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'Outraged' Over Arrest

... Wants to Sue DMV

8/3/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T is adamant that he will have his "revenge" for his arrest in NYC a few weeks ago, but he's not looking to get back at the cop -- he wants to take out his anger on the DMV ... with a big, fat lawsuit.

As TMZ first reported, Ice was busted on July 20 -- and dude tells us it was all because the cop found "something in the computer called an insurance lapse from 2008."

Ice claims the cop could have just issued a ticket and send him on his way -- but instead, the officer chose to arrest him simply, "Because he could."

Last night, Ice told us the whole thing is pure BS -- and that the computer reading was the result of an error made by either the DMV or his insurance company.

So what's Ice's next move?? Dude tells us, "At the end of the day, after I get this dismissed … I either can sue the DMV or the insurance company … and that’s when I have my revenge."


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Or he could just let it go and realize people of all walks make mistakes. Does he think this macho crap makes him look good? Like to many other celebrities and their grandstanding, its embarrassing.

1540 days ago


Wait. Wasn't he driving with a suspended license? How is that the DMV's fault? He's old enough to know better. Plus, he plays a copy on Law&Order SVU. Shame on you Ice-T

1540 days ago


Well OK this is how it is. First off in some states you can get arrested without having no car insurance. The police officer can chose which one to do, he can chose to arrest you or just give you a ticket. Now I have been pulled over for this very same thing and my question is: how come Ice-T did not have proof on insurance on him? That is all he really needs. It would not matter what state he was in at the time if he had proof of insurance. So I am guessing he did not have proof on him. I sort of agree with Ice-T the cop could have written a ticket and go on but at the same time Ice-T should have had proof of insurance on him.

1540 days ago


I thought he was arrested for having a suspended license?

1540 days ago


Yes CoCo is a Hooker, but that does'nt make her a bad person.

1540 days ago


why is Ice T getting villainized on here? If he did nothing wrong then he was wrongly detained. I've been detained for failure to produce a license, and the cop *could* have let me go, but instead made the decision, just to be a jerk (and I was compliant saying yes sir no sir - no arguments whatsoever).. I later got the accompanying charge dropped which was speeding(guilty but whatever).. in any case he was on a power trip, and I hope all of you law+order fanboys get a similar experience because it can ruin lives of ordinary citizens

1540 days ago


Oh good grief, get it exsponged from your record and let it go!

1540 days ago


Do what you need to do and shut up about it. Nobody cares about such a trivial matter.

#8 - A. You can't get arrested for a minor traffic infraction by itself. B. Not having insurance and driving is stupid and costs everyone else money with increased premiums. If you have plenty of money to pay, that is even more stupid. Do your homework on your plane ride home to wherever your from!

1540 days ago


He should have check to make sure his insurance was up to date. If he had a bad attitude with the policeman, he should have been arrested!

1540 days ago


hooker.. it must be women commentiing. that woman is freaking hot. as your significant other, he will leave you in a freaking second if he had a chance at that. ice is poor mans snoop dogg and he is lame.

1540 days ago


I am constantly reading people crying racist. I am appalled by some of the comments. DON'T disgrace our race!

1540 days ago


I swear they are a lot of low life haters who have nothing to do but belitte celebrity's. Half of you wish you had his career and his money. You SUCKERS!

1540 days ago

jack e. jett    

Something like that happened to me....not that the cop thought I was Ice T......but the insurance fu*ked up and created a major hassle with a cop.

1540 days ago


GOOD, The DMV needs it's ass whooped, go ICE! You looking good COCO! People stop hating and get your own life. They both make WAYYYYYY more money than you, lol

1540 days ago


Good luck. SOunds to me like he should have been careful dropping insurance on a car before he took the plates off. Big Brother is going to ruin this country. TC Ice-T

1540 days ago
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