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'Outraged' Over Arrest

... Wants to Sue DMV

8/3/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T is adamant that he will have his "revenge" for his arrest in NYC a few weeks ago, but he's not looking to get back at the cop -- he wants to take out his anger on the DMV ... with a big, fat lawsuit.

As TMZ first reported, Ice was busted on July 20 -- and dude tells us it was all because the cop found "something in the computer called an insurance lapse from 2008."

Ice claims the cop could have just issued a ticket and send him on his way -- but instead, the officer chose to arrest him simply, "Because he could."

Last night, Ice told us the whole thing is pure BS -- and that the computer reading was the result of an error made by either the DMV or his insurance company.

So what's Ice's next move?? Dude tells us, "At the end of the day, after I get this dismissed … I either can sue the DMV or the insurance company … and that’s when I have my revenge."


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You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for leaving such racist and degrading comments. It actually makes me sad and upset to read some of this stuff. Everybody's tough behind a computer.

1521 days ago


sue the DMV,lol

1521 days ago


Ice, just admit you're living large, spending too much money, over-extended and your insurance lapsed. You sound like a fool trying to claim this was a computer error.

1521 days ago


One word: ******.

1521 days ago


I am SO SICK OF BLACK PEOPLE THIS WEEK , Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters both black and caught redhanded stealing and both refuse to admit wrongdoing, a black man kills nine people today in Conneticut because he thought people were being racists, This ****head Ice t first blamed the cop now finds out it was his insurance company, does he apologize or admit he was wrong? of course not, he says he is going to sue someone. How can anyone not be racists? everytime you try to think they are like you, you realize that you have a moral compass and are a human being when they are just a bunch of loud mouthed animals with their hands out... and we have got one in the white house now....we are doomed...

1521 days ago


In NY they do that same thing all the time, no insurance means a trip to jail. His continued complaining shows him for the little punk a$$ b!tch he really is.

1521 days ago


He should be pissed! There was NO reason for him to be arrested! What a joke!

1521 days ago


Perhaps this has something to do with--oh, I don't know--ICE T RECORDING A SONG ENCOURAGING THE KILLING OF POLICE OFFICERS? Does no one remember that?

To refresh your memory, here are some lyrics from "Cop Killer":

"I got my twelve gauge sawed off.
I got my headlights turned off.
I'm 'bout to bust some shots off.
I'm 'bout to dust some cops off."


"Die, die, die pig, die!
F**k the police!
F**k the police!
F**k the police!
F**k the police!
F**k the police!
F**k the police!
F**k the police yeah!"

Yeah, Ice T--I just can't imagine why a police officer would take a convenient opportunity to arrest your ass and throw it in jail!

1521 days ago


Somebody get one of those giant old canes they used to drag people off the stage when they bombed and drag his butt away!!
This guy is all washed up and he must be thrilled that he's getting some publicity.
Go away old-ice and have that strange, large-posterior woman go with you.

1521 days ago


Quit crying -- cry baby. Maybe the cop doesn't watch Law and Order.

Look at all the free publicity you got without paying your publicist. Leave the DMV and cops alone and pay your insurance.

1521 days ago


Guess what Ice T? No one cares. Some people get arrested for crimes and they spend a year in jail, only to be found innocent and released. Move on!!

An uneducated thug like Ice T has been afforded a wealthy lifestyle and should be thankful for the opportunities America has allowed for him. Instead this loud mouth trash with his fake Barbie wife can't get over themselves.

Yeah, go ahead and sue the American government. With high unemployment and financial ruin for millions of Americans, that's just what we need to hear. Why don't you tell your problems to a soldier's mother who's son or daughter came home in a flag draped metal box from a war zone, or an unemployed factory worked who can't feed his family. See if they will understand your plight?

1521 days ago

Navin Johnson    

aNother IGnorant uGly douchER

1521 days ago


I've met this foolish man; a grasshopper has more brains and class than him. Good luck with that lawsuit, you filthy animal

1521 days ago


it wouldn't be so bad if this brother was so FAKE...he's still tryin to act like he was 15 years ago..that sh%t doesn't fly anymore!!!hell, you play a cop on Law & Order SVU..Quit playin like youre still cutting edge..and take that SKANK with you!!!

1521 days ago


Just pay your damn ticket and shut up. **** happens and frankly, he was left unharmed. It's just petty and pathetic to sue. That Law and Order running out? Gotta prove what a big bad gangster you are? Or just trying to get some more face time before everyone pretty much forgets you exsist again? See this is why celebs get a bad rap. People like him who just cant take something like this and just walk away. Nnnnooooooo...he has to get his a 5 year old on the playground. Somebody needs a time out. lol. I partly hope he does sue, spends that money on a lawyer and then loses. That would serve him right.

1521 days ago
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