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Jillian Michaels Sued

'Potentially Lethal'

Diet Product

8/4/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Biggest Loser" star Jillian Michaels was just slapped with another multi-million dollar lawsuit over her weight loss products -- and this time, it's about a detox supplement that allegedly "might kill you."

Jillian Michaels Lawsuit
The class action lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, was filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by a woman who only wants to be known by her initials -- R.D. -- due to her "very real fear of retaliation OR harassment by Defendants." 

In the lawsuit, R.D. claims Jillian's "Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse" diet supplement contains a "potentially lethal combination of toxic ingredients" ... and it "might kill you."

In the suit, R.D. lays out what she considers to be the risks associated with various ingredients in Jillian's product, including:

-- Irish Moss Powder ... "causes gastrointestinal ulcers" and is "so toxic that it is the gel commonly applied to aircraft wings to dissolve ice"
-- Bearberry ... "known to cause nausea and vomiting"
-- Yarrow ... "a toxic lawn weed that causes dermatitis"
-- Chinese Rhubarb ... "a harsh laxative and dangerous diuretic that can cause sever dehydration and may cause irreversible liver damage"
-- Fenugreek Seed ... "interferes with digestion and causes both diarrhea and gas"

R.D. is suing Jillian and Thin Care International for more than $10 million for "actively and fraudulently" conspiring to hide the alleged dangers of their product.

If this story sounds familiar, it's not the first ... second ... or even the third time Jillian has been sued by people who claim her diet products are potentially toxic.

No comment from Jillian Michaels' camp.

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1444 days ago


get slim fast use celebrities diet


1408 days ago


jillian michaels knows her stuff. All of her products are made through nutritionists. this lady just wants to make fast money and cause problems. i luv jillian! SHE ROX!!

1232 days ago


" Irish Moss Powder ... "causes gastrointestinal ulcers" and is "so toxic that it is the gel commonly applied to aircraft wings to dissolve ice"
Ummm, know what else dissolves ice? Salt. And warm water. And the sun. Salt is even too caustic to apply to aircraft, but I'm sure this lady consumes that on a regular basis.
I've benefitted greatly from Jillian Michaels' Power Packets. They often given me the extra boost of energy and endurance that I've need to finish a long run. I'll be drinking one before running an upcoming half marathon. I just wish they weren't discountinued, glad I stocked up.
Anyway, this lawsuit is ridiculous and nothing on that list will harm anyone when taken within reason. Too bad the rest of us have to suffer from her idiocy and greed.

1138 days ago


Just like every other celb gotta make money some how.

1053 days ago


Hogwash !! Anything herbal if used without professional knowledge can harm you. If perhaps you took more of the product than you should (you can drink too much, eat too much, etc., etc.), I can harm you. Has this person who is trying to sue have any personal side effects from her line of products? I haven't. Some people not knowing who eat peanuts have servere reactions that could kill them. If you read the warnings on products, buy the product at your own risk, her lawsuit has no validity. She's just another petty individual trying to cash in on her success. Anything can hurt you if you consume large quantities. Rhubarb is poisonous, but it is sold in the supermarket. If some kid comes buy and decides to see what this red celery tastes like and eats some of the leaf, are we going to stop from selling it at the store. Come on, get real. She's a bitch trying to cash in on make some money !! Oh, by the way, I've taken the product (which I can no longer find at the store) and I never had any problem !!

532 days ago
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