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Oksana's Former Lawyer to

Meet with Investigators

8/4/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ L.A. County Sheriff's deputies have contacted Oksana Grigorieva's former lawyer ... because they want to know if Oksana said anything inconsistent or incriminating during her mediation with Mel Gibson.

Sources tell us deputies have contacted attorney Eric George asking to schedule a meeting.

We're told Sheriff's investigators want to ask George about both Oksana's brutality claims as well as Mel's allegation that she tried to extort him.

Sources say George will cooperate with authorities and speak with them. George is allowed to discuss what occurred during the mediation however conversations he had with Oksana are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Our law enforcement sources say investigators are particularly interested in what Oksana is reportedly claiming now, but failed to claim during the mediation, notably:

- During the mediation she never expressed any concern that Mel was a threat to baby Lucia
- During the mediation she never said that Mel threatened to kill her, Alexander, Lucia, and himself
- During the mediation she never made any mention nor produced any photo of a black eye

We're also told investigators are interested in any information related to the 2 text messages Oksana sent Mel during the mediation -- saying she taped his phone calls because he was not taking care of her.  Mel's people claim they have hard proof Oksana left a trail of evidence showing she was holding the tapes over Mel's head for a price.

As we first reported George negotiated a whopping $15 million settlement package for Oksana which she later disavowed.

The date for the meeting with Sheriff's deputies has not been set, but it will happen soon.


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Well, that was icky, lol. And don't worry about your grammar. Goodness, you're one of the most articulate on here.

By the way, in case you missed it, there's a new TMZ on Miss Oksana:

1539 days ago


You folks have been busy, and Sophie/Mel/Sweetheart has been sharing her LSD with others.

I see that MARIA ASHOT is back as MO, attacking the Roman Catholic Church again, and putting a bunch of sht out there about Lucia not being either Mel or Oksana's baby. Tinfoil hate gets yet another layer for you nutcases.

As for Frieda being a "Dobbel Agent", I haven't had such a good laugh since I've been following this story. Frieda has been a staunch Mel supporter from day one.

With "friends" like this, Mel doesn't need enemies.

1539 days ago


@Thomcov, straight to the point -you're a moron.
Posted at 2:12 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by MDFIT BananaPatch


Are you actually trying to insult me? Here in this venue?

Come on man, get a grip! I could be a cross-eyed hunchbacked pink-ass baboon and fit right in with the rest of you cuckoo clocks.

I close the shades so no one can see me indulge in the sick pleasure of reading and writing here. You people are a hoot!

Let's face it, Oksana and poor mad gibbering Mel got nothing on you guys. Look up from your keyboard, look in the mirror. Insulted!

1539 days ago


#744 angeleyes Why did Mel agree to pay her anything?! According to current opinion it seems to be the 2 texts she sent him during the mediation telling him she'd taped him and she wanted money lol!!
BTW Was there ever a DNA test done, I'm sure someone said a test had been done but hey, ho!! Another reason for not signing his name to birth certificate could be had to wait for DNA results and he wasn't prepared to just have his name put on the baby's birth certificate - of course it could have been a deliberate action by Octomum's double to ensure he would have trouble gaining custody of Lucia since he's not the named father hm?! I mean anyone this scheming would have thought ahead hm?! You CAN however, if you're proven to be the father, Pay to have your name inserted on the birth certificate as father after the certificate has already been legally processed! As for the baby not being baptized yet, some wait a while before baptizing, some even wait until the child is old enough to decide (teens) which faith (if any) they will follow! It could of course be that Oskansa herself is not Catholic and won't let the baby be baptized, I mean is she Orthodox or not, who knows?!
This lawyer is the one who made a comment denying the photo wasn't he? The one who said if there had been a photo it would have been $6 million not $15 million or was that someone close to him lol?!

1539 days ago


Have any of us seen a copy of Lucia's birth certificate?

Noooooo. Do you numbskulls, Sophie and Maria Ashot, think that because Mel doesn't do a press release about every thing he does and thinks (unlike Oksa) that you can fill in the blanks without a single fact then bully everyone else to have the same opinion and get away with it? You can't.

So Sophie and Maria are making stuff up again for what agenda I don't know. The baby is Mel's.

The Piotr Listerman connection is far more interesting and worth some consideration.

1539 days ago


PS: what on earth makes you think Lucia wasn't baptized? Is it because Mel didn't do a press release? He didn't call "Sophie" (what a lying joker she is). Any Catholic worth their salt will baptize a baby ASAP.

1539 days ago


#751 Your point is right BUT is Oskansa Catholic or not?! If SHE's not and both parents have a say then the baby not being baptized is possible!! As for birth certificate's they are all legally public information do***ents - that's how generations can trace their ancestry back, the info is easily obtained through those services online!! Has it been seen, fair point, but also how d'you know it hasn't been lol?!
Russian's are normally Orthodox aren't they and not Catholic?!

1538 days ago


#728 V
The problem now is that in the US there is total freedom of speech, in all of it's sickening entirety sometimes! When the KKK can pedal their poison and freely parade through the streets, when the White Supremacist's and their ilk can legally spread their poison you have to wonder if the fight for total freedom of speech was worth it after all!! Every side can now pedal their poison on the streets, not just the white's and the problem is it has created a new even more bitter, more angry society.
Total freedom of speech is allowed in the US but all of the political correctness laws being brought in defy that right, you can not have a word for the use abusively or otherwise by one race or ethnicity alone - that in itself makes it racist! I have never used the n word, but I am old enough to remember when in the late 70's early 80's it was freely used by all races!! Today rappers use it freely in their music, all ethnicity's listen to rap, the only difference is if a white kid or any other ethnic group but a black used that word they would be hauled up before the world and branded a racist!! Most young kids probably have no idea what the word means or that it is deemed derogatory and racist! The rappers making the music know!! I am sick of the old comment by anyone that "oh you always bring blacks using the word up to defend a white person using the word" - you show a double standard by trying to negate what is a fair and honest point!!
However, because total freedom of speech exists in the US and Freedom of the Press was brought in over things like Watergate, there is pretty much nothing you can do - unless you can prove a lie, defamation, slander, etc!! You can sue, you can force through a court, the outlet who printed the story to retract it and pay you damages!! Problem is it usually takes a year to get the case to court, when the retraction is printed in small print somewhere near the back of the paper no one actually remembers the story!!
Watergate and the sources that supplied the information to the journalist's at the time is a prime example of why the Press refused in court or anywhere else to name their source!! That way providing information didn't get you a casket and a grave for your family to weep at!! I know it should only be used for cases where there is a danger to the source's life but the paps have started using it to great effect - ROL can't name their source because that person will then admit to receiving payment for the tapes which ROL has already said didn't happen hm?!
While it might be nice if someone bugged the offices of ROL to find out who's selling what, it's not going to happen legally!! Wonder though if anyone at ROL is Pi***d off enough with their job to spill the beans - y'know someone with an axe to grind lol!!! Anyone got the money to pay them off lol?!

1538 days ago


Dark Night - a mish-mosh of accusation & fantasy

The dark haired woman in flowing underwire nighty stood looking pensively out at the darkness. She feared the dark. A breeze toyed with the flimsy gauze of her gown. The marble floor felt cool against her bare feet. A slight frown marred the smooth forehead and she carefully pushed an errant cheek pad back into place.

Clicking noises came from behind her. A crabbed old woman sat at a computer, quietly cackling to herself as she wrote article after article for her hometown paper. Occasionally she'd pause to adjust the tinfoil hat that pressed against frizzy curls. The old woman claimed it helped her to think and who would argue with one of such venerable age and wisdom?

Both jumped and gasped in horror when the door slammed open, banging against the wall by the force of the blow. A howling mad man, his face half painted blue, stood bellowing foul curses as he waved a gun. With a growl of fury, he advanced on the woman by the window, sputtering about wetbacks from a jacuzzi.

The woman with the lopsided cheek screamed and tried to dodge away from him. But the madman's strength and fury were as ten warriors. He scooped up a television and hurled it towards her. The woman danced to one side and barely escaped the heavy thing as it crashed through the window.

Screaming, fearing for her life, the woman grabbed her children and began to flee, heedless of her bare feet or the darkness of the night which once frightened her. But, alas, she had in her panic, forgotten her car keys. She dashed back inside, with her children, and found to her horror the madman charging at her with his gun. Car keys in hand, she and her children fled to the bedroom.

There she confronted her assailant. This raving, raging madman pulled his gun from his shorts - where of course he had stashed it while running for he was a brave hearted man - and again threatened our heroine in the most vile manner. Invoking a magic sword, he caused two of her veneers to fall off and raised a pimple on the infant's chin. Then he just disappeared!

The woman sighed and made an appointment to have her veneers repaired.

1522 days ago
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