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Cops Investigating Street Fight Involving ex-UFC Star

8/5/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Austin Police Department has viewed the tape of the bloody street brawl involving ex-UFC star Roger Huerta ... and have opened an investigation into the incident.

We're told cops are interested in interviewing everybody who was present during the Saturday morning brawl -- including Huerta and the man he knocked out.

Law enforcement sources tell us so far cops have not identified the man Huerta knocked out -- or the woman who THAT guy attacked ... but officials are working on it.

As we previously reported, Huerta claims he only launched his attack AFTER the other guy threw a punch at him ... and all of that came after the unknown man socked a woman in the back of the head.

Roger Huerta - Street FightUPDATE: Roger will not be punished by the fighting league he is currently contracted with -- Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney  tells TMZ, "Roger is in no danger at all of being removed from Bellator based on this situation."

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Shawn W    

Both, the guy who punched the girl and the MMA fighter, should be arrested and charged.

Violence like this is never the answer. End of story.

Posted at 6:57 PM on Aug 5, 2010 by kerplunk

Kerplunk, I am not attacking you just stating my opinion, my family is mostly law enforcement in one form or another and its amazing how many idiots they arrest for doing what the Black guy did, and the courts and our "justice" system lets them go with slaps on the wrists. Remember where the bible says "an eye for an eye" and old time justice if a man was beating his wife he got a horse whipping from someone willing to stand up to him. The criminals and cowards know that our justice system has been so weakened by crying liberals and exspensive lawyers they can almost get away with murder. With the new concealed carry law in my state violent crimes have actually gone down, think about it a cowardly criminal thinks he might actually get hurt and he decides not to commit said crime. Case in point my friend was in a "bad" part of town, while unloading his child from the car he heard two men(not going to tell you their race)say lets "F___ with whitey over here" as they walked towards him he turned and raised his shirt and let them see the .45 semi auto he recently got his permit for. The two wannabe criminals immediately turned and went the other way. The point is if more guys like Roger "took care of" the criminals n the spot there would be less crime and violence..

1536 days ago


yo who dat your a f!@#$% moron!!! same with #3 moron!!!

yo that big dude deserved what he got...who hits a woman anyway...that should be the new add for domestic violence!!! yo you hit your wife you get this guy after you!!!

1536 days ago

James Bulluck    

So apparently the guy Huerta knocked out was former UT football player Rashaad Bobino. Bobino, is playing football in Austin for some league called the "ATXFL" (www.atxfl.com)

1536 days ago


Has the Baboon been identified yet? Or is he hiding under his mother's skirt?...I bet his momma is a F-----g 2 dollar Heroine Crakwhr!!!!!!! so probably no room under her skirt!!!! Mommy should have swallowed this chitbag's load!

1536 days ago


@ #11 - Do you read? It wasn't in LA, it was in downtown Austin TX (& not on 6th street either... it was clearly the warehouse district).

@ #3 - No girl deserves to be punched in the head by some over weight *******! She probably rejected him and he couldn't handle that.

I'm proud to know I have resided in Austin and where Roger was originally from the Rio Grande Valley (TEXAS!!!)

That's what happens if you do stupid **** in Texas you'll get your ass whooped. Don't mess around in Texas y'all!

1535 days ago


Roger, if that was your boy, you don't know him. They can't prove anything. You are the man Roger.

1535 days ago

camby reine    

Hey,62! You do understand that this was on video, in particular the cowardly, ill-bred chump punching a woman (who was running away) in the back of the head and knocking her to the ground, right? Again-it's on video-hopefully your eyes can communicate with whatever signals are racing around in your brain. And by the way....with regard to your comments about how a trained fighter shouldn't hit someone....research the damn story...that piece of waste was a 255 pound former NFL player whose unacceptable behavior got him canned. After Huerta approached him the POS in question began ranting about how he would "knock out whatever bitch he wanted too." In continuing your research (right.....) you would find that Huerta has been known for defending women throughout his life. If a man ever hits a woman like that....even you....he should be stomped within an inch of his life. Who would you feel safer with? Him or Huerta....too complicated for you?

1535 days ago


Kudos to Bobino for knocking out this pasty skinned slut!!! Every thread I read references this attacker who was definitely in the wrong as a "black beast" or something of that ilk. While white men for centuries have pillaged, raped and murdered. Now you are just envious, small penised, slow, short, slovenly, rhythmless, and grasping at straws as to hold on to some semblance of manhood. So as you did to a proud people during the middle passage, i hope WE impregnate your women, punch them in the back of the head when the urge strikes, and run your empires into the ground when we get the chance. ciao!

1534 days ago


For the record, there were four guys who jumped on the "beast" that hit the chick, Huerta could probably kick his tail mano...but let's be clear that's NOT what happened.

1534 days ago


Ok. Its bad that he hit a girl. Ok you went and hit the person that did it. Now your supid becuse your a UFC fighter and now you will be sued and may get lock up. For what some ass thats not with you. Ok your a hero now but if the police are looking for you. You should be afrad of what thay will do to you now!!! How will if fill to pay all his bill for the rest of his life!!!

1534 days ago


@jaygee Shut up!! no one cares of your **** ass views. You just upset cuz Roger ****er up one of your boys big time : note the head stomp by roger ..nice..while all your bros stood by and watched ..they must of been waiting for another 5 or 6 guys so to be safe as normal...just keep singing on the steet about owning the world and killing everyone to get it and see where it gets u ..in the end ur dumb brainless small minded thinking will be the normal end for u...you be nothing , end up with nothing and no will give a ahit about you..sorry but thats your road not mine. In the end its whos really happy with their life and your lossing **** face.

1534 days ago


Roger is absolutely a hero here. No matter what the woman did, she was running away when that fat piece of crap all out slugs her from behind. I don't care if she threw a drink in his face or what, she did not deserve that. That dude is 10 times her size. Roger understood that and defended her. I'm not about starting fights at all, but when a d-bag like that starts one... I applaud people like Roger for ending them.

1534 days ago


The guy who stomped on his head is not Roger. If you notice there is a guy who rushes in just as Roger is about to fight him (not the guy calling out 'Roger', the other guy in a gray shirt coming in from the right hand side). The woman beater then chooses to run. Roger chases him like a cat and knocks him out (as we understand the story). The guy stomping on the woman beater's head is the guy in the gray shirt who also can be seen later in the same video to the left of the knocked out guy being held back and yelling from him to get up. That is not Roger Huerta. Looks to me the guy in the gray shirt jumps in after Roger does the dirty work and has long left.

Does anyone else realize that Roger fights at 155 pounds? This guy has at least 50 more likely 75 pounds on Roger yet Roger destroyed him. I love it.

1534 days ago



1534 days ago


1st off...with that blurry ass video how can anybody confirm that the guy is Roshad Bobino? for those of you that don't know...it is now football season and i'm sure he's busy training in atlanta for those of you that don't know anything about sports. IF he was in austin and IF it was him who did hit the girl...he deserves to get prosecuted. as for this washed up mma idiot who think he did some justice...he ain't ****. if he was...he'd still be in the ocatagon getting those ass beatins he's been known to take by other mma fighters. because he fought some drunk black guy in the street he's badass now? i'd love to see him try that **** in the street with another mma fighter. if anybody should get credit for doing some justice...it's the white guy that chased the black guy (who's identity hasn't been confirmed)down the road. for all you people know he could've gotten hit by a car or who knows what. there was no fight as far as we all know from that video. all you see is the bitchass mma fighter trying to injure the disabled/defenseless black guy in the middle of the street. if that makes him a hero so be it. like i said...the black guy was wrong for hitting the girl and he needs to be punished...but you people are praising this washed up mma fighter like he did some justice and kicked some ass when there isn't even a fight on the video.

1533 days ago
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