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'American Idol' Finalist -- Fury Over Hunting Show

8/3/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" finalist Kristy Lee Cook has landed right in the crosshairs of an animal rights group -- over a new reality show in which she's on the hunt for a record contract ... and animals to shoot.

While promoting her new reality/hunting show "Goin' Country," Cook -- who placed 7th on "Idol" in 2008 -- recently said, "I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it.  It's the food chain.  Animals are here for us to eat."

Obviously, the statement didn't sit well with the group In Defense of Animals, who see things a little differently ... saying, "Contrary to Kristy Lee's beliefs, animals are meant to live out their lives in peace, not to be killed for our enjoyment."

So we gotta ask ...


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The Animal rights group appears to have misquoted her. In this brief article she says animals are killed for food, not for pleasure. I have no problem with that.

1509 days ago

J in IL    

I think what cracks me up the most about all these posts calling KLC a redneck is that 90% of you people CAN'T EVEN SPELL!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

1509 days ago


Why do so many people have a problem with hunting. How do you think people eat meat? Weather you hunt & kill it your self or the farmer/butchor kills it it's all hunting. I only get pissed about hunting when the animal in not eaten. That is what everyone should be against, hunting for fashion or throphies is wrong, hunting for food is natural.

1509 days ago

Alfredo Kuba    


1509 days ago

Alfredo Kuba    

Let's set things right! Humans are NOT carnivores or Omnivores we are primates, homosapiens, herbivores! Carnivores and omnivores eat flesh and blood raw and dicomposed or putrid I'd like to see any human do that! The patogens found on raw and rotten flesh will make any human violently ill and can even kill you. Humans do not posses any physical characteristics of predators. Humans do not posses the speed to chase any pray like predators do, humans do not posses any claws to tear flesh like predators do, humans do not posses night vision to see and hunt pray at night like predators do, humans entire dental structure is MOLAR and not carnivore, humans stomachs are alkaline for alkaline food (plants) and are not acidic like carnivores and omnivores! When you see a carcass or cadaver humans are naturally revolted because we are not carnivores or omnivores, when carnivores or omnivores see a cadaver and smell blood they naturally get hungry and crave blood and flesh, NOT HUMANS!

The irrational thinking that we are flesh eating animals is right down stupid and it is propagated by the unscrupulous meat dairy and egg industries who profit from the misery and massmurder of all life, human and non-human alike. Conservative estimates suggest that at least 80% of all disesases in humans are directly atributed to devouring animal's flesh and animal derived products. Only selfish, parasitic and psychophatic humans endulge in the devouring the dismembered body parts of mass-murdered beings.

1509 days ago


Hunters try to justify their bloodlust by talking about "eating what they kill" like it's some noble undertaking. The truth is, hunters RARELY eat what they kill. Sure, they chomp away on the deer they murder, but the vast majority of animals who are murdered by these morons are crows, woodchucks, and mourning doves, and they sure aren't eating THEM. What kind of "sport" is it to shoot high-velocity bullets or arrows at an innocent, defenseless animal? The truth is, hunting is a barbaric relic of our Neanderthal roots, and should be banned by civilized society. I wish they would declare an open season on hunters - I'd be first in line for my license....

1509 days ago

Maria Rodriguez    

Sarah Palin, Jr.?

1509 days ago


Hunters & pedophiles --
Preying on the defenseless for fun.

Posted at 3:52 PM on Aug 3, 2010 by voicefive8
Thats absolutely disgusting and totally unnecessary!

1509 days ago


You do realize that if people didnt hunt that there would be a lot more death thru diesease and starvation in the wild game population. States keep track of population and issue licences and quotas based on the population.
Hunters donate a lot of game meat to homeless shelters and to families that would ultimately "do without" during the winter months. Can you say the same?
I personally don't hunt, but I also don't open my mouth and criticize what I dont understand. Perhaps your time would be better spent doing some research.

JLS, Hunters kill cleanly and humanly. Dont even get me started on how animals are treated in slaughter houses. Yeah, think about that the next time you pick up a steak at the grocery store.

1509 days ago


Well its actually hilarious because you say go to a grocery store...? Well honey where do you think that meat comes from? a vegetable? Sorry they are way more cruel to animals going to slaughter homes then shooting a wild animal in the woods.! Its people like you who wouldn't survive in the olden days, and actually I don't think she is hunting to kill MORON, more like putting food on her table, and her families, people who don't appreciate money wouldn't understand that! Oh, and BTW if she didn't kill them one of your other furry friends will! Except its way more painful and actually being chased by a predator, and ripped to shreds... Or maybe we can just put theto slaughter houses like they do cattle, and pigs... You are probably oblivious to how they do it anyways, did you know sometimes they SKIN THEM ALIVE! They watch their other pals DIE right in front of them stand in line and their next sorry sweet heart but if I knew I was feeding families and had a quick dealth thanks but ill take that route!

1509 days ago

ina pow    

Her exterior is pretty, but her soul is warped. What is inside will reflect on the outside as she ages. She will be an ugly old brod someday. Bloodlust like hers does not go unrewarded by the universe. She is not hunting for survival. She is hunting because it thrills her to kill the defenseless.

1509 days ago


Happiness is a warm pile of guts... LOL! F#%* all u leaf chewing hippies I luv me a nice bloody ELK tender loin!!! Redneck/hillbilly whatever u wanna call a meat eater (me) I would rather b stereotyped as redneck hillbilly then a leaf chewing tree hugging hippie!

1509 days ago


wow what a dumb **** she is.

hunting for sport is disgusting and should be illegal, its retarded and barbaric and there is no need for it.

we have domesticated animals that we breed for consumption, we dont need to be out in the wild.

1509 days ago


I see a lot of misinformed opinions regarding hunting, and people putting down Kristy just because she does so. For all of you posting bad comments about Kristy, I dare you to watch this show and see that it is not just about her hunting (and that all the meat goes to feed those in need by the way), but also about her love for animals (she runs a non-profit horse foundation that saves injured horses from slaughter), and helps kids learn to love the animals and the healing power they can bring. She also does charity work to help others in need. She is also a wonderful recording artist as well, and that is also part of what this show is about. I don't know Kristy personally, but she defintely seems to be a kind and caring person from what I have observed and heard about her.

Anyway, here are a couple of links regarding hunting, and some answers to many of the misinformed opinions I have seen.

1509 days ago


Eek. Based on the voting results...I'm going to assume that most of your readers probably don't have teeth...or an education. Hunting is white trash. Hunting hurts sentient beings. Well, maybe you should start marketing to the larger LA, NYC, Portland, DC, etc...people actually go to school there! Incidentally, they are thinner, liberal, and generally pleasant people.

1509 days ago
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