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Ellen on California Gay Marriage Ruling -- 'Equality Won'

8/4/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments ago, a federal judge overturned California's ban on same-sex marriages -- and just seconds after the news broke, Ellen DeGeneres was already celebrating ... via Twitter.

Ellen DeGeneres Gay Rights

Ellen just posted the message, "This just in: Equality Won!"

And she isn't the only star excited about the ruling ... Kelly Osbourne just posted, "So happy over the news on prop8 its about time!"

Kim Kardashian: "Prop 8 was struck down! This news is amazing!!!! Its about time! Congrats to everyone!"

Shanna Moakler: "Tonight we celebrate! EQUALITY and LOVE for all!"

Ricky Martin: "YEAHHHHH!!!!! #prop8unconstitutional Moving Forward!!!!!!!!"

Milla Jovovich: Yay! Finally ppl r being treated equally! And CA is cool again!

Rose McGowan: Yay! No more Prop H8! I wanna be a flower girl in a wedding asap!

Olivia Munn: Prop 8 Overturned!!! Equal rights for everyone! Nice to be out of the 1950s..
Paris Hilton: What a huge historical day for equal rights in this country! They finally overturned Prop 8! There shouldn't be a law on true love. :)

Sophia Bush: A MAJOR step forward. Everyone deserves the right to love whomever they choose. I am proud to be from Cali again!

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george clooney:

I think the Supreme Court will agree with the judge. It's mostly a liberal court especially with the impending approval of Sotomayor (sp?). I am a fence sitter on the issue but frankly I think it's a done deal. There will be gay marriage in America whether people like it or not. I think there are bigger fish to fry quite frankly like securing the border and other more pressing issues...

1480 days ago


Guess they'll all be out propagating in the streets of LA; wait a minute, oh yeah...they can't!!!!


1480 days ago


Stupid Queers!!

1480 days ago


so...why did cali have a vote on it if some judge is gonna over turn it...the people spoke but no one listened as usual only in america.

1480 days ago


The judge who decided this case is Gaaay! LOL!

The biggest open secret in the landmark trial over same-sex marriage being heard in San Francisco is that the federal judge who will decide the case, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, is himself gay.

Thats like having a crackhead decide crack is legal!

1480 days ago


Its not a matter of whats right, or whats wrong. Its a matter of what the public voted for. And if our votes don't matter, because a court will overturn it, then why bother voting at all. Our country is no longer what it used to be, and has become a system of money and power. It is not ran by the people for the people. It is ran by the dollar for those who have the dollar. Prop 8 is nothing but a way for the state to get more income, from the gay community filing for marriage licenses and other ways for revenue. WAKE UP PEOPLE, the state of California only cares about the almighty dollar, not about equality!

1480 days ago


It's so very awesome! Now I just wish it'd become the law everywhere. We all deserve to marry the person we love.

1480 days ago


LINDSAY'S MISSING TWITTER: hahaha and michael lohan sr's nott being invtied to my wedding.

1480 days ago


A gay San Fransisco judge declares gay marriage legal.

Whats next, a heroin addicted judge declares heroin legal?

1480 days ago


Why is TMZ only showing Twitter comments from the undemocratic *******s that do not support the majority opinion? I want to see comments from people who are unhappy about the decision. It is only fair when you are reporting any type of news.

I know that the idiot judge in this appeal would overturn the law, and anyone with any sense would have known this too. The majority of voters in California decided to only allow marriage between a man and a woman, yet some biased judge decided to flout the people's opinion(the same people he works for). This has misconduct and judicial activism written all over it.

What is rather hilarious about this story is how insignificant the people who were "quoted" from Twitter really are. Of course, I guess it just shows how insignificant this site really is. Slanted reporting on such an important and rather disgusting opinion.

Homosexuals are free to do what they want, but those people need to stay out of such an important institution with their disgusting lifestyle. California has always been a state that has been too liberal, but at least we will not have to tolerate this crap where I live. Homosexuals can have their "civil unions"(which I do not support), but where I live, we will not tolerate homosexual marriage. Ever.

There is nothing the federal government can do to force us to recognize it.

1480 days ago


All this means is that the proposition will go to a Federal Appeals court, then the Supreme Court. Don't pop that Champagne yet

1480 days ago


Don't get too excited folks, this still has a couple more levels of appeals to go through.

I will be interested in seeing what the divorce rate is for homosexual marriages.

1480 days ago


What a slippery slope this should be. Once you start changing the 5,000 year old definition of marriage, there is no telling where it will end up. According to this gay-marriage logic, any other type of situation should also be allowed outside of a man & woman marriage. This means: A few men. An adult and a child. A group of people. Siblings. Let's just destroy the last sacred thread left in our culture in the name of "progress", shall we? Yes and how very undemocratic this was too. I'd like to see the dems try to jusstify that. It's not fairness they want - it's subscribing to the progressive agenda.

1480 days ago


Wow! It's one of those rare moments where we see a smart-sounding Paris Hilton, using big words like "historical" and "overturned"?

haha. only kidding. :)

1480 days ago


It is truly another sad day for America. The will of the people is shot down by another activist judge (who coincidently happens to be gay). I guess our votes no longer mean anything.

People overwhelmingly didn't want Health care. We got it.

Peolple overwhelmingly support Arizona Bil 1070, judge blocks it.

People overwhelmingly vote to ban gay marriage everywhere it is put on a ballot and judges overturn it.

The will of the people is truly dead.

1480 days ago
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