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Anna Nicole's Mom -- I've Never Seen Dannielynn

8/4/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's mom claims she's never seen her 3-year-old granddaughter Dannielynn -- and claims that every time she tries to send presents ...  Larry Birkhead keeps sending them back.


Virgie Arthur
surfaced at LAX last night -- telling paps she's in town to attend the trial of the people accused of illegally funneling drugs to Anna Nicole.


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Howard paid for nothing, he has no job, remember Anna even paid for his shoes. They are selling Anna and the Baby out for their own gain.

1448 days ago


Jaz.... your agenda is clear.

Posted at 12:18 PM on Aug 13, 2010 by Wilma


..............and what agenda would that be , the subject is Mommie Dearest isn't it , obviously you not a happy camper now that her dirty secret is out .

1448 days ago


Jaz.... your agenda is clear.

Posted at 12:18 PM on Aug 13, 2010 by Wilma


...........and what agenda would that be , the subject is Mommie Dearest isn't it ? obviously your not a happy camper now that her dirty secret is out .

1448 days ago


WILMA----Please get off your high horse,You and Don Clark have been proven to be LIARS,Rita had to settle out of court because YOU and others threw her under the bus Vergie,the ever GREEDY mommie,along with the greedy McCabe,took a mother with a 5 year old child,and because she would not turn her computer over had her put in jail,all so Vergie can sue bloggers and try for more money,I guess,greedy Vergie was not making enough from selling out her daughter I pray Larry NEVER lets her near Dannielynn.

1447 days ago


Anna had all the money in her family, Vergie didn't. And as far as i know it isn't a sign of inferiority if Vergie is poor, or if she made enough cash to get her thru what she was going through SO WHAT ?! At least she wasn't a deadbeat sleeping on Anna's couch, and pumping a PG ANNA FULL of drugs until she died.

where do you go to read the trial ? anyone ?

1445 days ago

NC always did tell it just like it is. I loved reading your comments.

Vergie is on TMZ video,whinning she has not seen Dannielynn,well Not only did Vergie try and take underhanded contol of Dannielynn,though her Lawyer,but she is now suing Larry for conspiracy to defame her,she went to the hospital and tryed to put legal papers under Larry;s nose when he had 106 temp,sent PI to get him doing something wrong, and still no answer to why in all the years she said Anna was taking drugs NO CALL TO ANY POLICE DEPARTMENT,EVEN though Vergie was a cop,and knew what to do.
Posted at 11:07 AM on Aug 5, 2010 by BEVERLY
Vergie is again pulling out all the stops,Pity pot,poor me,Claiming to be ill,from grief,PLEASE notice she was alone at LAX,pulling her own luggage,being so sick,why was she alone,because she knew there is press at lax and wanted the attention on her. Also why did she not call Bahama police if she thought Anna was being drugged,she went to the Bahamas and sat on Daniel's grave,and just plain forgot Anna and Dannielynn were in the hands of a man drugging her daughter.When did Vergie EVER call the police to help anna?
Posted at 4:50 AM on Aug 5, 2010 by BEVERLY

Whar is your problem topix,can't take the heat,GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN,I told you before,you bash Howard,I bash Vergie,WHY in all the years did Vergie NOT seek the help of any police department,she was so worried about Anna being drugged.I just read where Katherine Jackson recalled Michael dancing to a wash machine,never in 3 and a half years heard Vergie say one nice thing about her daughter.In fact,Guest of Honor Vergie at a book signing party,also CONTRIBUTER TO THE BOOK calling her daughter a tramp,is that how a mother grives.Party dress and smiling at Rita Cosby book,which settled out of court because Rita witnrsses through her under the bus,
Posted at 8:32 AM on Aug 5, 2010 by BEVERLY
“Virgie knows exactly why she can’t see her granddaughter. It’s because she’s waging a custody battle against me in the Bahamas. It’d be a little awkward with her coming over to my house for dinner—’Virgie, pass the peas. By the way, see you in court next week.’”
“She doesn’t want to be a grandmother, she wants to be a money manager. She can continue to play poor-pitiful-me games to anyone who’ll listen, I’m not buying it.”
“Dannielynn has [paternal] grandmothers who are all supportive, you don’t see them dragging me through every courthouse.”
He added that Virgie hasn’t shown much interest in the baby away from the court: “She stood me up for a Sunday visitation. I waited all day, and she didn’t show up or call. Then a few weeks later, I get a note: ‘How’s the baby? Is she getting her first tooth?’”

1442 days ago


I go along with #84 all the way,Virgie was never Anna Mother,She never even raised her,Read about how Anna was treated,Larry you kept Dannielyn away from this witch,Anna did not want her baby around Virgie.Hope the law stays on Larry's side.Who is paying for Virgie way to Calif.?????

1441 days ago


oh my goodness, just stop and think what Dannielyn has got to put up with the rest of her life. Look and all the crap she will read about her Family.Dannielyn is the one I feel sorry for in all this crap.
I don't know all the players, Anna, Larry, Howard, and Virgie so I can't judge either of them.
All I know is I hope and pray that Dannielyn will have a good and happy life.

1440 days ago


Larry can raise Dannielynn anyway or any where he wants 2 he's her father as 4 grandmooo get a life you old FAT PATHETIC COW!!!

1440 days ago


Who cares about the grandmother at this point. Leave her alone. The ONLY thing that matters is getting Stern and the Drs. behind bars for a very, very long time! Talk about creeps.
They are soul-less people who only cared about Anna's fame and money. Ugh.

1440 days ago


It’s interesting how everybody has such a strong opinion one way or the other about people they’ve never met.

My only thought is that if this woman is such a money grubber, why hasn’t she put out a book after all this time? (ghost writers write a lot of the books out today.) The half-sister, ANS old friends Pol and Patrick, Rita Cosby, total strangers, the judge who decided who got the body recently came out with a book. Even if her book ended up at the dollar store, Virgie Arthur could have made a fortune just on the advances. So how can it be all about money?

1440 days ago

save something    

Well, the VA's picture let me think she is on something.....
Ohh true Mc breth said something on it!

1437 days ago

save something    

Since the really begining I said HKS is a great lawyer.One of the good one in USA.So VA go back to TX where your friends are waiting for you.As I see things going it will be hard for JB to prouve his point.

1437 days ago


From what little I have got to read about the trial, It looks like old Howard might get away, again. Seems like no one wants to say anything to bad about Howard, what are they afraid of.

1429 days ago


Howard K. Stern is a dangerous sociopath. I suppose his family has LOTS of money; hence, he'll get off once again. And that awful Kristine, the psychiatrist, will as well I suppose. They both belong in the slammer for a very, very long time. They shouldn't be free to hurt more people. But they'll continue to spread their evilness. And besides, physicians (and rich lawyers or lawyers in name only with rich parents) never seem to have to pay for their crimes. The last time I checked, it is illegal to do harm to drug addicts, the same as anybody else. I wonder what happened to Anna's dear son. I suppose Stern fed him any drug he wanted as well.

1429 days ago
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