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MJ Death Mansion for Sale -- Fans Already Calling

8/4/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson overdosed on Propofol and died is back on the market for a cool $28 mil -- but the owners are asking for roughly $10 million less than they did before MJ kicked the bucket.


The 17,171 square foot home on N. Carolwood Drive -- which includes 7 bedrooms, a 7-car garage, and 13 toilets -- was officially put up for sale on Monday ... with an asking price of $28,995,000.

Sources close to the estate tell TMZ that several MJ fans have already expressed interest -- possibly in an attempt to get a sneak peek inside -- but the owners have required all potential buyers to go through an "extensive pre-qualifying check" before they can even walk in the door.

Back in 2008, the property owner -- Ed Hardy CEO Hubert Guez -- tried selling the place for $38 million ... but when that didn't work out, he agreed to let MJ live in the home while he rehearsed for the "This Is It" tour.

According to, Guez had recently tried to rent out the property for $300,000 per month ... but ultimately decided he would try and get rid of it all together, with the discounted price tag.

So far, it's unclear if Guez is entertaining any serious offers.


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The paramedics original reports (by word of mouth to whatever Michael Jackson bystanders were in that room that day) were leaked to the media within less than an hour after arriving. All those written reports/articles mentioning the condition (comments re morbidity, hours that the body had obviously been dead, etc.) of Michael Jacksons "body" have long since disappeared from all written media reports/articles on the web. And they have not made any public/private statements since then.

Somebody may have died in that house/or been placed already dead in that was not Michael Jackson. And it was not Michael Jacksons body that went by ambulance to UCLAMC.


1543 days ago

Rodrigo jesus soares    

The house could not be sold, the house could be a museum for us fans seen him.

1543 days ago



1543 days ago


TMZ can use the phrase without meaning disrespect because....
TMZ knows that Michael Jackson isn't dead.
OR they're pretty damn sure of it.

Otherwise TMZ WOULDN'T use that phrase

Posted at 5:14 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by Tellit

I totally agree with you Tellit.

Tell, I found this:

I was not the only one privileged to behold the Resurrected Guru.

One of Sri Yukteswar's chelas was an aged woman, affectionately known as Ma (Mother), whose home was close to the Puri hermitage. Master had often stopped to chat with her during his morning walk. On the evening of March 16, 1936, Ma arrived at the ashram and asked to see her guru.

"Why, Master died a week ago!" Swami Sebananda, now in charge of the Puri hermitage, looked at her sadly.

"That's impossible!" She smiled a little. "Perhaps you are just trying to protect the guru from insistent visitors?"

"No." Sebananda recounted details of the burial. "Come," he said, "I will take you to the front garden to Sri Yukteswarji's grave."

Ma shook her head. "There is no grave for him! This morning at ten o'clock he passed in his usual walk before my door! I talked to him for several minutes in the bright outdoors.

"'Come this evening to the ashram,' he said.

"I am here! Blessings pour on this old gray head! The deathless guru wanted me to understand in what transcendent body he had visited me this morning!"

The astounded Sebananda knelt before her.

"Ma," he said, "what a weight of grief you lift from my heart! He is risen!"

Autobiography of a Yogi - by Paramhansa Yogananda

and this:

They say Michael was buried in July, another "little mistake" LOL.

p.s. The movie made me laugh and cry a lot, simply amazing,ty!

1543 days ago


How nice of TMZ to say Michael kicked the bucket, TMZ never had nothing nice to say about MJ until he passed, now their back to their ignorgant ways! GOOD JOB TMZ!
R.I.P MJ you will be missed by all you'r ture fan'

1543 days ago


Calif. lawmaker ponders Neverland as state park

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The former home of the King of Pop could become California's latest state park under an idea being floated by a California state lawmaker.

Assemblyman Mike Davis said Tuesday that he believes it's worth studying whether the California Department of Parks and Recreation should take over the Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County.

The Los Angeles legislator said fans from around the world would visit Michael Jackson's former estate.

Jackson's 2,500-acre estate once housed amusement park rides and a zoo with tigers and snakes, but many of the estate's attractions were dismantled or sold after his death in 2009.

Colony Capital LLC, a Santa Barbara-based private equity firm, took control of Neverland in a venture with Jackson after he nearly lost the estate to foreclosure. Jackson signed over control of the estate to Colony Capital for $35 million in 2008.

That company now co-owns the estate with the Jackson family. Colony spokesman Owen Blicksilver declined to comment on the proposal.

The success of the proposal is uncertain in a state where the budget deficit stands at $19 billion. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger previously proposed selling the state's landmark buildings to raise cash to cover the shortfall.
Story continues below More below
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"Given that we have an economic shortfall ... I suspect it would be difficult for the State Parks Department to purchase the property alone," Davis said. He would propose a public-private partnership.

Davis said the plan remains only an idea at the moment and that he might introduce a bill or resolution on the matter after lawmakers return from their monthlong recess in August.

"I am committed to finding out all the details possible to make this a good proposal," Davis said.

He also said NAACP president Alice Huffman and others approached him with the idea. Huffman's office did not immediately return a call Tuesday.

It's not clear how the state would pay for even part of the ranch or ongoing costs to maintain and operate it, given recent budget cuts to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Last year, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed closing 220 of California's 279 state parks to save money, but later backed down. Instead, he and lawmakers agreed to close half the parks on certain days and reduce services.

In November, Californians will vote on a ballot initiative that is designed to provide stable funding to state parks by imposing an $18 surcharge on vehicle license fees. If it's approved, vehicles with California plates would get free park admission.

Calls to the California State Parks Foundation and Republican lawmakers also were not immediately returned.

There are other signs that the proposal could be short-lived. About a year ago, residents of nearby Santa Ynez Valley organized a group to oppose any plan to turn Neverland into a tourist attraction.

It was at Neverland where authorities alleged that Jackson had molested a boy. Jackson was acquitted in 2005 and moved out of the property.

Davis said controversies surround many public figures and noted that Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley, focuses on Presley's work, not issues in his personal life.

An attorney for matriarch Katherine Jackson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

1543 days ago


All that and only one bathroom? Go figure.

1543 days ago


Rather odd the same day we're to lose our house, MJ's house goes up for sale.

1543 days ago


Is Harvey back? Don't worry Mj fans, you guys all know the pattern of the stories if you been on here long enough. show respect, go back to no respect, show respect, go back to no respect and on and on and on. they could have presented this story real well and gotten the same result with a little respect. But we all know tmz shows none or little. And yes the part "where Michael overdosed on propofol" well the man didn't do that to himself. Dr Quack had a hand in that one. The house is a beautiful house. I hope someone buys it.

rip mj - you are truly missed and will never be forgotten

1543 days ago


104. .....p.s. The movie made me laugh and cry a lot, simply amazing,ty!
Posted at 6:29 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by susie

yw...thank you for the info and link little ms susie.
wasn't it amazing though...
loved the scene where JN is looking in the bathroom mirror...and says something like...
"some lucky bastard died of a heart attack today"...
of course meaning that they were lucky enough to go fast. is a really neat movie, glad you enjoyed it...
yep...tears & laughter.
the best medicine

1543 days ago


TMZ (imo because of their photoshopped Michael Jackson in the chair/de Keukenhof/ pic on the Museum of Dance board) knows exactly where Michael Jackson is spending some of his quality time.
Harvey isn't anybody fool.

He was too too cute! Back in the days before he became a conartist.
He should have left this his 1st nose job alone, for sure after his 2nd nose job done before his Thriller video. RodTemperton sure wrote 2 great hits there.

Michael Jackson silliness

1543 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

Hey Kim & Danger, what's up?

1543 days ago
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