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Cops Investigating Street Fight Involving ex-UFC Star

8/5/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Austin Police Department has viewed the tape of the bloody street brawl involving ex-UFC star Roger Huerta ... and have opened an investigation into the incident.

We're told cops are interested in interviewing everybody who was present during the Saturday morning brawl -- including Huerta and the man he knocked out.

Law enforcement sources tell us so far cops have not identified the man Huerta knocked out -- or the woman who THAT guy attacked ... but officials are working on it.

As we previously reported, Huerta claims he only launched his attack AFTER the other guy threw a punch at him ... and all of that came after the unknown man socked a woman in the back of the head.

Roger Huerta - Street FightUPDATE: Roger will not be punished by the fighting league he is currently contracted with -- Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney  tells TMZ, "Roger is in no danger at all of being removed from Bellator based on this situation."

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WOW .. he's hot !!

1537 days ago


I guess if it were a huge white man that cold ****ed a small black woman, would it be OK then if a 5'9" 155 pound Hispanic man taught him that it is not nice to hit a girl?
Great job Roger, if he gets in trouble with the law over this, there is something seriously wrong with our legal system.
Roger, you are a HERO to folks all over the world!

1537 days ago


He should be rewarded for hitting that guy. He deserved it.

1537 days ago


"If that was my mom, if that was my sister, my spouse, anyone … I would’ve wanted someone to step in and do something about it.”

- Roger Huerta

1537 days ago


Both, the guy who punched the girl and the MMA fighter, should be arrested and charged.

Violence like this is never the answer. End of story.

1537 days ago


Does anyone think that MEL GIBSON deserves to get knocked out cold by someone like Roger Huerta and then have his face kicked in?

Or is Mel just too rich and famous to deserve a butt kicking from some guy? Are rich and famous guys like Mel entitled to beat down their women and get away with it?

Mel apparently knocked out the teeth of Oksan and put a big bruise on her eye you know. He might have even put a bruise on the baby they had together.

1537 days ago


Noone cares about Mel Gibsons russian mail order trash. This is all about the black gutless wonder taking some lessons from Huerta.

1537 days ago


I think Roger is a real hero. I hope the Austin police arrest the guy who hit that woman and the City gives Roger a ticker-tape parade. No one ever wants to get involved, not another single person stepped in to defend or protect that woman, and Roger took on a huge guy who clearly thought he was going to kick Roger's butt, too. Big surprise for him apparently. Hope he learned the lesson his mother neglected to teach him: real men don't hit women. Ever.

1537 days ago


Ok Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (#80 kerplunk). Violence is never the answer but sometimes its needed. I wish I could say we live in life of good but I can't. But I hope your mother told you never hit a girl and if you see someone helpless who can't defend themselves make sure you do the right thing. And Roger try to do the right thing but the coward man fought back not thinking Roger was a UFC fighter. Just when a sex offender assaults a woman or hurts a child there's consequences to death role or his inmates kill him. You just don't hit/hurt someone so COWARDLY! You deserve to get what comes to you!!!

1537 days ago


wow, never saw a real fight on the street. People who were there seem to know what to block (some guys are obviously blocking the view or stopping others to approach the fighters). So those people probably know the guy. They are pretending to talk to the others...
The black guy should not hit the woman. That is just terrible.

1537 days ago

Joe Albany    

Why is everyone ignoring the fact that someone else hit the guy before Roger? Roger attacked when the guy was off balance from getting hit by another person. WATCH AGAIN. Hey, I'm all for the beatin', just sayin'... Gang Assault is a big time charge.

1537 days ago


ehy!!! This is AMERIKA for pete's sake

what's going one here? we send our talented artists to jail and now we need to investigate this?

what's to investigate? he did the right thing, period

lets find binladen instead of chasing young models and investigate what's already investigated.

now to the other guy: look .. I live in NYC and I'm big , I mean bigger than you but see? I don't hit a lady and I don't start anything 'cause in a big city like this or LA you never know whos gonna hit you back, and how hard.

get the lesson and stay in your room and don't go out, never again.

1537 days ago


I'd like to see some trained fighter get in Mel Gibson's face after all of his sadistic rants at Oksana and beating up on her. That would show Mel how much of a s***bag abuser of women he is. Mel actually beat up Oksana worse than this woman in the street in Austin. Mel broke her teeth and put a big bruise on her.

I don't get it. Sometimes people think it's okay to hit a woman in SOME situations but not in others. Does Oksana have less value as a woman because she's originally from Russia? She lived in England and was married to the James Bond actor (Timothy Dalton) for about 8-10 years before she got with Mel you know.

If Roger Huerta knocked out Mel Gibson because he saw him beating up Oksana in public, would that be okay? Would it be a "bad thing" to knock out Mel because he is white, rich and famous?

1537 days ago


Any man who hits a woman needs to be beat down. There is NEVER any excuse for a man to put his hands on a woman. I am glad that punk got his due.

I am a man and would never put my hands on a woman and if I was witness to that act that guy would have been much worse off, I am a concealed weapons holder.

1537 days ago


Did Snooki get punched again?

1537 days ago
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