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Michael Lohan Sucks the Life Out of Another Blonde

8/2/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While his daughter Lindsay Lohan was waiting to be released from jail, Michael Lohan spent the weekend holding some new blonde chick hostage with his tongue in the Hamptons.

Luckily for Michael this does not qualify as second degree harassment too.


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Like many of you, i don't get it either.

WTH is wrong with young girls? they r usually immature so maybe that's why this guy goes after them. get them when they r young before they become assertive women who have no idea what the world is about?

it is sad to see so many girls wanting such an attn from an idiot like him...yea i am wondering too...does he work? or living off of lindsey still ? where is he getting the money?

1542 days ago


his grandfather was a principal player in the prince spaghetti and deboles macaroni companies.

maybe he gets money from that.

the world knows he's a ho. now that girl has told the world she's one as well.

1542 days ago

Just looks like she is trying not to VOMIT!!!

1542 days ago


It looks like his daughter. I wonder if him and hulk hogan exchange notes.

1542 days ago


And young enough to be his daughter. Eeeeewwwwwww.

1542 days ago


Okay is it just me or does this woman bare a striking resemblance to his daughter, Lindsay?

Ewwwww my eyes, my eyes, they're burning.

1542 days ago


For a moment I thought it was Lindsay...and oddly it didn't shock me much. :/

Posted at 9:30 AM on Aug 2, 2010 by Rukaya

It looks like his daughter. I wonder if him and hulk hogan exchange notes.

Posted at 10:06 AM on Aug 2, 2010 by Gabriel

sadly, I thought the exact same thing!!!!

daddy douche stages a kiss for the paps
anything to push his attempt for a reality show


Kinda looks like he is wearing Depends! All that padding in his shorts? Does he have an incontinence problem?

Posted at 9:49 AM on Aug 2, 2010 by Marty from Modesto

thanks Marty -- that made me spew coffee on my monitor!!!!!
expect to hear from my attorney Gl-WHORE-ia All-DEAD

1542 days ago

Ron Golden    

Is that his grand daughter...The guy is seriously creepy, no wonder his daughter is as screwed up as a soup sandwich on boiled toast!

1542 days ago

jae kae    

what a tool! I actually truly feel sorry for Lindsay now. she really was "raised" by a couple of people with serious issues. is he really so heartless? all her parents care about is fame and Lindsay is dying for it. how sad. :(

1542 days ago


I don't want to say this is photoshopped, but where the hell is his leg??????? The shorts end and all you see is grass.

1542 days ago


I wish he would get lost! Why would anyone want to be seen with him, let along kissing him? How is that this guys has so much free time and where does he get his money from? Does he work? Has he worked since getting out of jail? Is he living off his kid?

They courts should send he and his leach of an ex-wife to a rehab and psych facillity along wiht his daughters. What a mess of a family.

1542 days ago


Please don't post any more pictures of him like this. I was eating my favorite Thai lunch and I saw this kissing picture and my pad thai noodles fought their way back up. This guy is just trash. I don't see a white cane in the picture but this girl is either blind, deaf and dumb or requires a psych evaluation immediately. Sweetheart, open your eyes. You are going to want to ask Lindsay where she got her lips redone.

1542 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

He must still have $ to afford a hooker who'll kiss on the lips.

1542 days ago


She looks like Lindsay. This is a picture of a Dad and Daughter "making out"

1542 days ago


This person is no more than a DIRTY OLD MAN! He thinks he's God's gift to young girls. Nothing could be further from the truth! He gets the award for the worst father of the year, riding on the coat tails of a disturbed daughter. He's using Lindsey to get visability on every talk show on TV; going from one young girl to the next. He should be in rehab for ***pulsive addiction for media attention! Please drop him from your radar!

1542 days ago
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