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Michael Lohan Sucks the Life Out of Another Blonde

8/2/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While his daughter Lindsay Lohan was waiting to be released from jail, Michael Lohan spent the weekend holding some new blonde chick hostage with his tongue in the Hamptons.

Luckily for Michael this does not qualify as second degree harassment too.


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I also agree this douche bag dates girls that are around Lindsays age and looks like her

Michael Lohan is in love with his daughter.Hes a sick distrubed person that should be locked up for LIFE!

1457 days ago


This girls parents must be so proud. Lohan you really are a disgusting pig.

1457 days ago

Sensible Sense    

The woman in the picture looks like Dina. Lindsey practically deformed herself to look like Dina - they looked as clones of one being in the most recent photos.

Thus, Lindsey subconsiously wishes to have sex with her father, and suck on his big juicy ****. Perhaps she was traumatized,i.e. molested as a child? That would explain the drugs, the untouch with reality, but certainly not the inflated sense of entitlement,topped over by the kardashian broads.

Hopefully, UCLA will be able to straighten her up and not to lust after her father or anorexic beaver hunters.

1457 days ago

WTF!! I thought he was kissing my daughter, Lindsay, but she is in rehab. One about it, he loves blondes.

1457 days ago

Sensible Sense    

Oh my gawd! I just realized look closely on his face. It's his photo photoshopped on another! This is completely fake!!!

1457 days ago


Does this guy have a job or is he sponging off LL?

1457 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

This Lohan dude and Hogan seem to really have it bad for young women that resemble their daughters.

And Lilo's new beaver hunter is actually cute, she doesn't look like the lesbian version of Justin Bieber like that DJ beaver hunter. So I say more power to her and her new beaver hunter.

1457 days ago


Is this Hulk Hogan part II? That chick looks just like Lindsay in this photo. What's up with men dating women that look like their daughters?

1457 days ago


looks like lindsey...ewww

1457 days ago

Susan K. White    

Why in the hell are media outlets still giving this tick a forum to extend his long passed 15 minutes? The man is a narcissistic
leech feeding off the open wounds of his emotionally wounded daughter! It is oh so obvious that Lindsay's problems are a direct result of her being brought up by wolves.

1457 days ago



1457 days ago


You can't hate on the game Pop Lohan has. Impressive.

1457 days ago


That is so freaking creepy. That girl looks like a clone of his daughter. He is a very scary man and he has a very ugly looking nose. Yuk!!!!

1457 days ago


What's up with the photo on the LHS with the new blond - check out Michael Lohans right leg... it's cut off and grass just appears. Maybe a really weird angle but it looks like someone photo shopped him into the picture. As for what he does... who really cares, dude is a creep haven't girls figured that out yet!

1457 days ago


People talk about Hulk Hogan being with a women that looks like his daughter (I personally think she looks nothing like Brooke)but no ones is saying OMG Michael Logan is dating his daughter. when I saw this picture that was my first thought.. what they hell is wrong with those so called famous freaks?

1457 days ago
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