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Bristol Palin Moves Back in with Mom

8/3/2010 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Bristol Palin has already moved back in with her parents in the wake of her split with her baby daddy Levi Johnston ... but we're told Levi thinks the whole thing is a giant "misunderstanding."


According to Levi's manager, Tank Jones, Bristol doesn't exactly have her story straight ... and that Levi believes the two broke up over a "misunderstanding" and "misinformation."

Jones tells us Levi is definitely not the father of an unborn illegitimate baby of an ex-girlfriend. He also tells us that Levi did not shoot a music video "mocking" the Palins ... despite what Bristol told

As for their 19-month-old son Tripp, Tank tells us Levi will continue to co-parent with Bristol and "take care" of his financial obligations.

Tank also notes that Levi is "not happy" about the split -- and tells us he wouldn't be surprised if the two eventually got back together sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, we're told Bristol has already moved back into Sarah and Todd Palin's home in Alaska.


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Does anyone else find the names in this article so strange. Tripp, Briston, Levi, Tank. wtf? lol

1539 days ago


Why does the headline say she "moved BACK IN with mom?" She wasn't living with her mom... she has had her own apartment for months.

1539 days ago


Why are people obsessed over a couple of teenagers that have zero impact on our lives and have done absolutely NOTHING of importance?

1539 days ago

Joe Blow    

Bristol? Levi? Tripp? Tank? What's with all the redneck names in Alaska?

1539 days ago


dude... I hate to say this but he look's kinda creepy like that Joran VanderSloot dude.... puke

1539 days ago

Father dev    

So Tank Jones is managing a guy who is linked to a family who have mutants named, Trip, Trig, and Track. If I was Levi, I'd be careful. Tank may be blood related to the Palin's. I'm waiting for the other daughter to pop a mutant out and name it Trap. Until that happens, I just won't be happy.

1539 days ago


White trash?

1539 days ago


She trash talked his family and sold herself to the media. Like mommy like daughter, they'll do anything for the money. Levi, you needs a DNA on Tripp, if he is your son keep paying child support and get more visitation when you go to court in Sept. Bristol is wacked just like Mommy dearest.

1539 days ago


She has learned to play the perpetual victim already--just like her Mama. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black for her to accuse Levi of liking the spotlight too much while she's pouring out her private life to PEOPLE! Hope they both grow up, but it seems unlikely. Wasilla seems to reward perpetual immaturity and whining in its residents.

1539 days ago

solar panel    

How can anyone in that family have a "misunderstanding" when they are too weird to understand anything in the first place? Where did they ever get anything correct, to find a reference for what works ok? Very funny.

1539 days ago


Maybe if Sarah spent more time on her family instead of running for office, her daughter wouldn't be in this mess. If she can't control her own situations, how does she expect to effectively control foreign policy and leaders. She is less effective then most PTA moms. Her only contribution seems to be chaos.

1539 days ago

Ben Gleck    

I guess the preaching-to-church-girls-better-than-me scam wasn't as good as the engagement-announcement scam.

1539 days ago


As a medium, specializing in studio's business, i am still attracted back to levi and bris,etc
I specialize in A and b listers basically,but i think that b and l will marry and then the real drama will begin.I sent my special mailing last week so i cannot be wrong.
ps. no palin/obama stuff..keep the issue personal ,ok? xo

1539 days ago

Studley Buck    

Beautiful Bristol is better off without lazy, lying leech Levi.

1539 days ago

Illinois person    

Dude, do something about your acne. Meanwhile, while old lady Sarah is running her mouth about everyone else she ought be cleaning her back yard while she's at it. Sarah is one big phony, these kids are just a couple of horny teenagers and the 3 three of them together can't even make the white trash league.

1539 days ago
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