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Lohan, Snooki, and Bill Cosby

8/2/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Lindsay Lohan being released from jail and then sent to rehab, Snooki being arrested for disorderly conduct, and Bill Cosby lives on despite Twitter rumors to the contrary.

Plus: Chelsea Clinton, Alicia Keys, and T.I. all got married this past weekend.


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what do guys think about the fact that kristen stewart of twlight complains about fame so much. dont you think if she hates it so much she should get out. i mean she doesn't even get as much attention as britney or even robert pattinson

1513 days ago


Is Lindsay going to be allowed visitors at the UCLA Rehab Center?

1513 days ago


Lindsay Lohan 90 days in rehab are over on HALLOWeEN

1513 days ago


Why does Mike think he knows it all. Thats it, I am offically never watching TMZ live again if Mike is hosting.

When does Harvey come back?

1513 days ago


In the recent Michael Lohan Picture, does it look like he's wearing depends under those checkered pants? Just sayin...

1513 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

Jesus, If you added the IQ of both these idiots together it would be barely equal to room temperature. Is there anyone else... I mean anyone else to do TMZ Live beside these two morons!

1513 days ago


All Mike does is talk about his porn connections and how stars should run their career. When did Mike become a Hollywood agent?

1513 days ago


Do you know anything about Miley Cyrus drinking in a bar with Ashton and Demi in Detroit recently?

She was in Mars Bar in Detroit. Their website says they don't let anyone under 21 enter, but she was there, possibly drinking.

1513 days ago

Mark Herrmann    

Hey, look at the two retards! Why do you feel the need to put these chubby pigs on here? You're in Hollywood, can you please put people on here who are hot and don't appear to be swollen? Not funny, not hot and not intelligent, this is an excellent formula for poor ratings.

1513 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Hey look at those two retards!! Just b/c she's the "funny" fat chick around the cubicles, doesn't mean she deserves to be on TMZ Live. These two are horrible I am logging out of TMZ starting......NOW!

1513 days ago


Does Lindsay have to spend the whole 90 days in rehab, or will she be allowed out sooner? Will she have to go back to court before she is out completely with her rehab?

1513 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

Jesus!! If you added the IQ of these two idiots together, it would almost equal room temperature. Please, is there anyone else and I mean anyone else to do TMZ live?

1513 days ago


Where is Harvey? I miss is time for him to come back.

1512 days ago


Nancy Grace and Harvey.....Well who would of thought a rumor like this would start that they were vacationing together and By the way did Bill Cosby really die? Is The Dream getting back with Christina and How many times did Paris get taken to the police station in other countries and Do you know how I could get Dennis Rodman's autograph because he is surely touched by an angel! Also have you done a poll on Miley Cyrus yet to see if people believe that she has gone to far in wanting to not be her Hanna Montana character? Is Zsa Zsa Gabor ok and has Charlie Sheen's wife or x wife has she commented on the sentence that Charlies got, how light it is? Also, is Ms Madonna pimping her daughter -- putting her out there in a negative light or good light? Did Oprah go to Chelsey's wedding and if not why not or was she really invited?

1512 days ago

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