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Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail

8/2/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been released from Lynwood Correctional Facility after serving 14 days behind bars.


A spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department told photogs gathered outside Lynwood that Lindsay was released at about 1:35 AM. She was taken to UCLA Medical Center to begin her rehab treatment.



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LL served 14 dats for a 90 day sentence. Why did the judge let her get away with it. The judge could make her serve the full sentence. Perhaps attornry/drugrehaber shapiro made a deal on her behalf since she was in there before jail. Bottom line.....she will never change until they come for her in the black coroners bag. She wants to party, period. Once she gets out of rehab she will take off where she ended. Her bottom will be 6 feet....sorry you are such a loser LL you just can not live life on lives terms and you always blame it on others. My parents were no poster pin ups and I am sober and able to work with no drugs.

1540 days ago


She doesn't have a problem. Just ask that stupid gravy training bitch that is her mother. Lindsay makes every other messed up celebrity look normal.

1540 days ago


First of all taking a tough stance by the judge and then letting her go is a sham . This isn't helping this girl because now she nows yet again there are no REAl conquences for her bad behavior. Rehab is a joke. She'll do what she has to to get by then start the drugs again. The only thig that will stop this dysfunctional person is to stop her and not for 14 days. she needs help but unfortunatly she has a lot of money to allow her to walk . Her father and mother should be on restraining orders and she should have a controller who can hold the leash They are toxic. DEB

1540 days ago


Who gives a tinker bell f@%k about that dip? Bunch of dumb asses thinking she is "cool" or anything. She is an idiot, just like the rest of you that think she deserves better than any of you poor slobs. If it had been you, do you think you would be let out early.........for any reason? Stupidity at its best. Bunch of candidates for Darwin's Theory of Reverse Evolution.

1540 days ago


Yep, alot of people called it. She's out early. was hoping she would stick it out more than 30 days. Boy, was I wrong. and TMZ still using repeat pictures. where are the updates and where are tha head to toe shots. always that close up of her face one. grant it, I still admire Lindsey, but please, better pictures.

1540 days ago


Okay can the media stop glorifying useless celebrities including:

The hardcore prisoner that just got out
Mel and Oksana
Jon and Kate
Snooki and the rest of the losers of "Jersey Shore"

No wonder other countried laugh at us. Look what our culture glorifies!

1540 days ago


Why is she still news?????? Aren't any actors doing anything good????? Enough is enough and this is too much of LL!!!!

1540 days ago


what a crying shame,ninety days and only spent ten,a mockery at the system,but wait only for the rich... god is the greatest judge of all,lindsay take heed.

1540 days ago

Ross Klatte    

Why is LiLo using crystal meth? Can't she afford the good stuff?

1540 days ago


Why bother. I mean really? Why even bother will spending all of the tax payers money on a trial when she was only there 2 weeks. And do you think she won't be back? How long will she be in rehab? One day. What a joke.

1540 days ago


Unless she has an epiphany all of sudden nothing is going to help her. Either she is going to wake up and take charge of her life, or she is going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line!

1540 days ago

Sally G    

Obviously, a sentence is only a true sentence for the poor and nonwhite; disgusting (I am white myself). However, I am glad that she went directly to rehab, not to spend time with her family first, despite her lawyer’s plaints reported here earlier; at least influence doesn’t stretch that far. Still, rehab will be useless for her unless she is ready to clean herself up. For her own sake, I hope she is. And as short as the time she spent in jail, the fact that she was forced to go despite her earlier defiance is some comfort, cold though it may be.

1540 days ago


You are telling me this is justice, less than 2 weeks. What a joke?????????????? I am sick of these celeb getting a free pass, everything is about REHAB

1540 days ago



1540 days ago


Well, like most rich people that have too much free time on their hands and Nothing to do..

It's tough being rich and not knowing what to do with your life

1540 days ago
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