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Jillian Michaels Sued

'Potentially Lethal'

Diet Product

8/4/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Biggest Loser" star Jillian Michaels was just slapped with another multi-million dollar lawsuit over her weight loss products -- and this time, it's about a detox supplement that allegedly "might kill you."

Jillian Michaels Lawsuit
The class action lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, was filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by a woman who only wants to be known by her initials -- R.D. -- due to her "very real fear of retaliation OR harassment by Defendants." 

In the lawsuit, R.D. claims Jillian's "Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse" diet supplement contains a "potentially lethal combination of toxic ingredients" ... and it "might kill you."

In the suit, R.D. lays out what she considers to be the risks associated with various ingredients in Jillian's product, including:

-- Irish Moss Powder ... "causes gastrointestinal ulcers" and is "so toxic that it is the gel commonly applied to aircraft wings to dissolve ice"
-- Bearberry ... "known to cause nausea and vomiting"
-- Yarrow ... "a toxic lawn weed that causes dermatitis"
-- Chinese Rhubarb ... "a harsh laxative and dangerous diuretic that can cause sever dehydration and may cause irreversible liver damage"
-- Fenugreek Seed ... "interferes with digestion and causes both diarrhea and gas"

R.D. is suing Jillian and Thin Care International for more than $10 million for "actively and fraudulently" conspiring to hide the alleged dangers of their product.

If this story sounds familiar, it's not the first ... second ... or even the third time Jillian has been sued by people who claim her diet products are potentially toxic.

No comment from Jillian Michaels' camp.

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R.D.'s lawsuit and concerns are frivolous.
I recognize most of the ingredients listed as herbal medicines marketed and used by people all over the world. I don't have my "medicinal plants of the eastern woodlands" handy to tell you what Indians used them for, but I know I have consumed yarrow and bearberry before with no ill consequences.
Fenugreek is cultivated worldwide and used in indian dishes (ie. curry). It is also used to increase milk supply in lactating women.
I swear that some people have nothing better to do than waste the time of the courts with ridiculous accusations and lawsuits...

1507 days ago


Instead of reading a lawsuit and taking what hey say as the gospel, why not actually look up the ingredients. For example
Irish moss is in ice cream they call it carrageenan. I'll let you look up the rest. And then look up the side effects for asprin.

1507 days ago


The certifying body that I received my personal trainer credential from would kick me out if I publicly endorsed weight loss products. It is considered to be outside the scope of practice of a legitimate personal trainer. (As is offering psychological counseling when you are not degreed to do so, or standing on a client's chest screaming derogatory comments at them as they work out.) Jillian Michaels is a DISGRACE to the fitness training profession. I hope these people who are sueing her take for every cent she has.

1507 days ago

Mark Vaughan    

I have been blogging and commenting about this very cleanse for quite some time and I was a little surprised by this lawsuit. There is no evidence in the world that this cleanse will help you lose weight or be healthier. None. In fact, this product doesn't even claim to do that. It says it will help reduce belly bloat and make you feel lighter... what a crock!
In any case, I would think that the ingredients in something that is essentially a natural laxative would be designed to make your stomach empty out quickly and the best way to do that would be small doses of slightly toxic herbs. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone alive would think that would make them healthier, but would seem to be the product that she is selling.
Suing her for that seems a little odd to me, especially when the ingredients are posted on the label. I certainly hope that the people suing have not gotten ill after taking this product though. That would explain a valid lawsuit. People took pills, got sick, and sued.
I wonder what has happened to the previous suits. I haven't heard anything about them.
I would think that Jillian and Basic Research, the company behind these products, have deep pockets, so the suits will continue. Still I have no sympathy for either of these groups as they are cashing in on the general public with no concern for their welfare.
You can read about the connection with Jillian Michaels and basic research here:

1507 days ago


Are you kidding me? I'm sure this person that brought up the lawsuit has a long history of chain slamming big macs down her face and washing it down with french fries dipped in mayonnaise and extra salt with a fruit punch fountain drink. I'm sure she prefers the stuff with extra sugar over just the regular diet coca cola like normal fat people drink. Then after trying countless diets as she fails because she forgot to read the fine print under everyone of them that said "If your a lazy fatass this diet wont work for you," she tries to slap a huge lawsuit on someone so that she can get some money to have liposuction or something so she can finally rid herself of the fat rolls she acquired from her acquisitions with mcdonalds. The lady probably didn't even try Jillian Micheals weight loss product, she probably did some research for the first time in her life on something before she tried it and realized that if she takes three hundred times the said dosage then she may get injured or she may fart in public from the gas, oh wow we wouldn't want her to be embarrassed so lets give her millions of dollars so she can get her liposuction. I wouldn't doubt that mcdonalds is funding this trial because well hell this ladies settlement is going right into mcdonalds pocket anyways, you know she isn't going to be able to resist a few more egg mcmuffins and then before you know it they will be building a mcdonalds just for her, and that's what the whole world needs is another f$$#ing mcdonalds.

1507 days ago


The suit Meritless. None of these ingredients will kill you and when they do they are usually taken by people who are already sick to begin with. I have researched all these. they are not toxic. You can over do anything like #6 said too much water can cause you to drown internally it actually happened to a contestant in NYC so are you going to ban water? No! flouride is toxic they tell kids not to swallow it on the toothpaste tube. So you have to be wise and stop expecting not to take responsibility for your own health. Do the research there are more toxic prescription drugs than there are herbs just google and you will find out. TAKE ACTION AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND STOP BEING SHEEPLE.

1507 days ago

john doe    

i work for a big chain nutritional store and we were told to take these products off immediately....i remember people did buy her products just like they buy kim kardashian's product

1506 days ago


Would these pills help dissolve adam's apple in women?

1506 days ago


If you don't like the product, then don't use it. If the person suing had used the product and ended up in the hospital or having serious health issues from using the product then she might have stake in the matter.

1506 days ago


If you really want to lose weight, put down the fork. Eat 4 or 5 smaller meals per day to raise your metabolism & sweat off the fat. It's that simple. Ask any pharmacist and they will tell you that weight loss supplements don't really work if you don't cut down on calories and exercise. You can still eat junk food once a week. Drink plenty of water and join the gym.

1506 days ago


ONG!!! I bought that triple detox stuff to lose a lil weight to fit into my wedding gown and still has it under my sink. I started using it and got real sick, was having stomach cramps and nausea. I stopped using it and immediately started feeling better. This is something serious!!!

1505 days ago


I completed the whole detox & cleanse kit. 3 weeks later have severe stomach pains, diarrhea, and blood in my stool. Now being referred to a GI specialist. DON'T TAKE THIS STUFF!

1503 days ago


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1497 days ago

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1494 days ago


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1468 days ago
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