding of your surroundings. If you're ancestors never developed these skills we'd all be dead right now. Haven't you ever watched a cat stalk a toy to pounce on it? Or watched your dog take his toy and shake it side to side violently (so as to kill it?) They are tapping into their hunting and killing instincts too.

So many Americans love to eat their meat, but they are in denial about where it comes from. Stop the whining and just be realistic.

1520 days ago


Hunting is fine for food. That's since the dawn of time. Hunting for Human fodder, just for the sport of it...I never agreed. Hunting is a skill most people don't have. If you are going to hunt. One shot one kill or don't hunt.

1520 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Hunting for real-life survival situtations is fine with me. Hunting for trophies and freezer meat when there are food shops a mile away from you is F'ing stupid. Also, sitting an waiting for an animal to cross your path so you can shoot it is NOT hunting. Glad I don't eat meat. Yuck!!!

1520 days ago

Team Mel    

All the mindless liberals who are against what man has been doing for 80 thousand years, do you people ever think? Your all wishing the hunters died a horrible death, but save the animals?
You people are sick in the head. Animals are mighty tasty, from cows in America, to dogs in Korea, and cats in China.

Nothing wrong with it! BEEF! It's whats for dinner!

Will order steak tonight!

1520 days ago


Mike, that Peta joke is so overused and is just not funny anymore.

1520 days ago


What the heck is the difference between hunting your own food and buying meat in the grocery store? I'd rather have meat that doesn't contain hormones and steroids. And "free range" isnt an option in the area of the country that I live in. Believe it or not, not everyone lives in a concrete jungle.

1520 days ago
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