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Mel Gibson Case

Headed to D.A.'s Office

8/9/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department will turn the Mel Gibson domestic violence case over to prosecutors in 2 weeks.

L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ investigators are "nearing the end of the investigation," adding, "The goal is turning the case over two weeks from today."

We're told all of the interviews -- including those of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- have been completed and the Department is waiting to receive certain documentation.

Whitmore says the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has had "extensive involvement" during the investigation so the D.A. will not be in for any big surprises when the case is referred.

  Whitmore says his Department will not make any recommendations as to whether Gibson should be charged with any crime.  The investigation centers on three possible crimes -- domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment.


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...and in the future Mel: Don't call, don't e-mail, don't
meet them at their abode, meet them in a public place, and
protect yourself for God's sake, and ours.

1513 days ago


Michael, you're an idiot.

1513 days ago


We know Steve Cooley takes the side of every rich abusive celebrity. Maybe he'll kick this case down to the City Attorney, like he did for a famous child pornography collector.

1513 days ago


Lots of parallels between Nicole and Oksana:

Both had children by allegedly accused which tends to extend the relationship.

Both alleged abusers appear to have been prone to anger and jealousy

Both first wives said there was no abuse. OJ's first wife testified there was no abuse. By Team Mel's logic, based on that testimony, Nicole wasn't abused. Just as Robyn said she wasn't abused.

Both forgave their abusers or continued the relationship after altercations, likely because of the children.

Both had witnesses to the abuse or the aftermath.

With Nicole, she did not go public. She kept it a secret. And that secrecy may have resulted in her death. By keeping it a secret, there was no reputation associated with the possible result. So Nicole's secrecy only empowered the abuser.

Oksana did not go public at first. But after the first altercation, she appears to have recorded the calls following the second one. She ended the relationship some time after and regardless of how those calls became public (no one really knows for sure) those calls are her protection. Oksana was smart and brave to make those calls. Nicole should have done the same.

Nicole's willingness not to make the abuse public knowledge likely resulted in her death. You believe Nicole because she is dead.

Oksana may sound differently on the phone than Nicole but by then, Nicole was angry and weary. Oksana sounds calm like a person that is trying to keep the other person calm. Like a person that doesn't want to say the wrong thing to make the person scream more. Nicole sounds like a person keeping her voice as calm and monotone as possible in an effort not to enrage the other person. That's what I hear.

Mel seems thrilled when she finally gets angry. He wants to fight. When he says "ooooh now you're getting angry!" he seems to be happy to have gotten what he wanted, someone to fight with him. She says he needs medication. She probably really means that and while I'm no doctor, I would guess that is true.

1513 days ago




1513 days ago


Is a about time, he should be penalized. There are two legal systems in this country, one for the rich and famous and another for the average and poor.

She was smart to tape him, otherwise no one in law enforcement or in any court would believe her.

Women should run away, from anyone that is violent with them or is emotionally abusive, because the most important thing is her life and her child.

Posted at 1:10 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by Gayle

I think EVERYONE would have believed her that Mel ranted at her and called her names, which is ALL the tapes prove.

She didn't run away!! THAT'S why her story stinks.

1513 days ago



It's funny, AGAIN, that you call me an idiot when you are unaware of my background and experience in this kind of situation!

Maybe you should find out things BEFORE you jump on your HIGH HORSE and ride away!

1513 days ago


Anon, you're an idiot!!! Nicole & OJ were married and married for a long time. The abuse started fast. Back then, lots of women didn't come forward, but she did go to the doctor. There are recorded messages of NIcole speaking to the police and asking them to come, you can hear OJ throwing things and threatening her. This was 16 years ago. How dare you bring it up when it's not relevant. There are no common threads between these two. The fact that you can even say that just proves how moronic you really are.

1513 days ago


What it comes down to is Mel is a grown man and is responsible for his actions. So is Oksana. I support the truth and hope both are punished if found guilty. but on a personal note:would love to see them make an example out of Mel. I don't care what the cir***stances are-there is NO EXCUSE for hitting a woman. PERIOD

1513 days ago


It goes both ways, TAMMY! He could've run away too! Thanks for the voice of reason, ANON!

1513 days ago

Paula Schultze    

Tiffany, thank you for calling me "an idiot". However, I have considered the facts and evidence on both sides. Mel's side claimed (before the tapes ever were released) that Oksana threw herself on the ground in a temper tantrum on Jan. 6th, then went into the house and began shaking a 2 month which time he intervened, a struggle ensued and he took the baby from her. There were witnesses. Oksana claimed that on Jan. 6th Mel gave her black eyes, broken veneers, a concussion and hit his baby. So, is it possible she broke her teeth by throwing herself on the ground in a temper tantrum? YES! Is it possible that she hit her head in the process? YES! Is it possible she never had a black eye, or she would have brought it up during the mediation when the tapes came out? YES! It could be an old photo for all we know of something that happened long ago. You may think I'm an idiot, but I've served on juries and I think you have to weigh the evidence on both sides before convicting someone. That's the way the justice system in our country works. You can't just accuse someone, you have to be able to prove it. She never called police, never went to a hospital, and all Mel said was "Did you get your teeth fixed yet?" NOT "I'm so sorry honey that I broke your teeth...I'll take care of the baby while you go get them fixed." Her story has lots of holes.

1513 days ago


MICHAEL- I think it's funny I called you an idiot too! I guess I'll just call you a moron if it makes you feel better. I don't need to know your background! Uneducated comments call for educated critisism!

1513 days ago


Nicole did not call the police the first time or even the second. Does that mean the first few attacks didn't happen?

And OJ's first wife testified that she was never abused. Does that mean it never happened?

If Nicole had recorded the threats and made them public, would the result have been the same with the public knowing who the likely perpetrator could be?

If Nicole had recorded the threats and made them public, would all the OJ fans have been attacking her and saying OJ was a hero with a long history of accomplishment, his first wife said he never did anything to her, his previous children didn't complain, therefore Nicole was lying? I believe yes.

1513 days ago


Nicole sounds angry and weary?

Ok, I suppose so, between the sobbing and asking for police to get there.

In any event, the recordings Miss Oksana made have been doctored and aren't exactly considered credible evidence.

And yes, absolutely Miss Oksana has the right to take pictures and seek medical care! She went to see an internist with complaints consistent with a concussion resulting from a blow struck by Mr. Mel. She says she told the MD this.

So what does this doctor do? Orders an x-ray. Huh? A CAT or MRI would have been the appropriate measure. Does he then, as required by law, report this injury to police? No, he doesn't. He risks his professional license because Miss Oksana asked him not to tell.


Well, we'll see what the D.A. has to say. That's the only really important opinion.

1513 days ago


Don't know about anyone else out there, but the lectures from some of these posters instructing us on what we must think is getting very b-o-r-i-n-g. The day I need instructions on what to think or say has not happened yet.

Remember folks, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. TEAM TRUTH.

1513 days ago
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