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Lindsay Lohan -- Back in Marlboro Country

8/3/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After 14 days of clean living, Lindsay Lohan's lungs could be working overtime again -- because TMZ has learned that unlike her jail, the UCLA rehab facility allows patients to smoke cigarettes during their stay ... but there's a catch.

Lindsay Lohan Smoking
As we previously reported, Lohan was on a mandatory smoke break during her time in the clink -- and multiple sources connected to the actress were worried that she would have a tough time coping without her daily nicotine fix.

But we've learned UCLA allows rehab patients to smoke in a designated smoking area ... as long as they have their physician's consent.

We're not sure if LiLo has fired up a ciggie since she was released from custody ... but as long as she's working on kicking bad habits, it might not be a bad time to give it up.


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TMZ HAS LEARNED... to hell with TMZ and their ridiculous who gives a crap stories. Maybe one story every two days excites me so I check back in hopes something hilarious gets reported but WHAT DO U EXPECT FROM HER? After all she's been through u mean to tell me if u weren't in her shoes u wouldn't smoke a cig, do a line, do a j OR SOMETHING? She's HUMAN being treated like she's not human.

1542 days ago


Malboros are cheaper.

1542 days ago


Having several family members who are heavy smokers, I can attest that giving up smoking is far easier said then done. Even if Lindsay manages to kick her other addictions, it's not too likely that she'll give up on smoking unless her physician dosen't allow it, which i'm hoping will be the case as all that chain-smoking is causing her health and appearance to slowly deteriorate, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to her to end up getting lung-cancer like my great-grandfather did, i'm praying for ya Linds! I hope you can overcome your addictions and prove all those haters wrong!

1542 days ago


She's a loser. No one in LA wants her. Send her back to Staten Island STAT or whatever rock she crawled from.

1542 days ago


It is ABSURD people were "concerned" that she wouldn't be able to cope because she couldn't smoke in jail. How the eff do you think everyone else does it?
Stop being delusional.

1542 days ago

Gloria Unread    

When people quit drinking or doing drugs, it's common for them to start smoking more. Geeze, give her a break. You gotta take it one step at a time!

I hate how people seem to treat smoking like it's the worst thing in the world, but seem to have no problem with alcohol. Between the two, alcoholics are far more annoying and destructive to be around than smokers. Not that smoking isn't bad, but it's the hypocrisy of hating cigarettes but loving alcohol that seems so backwards.

#1 perectuse - If you're worried about women dating you because they're only interested in your money, maybe you shouldn't be advertising yourself on a website designed solely to meet 'wealthy singles.' (I'm aware they're probably just a spammer, but I honestly have nothing better to do...) Actually, you should go in the other direction and tell them you *don't* have money, then you'll know for sure if they're really into you.

1542 days ago


Isn't nicotine an addiction? I guess they are only treating certain addictions in rehab.

1542 days ago


She would be better off without cigarettes. More healthy. Her lungs would be grateful.

1542 days ago


Wonder if she has access to the internet?
she needs to hook up with tiger woods,now that would be a match made in heaven

1542 days ago


nicotine is more addictive than cocaine.

1542 days ago


looks like she is smoking a joint..they let you do that in jail??

1542 days ago


Unbelievable! Don't know why she wants to destroy her face. Her new lips look ridiculous and her forehead is full of wrinkles. (She obviously doesn't believe in moisturizer.) With the smoking, she'll have cigarette lines above her mouth before long. That'll end her movie career for sure and we won't have to hear about this loser any more. Yay!

1542 days ago


Whatever physician gives consent should be fired and banned from practicing medicine for doing harm to his/her patient.

1542 days ago


tmz you should be ashamed of yourself. "we have learned lilo can smoke cigarettes in rehab" really? you had to learn that you can smoke cigarettes in rehab? i'm sorry but that is common knowledge. everyone knows that. you might as well write that tmz has learned lilo can't do drugs in rehab.

1542 days ago
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