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Tyson Sued for $115 Million -- Alleged 'Iron' Theft

8/5/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A 49-year-old retired boxer is trying to pick a $115 million fight with Mike Tyson -- claiming "The Hangover" star hijacked his "Iron Mike" nickname 25 years ago.


The other "Iron" man is Mike Landrum -- a former professional fighter who claims he coined the nickname "Iron Mike" before he turned pro in 1983. Tyson started fighting professionally in 1985.

Landrum has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles, claiming he owns the trademark to the nickname "Iron Mike" -- and therefore, Tyson infringed on his rights by using the nickname throughout his boxing career.

Landrum -- who's representing himself in the case -- tells us he was "hindered from getting any major title fights or sponsorships because of the name confusion."

For the record -- Landrum's record was 6-4 as a pro.

TMZ spoke with Tyson's rep Tammy Brook who tells us, "Mike's legal team hasn't seen the paperwork yet, but they are confident the case holds no merit." 

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big bruce    

there is a ironn mike stature here in fayetteville,right here on FT.BRAGG and has been there way before either mike, so will u sue ft.bragg, just another broke ass , that wanna be rich by takeing from someone else!

1476 days ago


i think that they should fight it out yes

1476 days ago


If it was a problem then, he should have sued then. He probably didn't get any fights because of his 6-4 record, poor promoting, a bad attitude or countless other possibilities.

1476 days ago


I hate to bring this up but Mike Tyson has been called 'Iron Mike' for over 20 years now. Now I know that some people are not good at math, but wouldn't the time for a law suit have been then? Hey man, here's some advice. Go back to school, learn about calendars and dates, get a job, and stop making a fool of yourself in public.

1476 days ago


Good i hope he gets the rapists money.

1476 days ago


There is only ONE "IRON MIKE" and his name is Mike Tyson. Sorry Landrum, your a little late.

Don't worry Landrum, I'm sure you can get your mommy to call you Iron mike, but when she's saying it, she's thinking of mike tyson. Sorry Dude!

1476 days ago


These stories just make me laugh so mike tson been around years why didnt this lawsuit come way before this epecially since mike aint got no money anymore

1476 days ago


Damn mike trouble jus follows you >>> Stop hating on mike he gave us a lot of good years....

1476 days ago

Mr. Analytics    

I'm waiting who will sue "Iron Chef" coz there are 4 of them claiming the title

1476 days ago

Craig EC    

come on man are you serious.....How many years later.....This Dude is just broke looking for some quick cash....

1476 days ago


This guy will need to get behind "Iron Mike" Sharpe, a wrestler from te 1970's

1476 days ago


I suppose Sugar Ray Leonard had to pay Sugar Ray Robinson for the privilege of using that nickname? What a pile of steaming crap. We would have a less of these stupid lawsuits if the loser had to pay all court fees ...

1476 days ago


Good luck with your lawsuit, Aluminium Mike. Hope Tyson kicks your a** in court. You can't even hold Tysons' jockstrap! Loser.

1476 days ago


Cool, Iron Mike is just a piece of rusting iron nowadays. You can't even get couple of grands from him, he is a flat broke ******.

1476 days ago


Isn't it amazing how none of these people alledging copyright infringement come out of the word work until years after the person has made and possibly lost millions of $'s lol?! What you do is sue when you're still boxing and losing fights - IF that's ever what happened!! Too late all these years down the line when you can't fight your way out of a duffel bag, or get anyone interested!! Perhaps, that's the idea though hm?! Maybe the guy knows he has no chance of winning and is just using the legal fight to get his name out there hm?!

1475 days ago
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