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Ellen on California Gay Marriage Ruling -- 'Equality Won'

8/4/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments ago, a federal judge overturned California's ban on same-sex marriages -- and just seconds after the news broke, Ellen DeGeneres was already celebrating ... via Twitter.

Ellen DeGeneres Gay Rights

Ellen just posted the message, "This just in: Equality Won!"

And she isn't the only star excited about the ruling ... Kelly Osbourne just posted, "So happy over the news on prop8 its about time!"

Kim Kardashian: "Prop 8 was struck down! This news is amazing!!!! Its about time! Congrats to everyone!"

Shanna Moakler: "Tonight we celebrate! EQUALITY and LOVE for all!"

Ricky Martin: "YEAHHHHH!!!!! #prop8unconstitutional Moving Forward!!!!!!!!"

Milla Jovovich: Yay! Finally ppl r being treated equally! And CA is cool again!

Rose McGowan: Yay! No more Prop H8! I wanna be a flower girl in a wedding asap!

Olivia Munn: Prop 8 Overturned!!! Equal rights for everyone! Nice to be out of the 1950s..
Paris Hilton: What a huge historical day for equal rights in this country! They finally overturned Prop 8! There shouldn't be a law on true love. :)

Sophia Bush: A MAJOR step forward. Everyone deserves the right to love whomever they choose. I am proud to be from Cali again!

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Another sad day for the Peoples Republic of California! Next, California will legalize pedophilia...because it feels natural to some sick individuals. Now don't discriminate!

1542 days ago


What else would you expect from the Hollywood crowd? This is disgusting. California is completely lost it's freaking mind. We are taxed to death, families are leaving in droves, the state is a sanctuary state for all the illegals and now nasty filthy disgusting f*gs will able to marry in this state. Go to hell where you belong Ellen with the rest of your kind.

1542 days ago


Why is that when something like gay marriage is passed it suddenly becomes undemocratic that the government can turn over something that doesn't fit within the country. The Supreme Court has been overturning laws since the beginning of the United States, what makes this law any different? The majority may have won, but the majority also won when we decided that blacks and women could not be able to vote. We are a democracy in the fact that we have a right to do what makes us who we are and we are not a tyranny where the government says you cannot.

And just so you know aids are spread more by the sluts out there who have sex with everything, these comments are pathetic attacks on the overturning of prop 8.

1542 days ago


Prop 8 was unconstitutional and is the "gay" version of jim crow law. Seriously if you replace every time they say black in the jim crow laws with "gays" you get pretty much the same ****. I'm straight and saw prop 8 as bull****. if you don't like gay marriage than look away nobody's forcing you to stare.

1542 days ago


You call 30 million Gay people in our Nation small? You must be an idiot! You don't have to agree that is its 100% natural, just like people still have black people.

Posted at 3:12 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by ThomasAlex

I don't get this. Please explain...

1542 days ago

the truth    

and why listen to what Paris Hilton has to say? this bitch proved to be a huge liar on Larry king!!!!!!!

and people who are not from America you need to shut up about this! you all practically hate us anyways and u dont like us saying ANYTHING about your country SO JUST SHUT UP. TAKE THAT SNOOKI AND FLUSH HER IN THE TOILET. THE WHOLE CAST OF That PATHETIC SHOW!

1542 days ago


"Last time I knew the bible said ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE."

Like no one's ever heard that one before! Jeez,why not try to have an original thought?

1542 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

The religious right.. sigh.. you loons just don't get it.

This is why your precious religion is losing followers day by day and more are just becoming "spiritual".

You're represented by trailer trash like the Palins, George W. and Stephen Baldwin, and you scratch your heads wondering why your credibility is shot.

You preach about personal freedoms one minute, then the next you want to bring down the wrath of god on those who try to enjoy their personal freedoms.

You claim you're pro life because killing an unborn fetus is wrong, yet many of you go against healthcare reform that would save millions of lives.

You don't just dance on the line of hypocrisy, you've become the party of hypocrisy. And it isn't the gays who need the cure, it is the religious right who need to be cured of their insanity. Maybe a stay at the same facility Lilo is at would do the trick.

1542 days ago


"this is marriage between two conscenting adults, not children for god's sake. it's THEIR business."

Yeah, today it's between any two consenting adults. But - tomorrow??

"to inflict your own morale beliefs on to someone else, tough luck."

I agree with you there. Don't go inflicting your beliefs onto those of us who are against it. Do not force me as a taxpayer to recognize it. Do not change my religious OR cultural definition of marriage. YOU have no right to IMPOSE yourself on ME. Keep it to yourself.

1542 days ago


oh GREAT , next they will have a bill that states equal rights for all animals, and the government will force us to be vegetarians.

Where is the democracy? 1 judge overrules millions of votes? WOW.

Now if CA can pass a bill, for 1 massive earthquake to smash it, it'll be all good.

Oh and please don't use the excuse that OH THAT'S RACIST, ALL YOU RACIST PEOPLE SHOULD DIE BLAH BLAH BLAH , gay is not a race, of course Ricky Martin is happy now he can marry every guy in Menudo and have a tea bag party.

Equal rights my ass, America is not America anymore, it's slowly becoming the Soviet Union all over again. These celebrity's having great influence on children and everyone watching TV praising this Prop8 overturn is sickening, if you wanna be gay or lesbian that is your choice, i'm not gonna take that away from anybody...BUT.....

Equal Rights? for what? Marriage is between a Man & Woman, that's how it should be period. But enough of this rant, you people enjoy it while it lasts, it won't last long.

1542 days ago


See what happens when you chase the sane people away, Harvey? The nutcases and homophobics remain.

The judge ruled that you cannot vote about basic human rights. That's the reason you cannot vote on making black people slaves again, for instance. Get it? Even if 52 % of the people would say yes to a prop like that, it would still be unconstitutional. It's called being civilized.

1542 days ago

the truth    

how can you all forgive charlie sheen and not chris brown?

1542 days ago


I love how the same people who are all "OMG that's undemocratic! over 50% voted for prop8!" Do we forget that the guy who had more than 50% of the national vote didn't become president because the other guy's brother got to have a say in how a few electoral votes fell?

Voted on or not, it was *unconstitutional* as in contrary to the constitution and therefore illegal. You can't vote in one law that contradicts another (higher) law. If you want to change the constitution, then that's a whole other set of votes required first.

1542 days ago


AWESOME DECISION TODAY! Yes, Prop 8 was unconstitutional in my opinion. Who would like to be told that they could not marry? No one would. No matter who you are and what all you believe, in this day and age, how can we choose to deny American citizens basic rights? Shame on those who would want to take rights away from others. California got it right today. Good for them, and this is good for America.

1542 days ago

george clooney    

#38 Robbie....uh...liberal court at the Supreme Court? No. Its a 5-4 Conservative court and Sotomayer (sp) is already on the court. You really need to read the news every day. There are 2 issues that will be argued...1) An activist gay federal judge who with one voice threw out the votes of a 52-48 margin; which has already been argued and upheld, regarding the will of the people 2) He made his decision the same day he got the case and then worked backwards and THAT never works. This case will be overturned and in victory for GOD. So, lets start doing our homework Robbie and do not be like the rest of the left on here who do not have a clue. OMG, I just laugh at reading some of these comments. By the way, GAYs will NOT be allowed in the military, no matter what was promised by OBAMA. Guarantee it!

1542 days ago
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