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Go Daddy Sued for $100 Mil for Aiding MJ Casino

8/3/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A $100 million war has erupted over the unauthorized Michael Jackson online casino -- and now could be on the hook for allowing the casino owner to register the site with them.

GoDaddy Lawsuit - Michael Jackson Casino

The man behind the lawsuit is Howard Mann -- who claims he owns the copyright to the photos featured on ... an online gambling site created by a person who's managed to conceal his or her identity.

But in a lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in Los Angeles, Mann claims the mystery owner registered the site through -- so now, he's also suing both the mystery owner and Go Daddy for playing "host" to the "illegal website."

Mann tells us by suing Go Daddy, he hopes to "flush out the name of the person" who owns

In the meantime -- Mann tells us he wants more than $100 million in damages from both Go Daddy and the casino owner.

A rep for Go Daddy tells us, "While we have not seen the lawsuit, if we are named, Go Daddy plans to vigorously defend itself." The rep adds, "When customers are involved in a legal dispute, Go Daddy complies with court orders."


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It's kind of crazy to expect companies to check copyright laws before issuing a website domain. Does this mean they'll have to do background checks before allowing a domain to be bought? I just can't imagine that.

1508 days ago


all i have to say is r.i.p to michael jackson.These days good people are hard to fine and bad people are lurkin around and all they care about is MONEY!!

1508 days ago


I miss MJ Sooo Much still:(
Love you Mike.

1508 days ago


How is it possible that Howard Mann - of all people - is suing?
It is not the MJ Estate that should be suing? They all make me sick! :-C

1508 days ago


The better question is how many times will Danica Patrick have to expose herself on television to pay for GoDaddy's legal bill on this one. Just another reason we need to adopt the UK's way of doing things. Bring somebody to court for no good reason and you pay their legal bills after it's over.

1508 days ago


that websait looks cheap and doggy ..

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1508 days ago


for members of JACKSON FAMILY i will do it for free ..

1508 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

The fact is the company is claiming Michael Jackson is bringing you a service and using his images without consent of the Jackson estate, of course it's subject to a legal fight!

1508 days ago


you must be kidding. 100 mil. in damages. what kind of damages? i think michael jackson did enough damage to himself and his career when he was alive. can the news just end the michael jackson stories..there getting old as dirt.

1508 days ago


that websait looks cheap and doggy ..
for 10 000 $ i HACK this casino in 30 min and i take it oFF the AIR in no time ... just let me now if some one intresting on
Posted at 2:39 AM on Aug 3, 2010 by VOVA

14..for members of JACKSON FAMILY i will do it for free ..
Posted at 2:44 AM on Aug 3, 2010 by VOVA


1508 days ago


im sure katherine has something to do with this

1508 days ago


Howard Mann is porno s*** and he should not have rights to anything MJ. . Why Katherine is doing business with this pig is beyond me. Oh, yeah, Michael was and still is always about the money!! Sad really, even in death he has no peace.

1508 days ago


Now who in the sam hell do you think would be the "mystery" owner of

1508 days ago


Good, i hope as many people make money off MJ as possible. Almost anybody would deserve it more than that sick freak.

1508 days ago


To all advertising hackers: Not denying your ability to, but if you really could have done it, wouldn't it have been done already?

Seems like a perfect way to prove your l33t 5k1ll5, eh?

1508 days ago
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