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Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail

8/2/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been released from Lynwood Correctional Facility after serving 14 days behind bars.


A spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department told photogs gathered outside Lynwood that Lindsay was released at about 1:35 AM. She was taken to UCLA Medical Center to begin her rehab treatment.



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Isn't it funny that her attorney said today that she would be released today, photogs were even gathered outside waiting. How did they know? Because this 11 days or whatever it was, was completely agreed upon when she went in with that dirty sheriff. Isn't it the same one that had $$$$$ ties to Paris Hilton's family, which was why he released her when he wasn't allowed to, and the reason she got sent back, crying in the back of the police car? He seems to like doing special favors for celebs.

1510 days ago


I wonder if Papa Lohan has moved in for the kill yet?!

From the looks of Sam Ronson the other day, they're prolly going to split a rock immediately.....toxic

1510 days ago

Peter Sc    

It is inhumane not to let her meet her family before she is sent to treatment which is basically as waste of money when she doesn't meet requirement number one for being in a rehab, which is that a person in rehab needs to acknowledge that there is something to treat.

She will end up like Frances Farmer destroyed by the medical industry which has not evolved since the 1950's and the court system.

If emotional death sentence is the right punishment for DUI then it must be so. We are some who think that the right punishment for DUI is a fine, prison or community service and lifelong ban from driving.

1510 days ago


14 days or less will not teach this train wreck a lesson. My daughter used to love Lindsay and now she is just disgusted. It is was my child or yours they would serve the entire 90 plus rehab. Some celebs get off way to easy.

1510 days ago


Ah, a little freedom for a few moments.

1510 days ago

RJ Hunt    

I told ya she would be out in less that 2 weeks...

1510 days ago


That's bull and the Judge needs to go to jail for letting the piece of trash out. This goes to show ya, you can get anything when your famous or just trash famous! I hope she gets behind the wheel and drives right off a cliff!

1510 days ago


There is nothing
She was allowed to leave through an entrance at the back and 10 minutes after she was released the sheriff announced she had been released.

1510 days ago


so pathetic.
she should've been made to do the full time.
i doubt she'll walk away, even after rehab, having learned anything from this.

the entire lohan family is a national disgrace. [2]

1510 days ago


What was the point in giving her 90 days if she only served 14 days. This is just insane. 14 days has taught her anything. She needs to serve the whole 90 days. If it were an average person then they would have gotten more time and told they to serve it all.
As far as inhumane no it is not inhumane to go straight to rehab.
Again if it is were an average everyday person this would not be an issue.

1510 days ago


See....crime does pay in California. No wonder that state is considered to be the home of the Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes.

1510 days ago


Comparing Francis Farmer to LiLo is an insult & very unfair. Farmer was dragged around like a rag-doll, terrible tragedy she had to endure. Torture.

LiLo freely decided to push mistakes she could have easily avoided by just getting her punishment at the time finished and done with. Instead she chose this [careless, reckless, im the center of the world attitude], anyone with half a brain knows if you do the crime, and get caught with little to no regards towards the completion of a program they Will get you for it. SoCalif is tough on DUIs trust me. She got off Easy, and the rehab, as others said seems like a joke (for her).. Like Paris Hilton and others, they'll say anything at first, maybe for a little while, then the relapse happends and they're off again - Unless they Really Want to change & get sober/psychiatric help, and take it seriously, it's a waste.

1510 days ago


The judge gave her 90 days so she would serve as close to 30 as possible. People would be moaning a lot more if she served like 3 or 5 or something out of 30.

1510 days ago


she'll be back

1510 days ago

king farouk    

too bad for her parents they cant blow any more of her loot.

1510 days ago
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