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Bristol Palin

Pulls Out of Engagement to Levi

8/3/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just days after announcing their engagement to the world -- Bristol Palin claims she has officially broken things off with Levi Johnston after Levi told her that he may have knocked up another woman.

Bristol told that Levi -- father of their 19-month-old son Tripp -- told her about his scumbaggary on the same day they announced their engagement ... but that wasn't the final straw.

Bristol claims she decided to pull the trigger on the relationship after Levi lied about a recent trip to L.A. ... when he said he was traveling for a hunting show ... and instead shot a music video mocking the Palin family.

As for Bristol's mom -- Sarah told, "Bristol is strong, she is independent, and she knows what is right for her son."


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Levi Johnston is Kathy Griffin bitch.

1540 days ago


bunch of losers...all of them

1540 days ago


LOL! I love it. They are such white trash. I can't wait til they show up on Springer.

1540 days ago


She must have had the abortion already

1540 days ago


Will this ugly little witch just go away now?I think she is knocked-up again too,and soccer Sarah forbid her to go back to Levi.So,the BURNING question now is,A-she will have Another little baby friend in 8 months(maybe she will name him Trap)OR B-Sarah will have a sudden change of heart about abortion! Either way they are ALL media whores,okay,drop the the media part!

1540 days ago


Ah ha ha ha ha ... "I can CHANGE him". Didn't work, did it, dumb snatch. Your magic vagina has zero power over that dude. Try practicing this line: "Freshen up your coffee"?

1540 days ago

Fred Farkel    

1) I can honestly say that this guy's behavior is the worst I have seen in my entire life.

2) But the worst part is that females of all ages will be lined up by the thousands to lay down with him.

Thank you to all the 20-something monsters out there. None of you vermin can think 5 minutes into the future.

1540 days ago


Wah, Wah...I just want the Palins to go away!

1540 days ago


any guy who shows disrespect for his girlfriends family is not husband material and can only offer a lifetime of strife and grief. Get over him Bristol. We all have!

1540 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

Palin's brood mock themselves with every move they make, and Sarah's followers mock the human race with every breath they take.

So I don't see why Levi shouldn't profit from the Palin freakshow. And while he's at it, he may as well score some hotties. Eventually the dude will end up broke and in Alaska, where it's slim pickin's when it comes to hawtness.

1540 days ago

D. UK    

They split? Again? What a shocker! Who could have predicted that?

1540 days ago


I so want sarah putzah to run for president it wil be a slaughter again. The repugs make a lot of noise but we outnumber them by far and just await the day to pull the lever and send them crying again. As far as Bristol I see a fat chic ready to explode. Big boobs though. lol that is a plus at least.

1540 days ago


Ugh. The rumors going around. As an Alaskan, I can say that we hear a bunch of BS up here all the time about this subject.

Please stop giving these idiots air time. From what I've seen of Ms. Palin, she is as bad as her mother as far as control and manipulation. Mr. Johnston can only think with one head, and it's not on top of his shoulders. Both have the maturity of 6th graders.

Bristol, you are NOT the right person to be speaking about teen pregnancy and parenting. I don't know of any 19 year old mothers who own their own condo outright.

1540 days ago

chet stovepiper    

first time they've ever pulled out of anything

1540 days ago

the truth    

their little engagement thing was a fake anyways. she seems to goody goody for him. he needs to take care of his son and the hell with the rest of that family! hes such an adorable baby! i hope dad stays in his life. as for the rest of the family , i think all of them are fake like Pam's nasty looking breast

1540 days ago
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