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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehab Is No Free Ride

8/2/2010 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, some good news for California taxpayers -- they don't have to pay for Lindsay Lohan's 90-day rehab stint at UCLA, even though it's court ordered.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab - UCLA
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ it is standard practice for the offender to foot the rehab bill -- which in Lindsay's case could be pretty pricey.

We're told since UCLA Medical Center offers a more comprehensive program, it's more expensive than your average rehab facility.

The cost isn't necessarily all out-of-pocket for LiLo -- it's possible her health insurance could pick up a portion of the tab. 


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@ madeline: " I have never heard of a judge forcing the resident to pay for rehab without giving that resident options of treatment centers available".

Now you have.

1490 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

listen up pro spend all time in jail idiots:

she is spending no more or less time then any other person.
actually she is spending more then most for the crime?? god forbid probation infraction.

and LiLo should pay her bill at UCLA, she has health insurance, use if she can why not.

those of you who scream unfair go to jail and right to rehab. see how you ****ers do?!!

Wow Ginny...what we do get your skidmark panties in a bunch///Lindsay is a whore a useless s***bag and by the way of your rants too must be a skidmark retard...the only motherf88kers here are you and your braindead azz!
she has used many chances sure and the yappers have not, leave her alone. let her do rehab.

LA native, you disgust me! pimp!!

1490 days ago


Somehow, Britney got straightened out!! Hope Lindsay will get better as well.

1490 days ago

JVM Fan    

There is a show that is breaking something new on the LILO case--"Issues" is going to be on in about an hour and has new information.

1490 days ago

LA Native    

@48 Neither of....
Wow Ginny...what we do get your skidmark panties in a bunch

was wondering what I said to get this remark myself....*scratches head*

Never been called a pimp before....hahaha

1490 days ago


La Native...That`s one angry SOB

1490 days ago


to Mike .... Do you really think I am judging you by telling you to get a life? If that is the only judgement you will receive in this world than I would truly be grateful if I was you.

You are in recovery and that is a good thing. I know your god is helping you as you say. Only you know what is right for you.

There is a lot Jesus Christ has to offer people if they would just take the time to study His word and then apply it to their lives. However, this is a "want to" not "have to" decision. No one can force you to read the owner's manual to your new car. Most of us turn to it after something is broken or we can not figure out how to turn this on or that on. Kinda how we look at the Bible and God. Who needs Him or it when things are somewhat running smoothly? However, hit that ditch in the road or not have your life fire on all cylinders than it maybe time to hit the good Book. We always seem to turn to God last. However, one thing is certain.... He is always there. And praise Him for that. Hope LL gets on-board before she falls into a deeper pit and can not get herself out. However, I know Someone who will be there for her... and you ... and me and anyone who will call upon the name of Jesus. It is just a matter of time. We can only run on our strenght for so long.

Ernie... I thought good Christians did not judge others. You talk the talk but don`t walk the talk. Typical.

Posted at 1:57 PM on Aug 2, 2010 by Mike

1490 days ago


@ madeline

I agree completely but since October this judge hasn't handled any of this case correctly. She is clearly taking a special interest she delayed her own vacation for a hearing to impose the bail conditions which the whole world was aware of what they were and she could have got a stand in to do it.
There was no reason for rehab i would have took the 180 days of jail (serving 1 month) over serving 3 months of rehab.
Wheres the admissable evidence that justifies the 90 days in rehab?
They had to provide evidence of her violating her probation by not attending the classes such as the Right On letters and reports.
Yet there is evidence to support that she was clean and sober and didn't incur any probation violations in regards to drugs or alcohol but the judge mandates 90 days in rehab.
Not to mention how many times she has changed her mind you've got 2 days to report, make that 1 and when she is serving the last weekend of her sentence in jail shes changes it to 0.
Then she ignores the doctors recommendations and takes the advice of a probation officer. A few days later on the day of Lindsay's release she changes it back to a recommended facility.

1490 days ago


what a beauty simply put.........STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1490 days ago


Can the orange jumpsuit that she wore in the slammer be auctioned off to raise money for a worthy cause?

1490 days ago

LA me    

Oh Gawd....It's the Spot/Madeline/Nicole Loserhan family tag team again!!

Nicole/Dina....enough with the hysterics!! Everytime you go off in a frenzy about "harsh" and "catastrophic" treatment for Lindsay you fuel Lindsay's hysterics about this. Please just let the UCLA program try to do what is their job without your input. Lindsay does not need your enabling right now. She needs to heal. STFU and let this happen. Unless you REALLY want your gravy train to die.

1490 days ago


Nicole .. that is why she is a judge. She has the abilitiy and the right to adjust her rulings as she see fit. The defense and state attorneys can question the ruling but a judge is the one who decides everything in a case. What we all don't know is what exactly goes on behind those closed doors. Judge's are suppose to be fair. However, push one enough and the system they represent (us) then look out! Hello Lindsay Lohan. How deep did you dig your ditch? Who gets the final word? Society. Not mommy nor daddy nor Sammy nor your acting career. Society gets the final word .. You break the law... you pay. Simple as 123, xyz.... no one is immune from the long arm of the law. I bet LL is learning a lot right about now... as well as her family... and friends. 90 days is tick slowly in UCLA... especially when you can not hide behind Dina the enabler .. or blame your father who only wants to see her get better. Welcome to the real world, Ms. Lohan. Come on in... the water is fine.

1490 days ago


Some free advise for Dina Lohan. Please ... do your entire family a favor and get yourself into some kind of treatment program while your daughter is healing. Both you and your ex-husband have caused your fair share of harm. Why not both of you get together for some healing? You both are sounding like complete idiots. I am .. how long do you want to blame each other?? DO SOMETHING to fix this. You have the chance now ... bury the hacket ...forgive each other ... By blaming Michael does not let you off the hook for your foolishness. Everyone knows you like to drink.... you ex calls you a drunk. Well... are you? Doesn't your daughter's confinement say anything to you? Things well never "fine" in her life. Both of you were only kidding yourselves until society had to step in and take authority before it was too late and your daughter died. WAKE UP, Dina. This is very serious. More serious than you will ever know. Now is not the time to knit-pic anything. But to search your heart ... dig real deep .. and come to some sort of understanding in how you need to clean up your act. It stinks. You don't like people to push your buttons. You act like you are Mrs. Perfect ... and deep inside you are hurting so bad you have to drink to try to kill the feeling. However, you wake up the next day to the same old troubles. Cry out to God ... try it. Maybe He is trying to tell you something.

1489 days ago



you are such an ass...

whore, pimp leave LiLo alone.

1489 days ago


Are you kidding me? No wonder Cal is broke! the best rehab for her trifling self is 90 days in county lock up.

1489 days ago
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