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Mel Gibson Case

Headed to D.A.'s Office

8/9/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department will turn the Mel Gibson domestic violence case over to prosecutors in 2 weeks.

L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ investigators are "nearing the end of the investigation," adding, "The goal is turning the case over two weeks from today."

We're told all of the interviews -- including those of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- have been completed and the Department is waiting to receive certain documentation.

Whitmore says the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has had "extensive involvement" during the investigation so the D.A. will not be in for any big surprises when the case is referred.

  Whitmore says his Department will not make any recommendations as to whether Gibson should be charged with any crime.  The investigation centers on three possible crimes -- domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment.


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Paula, I was willing to give you the benefit of doubt! Now i'll just lump you in with Michael!

1503 days ago

Paula Schultze    

I will ignore your comments, and thank God we are all entitled to voice our opinions.

1503 days ago


Crazymom -

Dang it! I had found this perfectly lovely picture for you. A slew of bodyguards with BIG swrods, and bows and axes and all that good stuff. Done by fantasy artist Larry Elmore.

And I lost the blasted link. So, erm, just use your imagination. =D

1503 days ago


swords* even

1503 days ago



You are correct, your UNEDUCATED comments do call for some of my EDUCATED criticism!

This by the way is coming from an educated person with 15 years of working as a social worker and crisis counselor. I have dealt with hundreds of men, women and children who are going through an extreme amount of h3ll!

And when I have to deal with them, I look at ALL of the information I have available. Not just one side of the story. Because if I did, the wrong person might get hurt in the end.

Again, maybe you should consider that before making your judgements.

Just a thought.

1503 days ago


Paula -

Ain't it nice to be in good company? =D

1503 days ago


paula, I love that you say you'll ignore my comments, and then write a paragraph trying to justify your position! Oh, please. Get a grip. We ARE entitled to our opinion and freedom of speech. So I have the freedom to say AGAIN, you're an idiot.

1503 days ago


Michael, with all due respect, if you are in Social Services, considering the lack of equality between the two sides that you have displayed in your posts, the lack of objectivity shown, it does not reflect well. I hope it's an aberration.

1503 days ago


I think dating a celebrity makes one prone to feel you must keep their actions secret, even when you are the victim.

Remember, Rihanna did not at first want to press charges.

Charlie Sheen's wife did not want to press charges.

Nicole never went public with what was going on with OJ.

So am I surprised that Oksana asked not to make Mel's actions public? Not a bit. Whether that was correct on the doctor's part doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Oksana does not deserve to be attacked because she made the threats public, whether directly or by someone in the court secretly making them public. She deserves to be heard and that is fair. And people should not fear making abuse public because they think they will be made to be the bad guy.

1503 days ago


paula, I love that you say you'll ignore my comments, and then write a paragraph trying to justify your position! Oh, please. Get a grip. We ARE entitled to our opinion and freedom of speech. So I have the freedom to say AGAIN, you're an idiot.

Posted at 1:48 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by tiffany

You certainly do, Tiffany!

You go right ahead and call all the names you want.

That's showing 'em!

1503 days ago


Anon - you are comparing apples to oranges -
It is precisely because of Oksana's actions that her "story" has become unbelieveable -

She speaks and says "All the tapes are made in one night" - as they were phone conversations why are the tapes doctored? Why are whole conversations not heard?

But the biggest why is this - Why would a woman who "feared for her life" continue a relationship for another 5-6 months going to red carpet events with the abuser if she was afraid of him? Or afraid for the safety of her child?

The answer to me is "She was NOT afraid of him harming either of them." What stopped her from saying "Mel I will not be spoken to in this manner and HANG UP THE PHONE!"

If he called back and threatened to drive the 30 miles to get to her she could say "Mel if you come here I will call the police"

Mel broke up with her - not the other way around - he agreed to let her live in his house - but not to give her the house - he agreed to pay support for Lucia -

So why - now 6 months AFTER the affair was over - after the mediation was done - WHY CAUSE THIS MEDIA STORM NOW????

Her actions are NOT those of an abused woman - they are those of an extortionist!

1503 days ago

Paula Schultze    

Why not stick to the story Tiff? You are entitled to your is everyone else here. No big deal. I'm simply stating the facts of the case, as they have been presented to the world IN TABLOIDS! Not a court of law, by the way.

1503 days ago


Michael, Again, I don't care about your background or lack of education. And since it seems to matter to you, I have 20 years in Law Enforcment (deputy sheriff) so I know about the system as well. Shame on you for turning your back on your profession! You should know better!

1503 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ MIchael/ post #61 & Shell I AM in Hollywood and know something about power players, so stop embarassing yourself. And I am on team Mel!!!
Michael, go read Hollywood Reporter or Variety to get an idea who are power players. The same for you, shell

1503 days ago



Just so you know, there are three people on here with the by line of Michael.

As for me, I am showing a position of common sense. One of seeing the evidence and making the decision based on that.

Based on the evidence I have seen played out here in the media, which of course is spun for the sake of ratings, I believe there are inconsistancies in Oksana's stories. Which she has many of.

So, you are basing you opinions on your personal issues of your past it sounds like. I am basing mine on reason, view and evidence.

We all can have our own opinions. But again, I am on TEAM TRUTH! Not Mel or Oksana's side.

1503 days ago
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