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Cops Investigating Street Fight Involving ex-UFC Star

8/5/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Austin Police Department has viewed the tape of the bloody street brawl involving ex-UFC star Roger Huerta ... and have opened an investigation into the incident.

We're told cops are interested in interviewing everybody who was present during the Saturday morning brawl -- including Huerta and the man he knocked out.

Law enforcement sources tell us so far cops have not identified the man Huerta knocked out -- or the woman who THAT guy attacked ... but officials are working on it.

As we previously reported, Huerta claims he only launched his attack AFTER the other guy threw a punch at him ... and all of that came after the unknown man socked a woman in the back of the head.

Roger Huerta - Street FightUPDATE: Roger will not be punished by the fighting league he is currently contracted with -- Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney  tells TMZ, "Roger is in no danger at all of being removed from Bellator based on this situation."

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Besides, let's be honest: The reason this is upsetting to the Libtards and black people on this site is because this black punk got DESTROYED by a white/Latino guy HALF his size...that's what happens when you can't suckerpunch/gang up on someone....

1510 days ago


Roger I want to have your baby and spread the good seed. Your my kind of macho man. YOu did nothing wrong. with love GOD BLESS YOU! YOUR A HERO

1510 days ago


Good job Roger Huerta! We support you 100%!

1510 days ago


The woman had nothing to do with it. The altercation between the black dude and the woman was OVER AND DONE WITH before Huerta got involved. HUERTA ATTACKED THIS MAN BECAUSE HE'S BLACK. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

Posted at 9:19 PM on Aug 5, 2010 by Antwone

Huerta is hispanic (now you will complain about racist hispanics?), a short lightweight fighter against the gorilla who attacked the girl. He even confronted verbally the big guy and them BOTH took their shirts off, clearly to fight. Too bad the big bully didn't turn out to be the better fighter, right?

1510 days ago


Noone cares about Mel Gibsons russian mail order trash. This is all about the black gutless wonder taking some lessons from Huerta.

Not surprising, yur double standards, I do think Mel Gibson needs a good asskick!Someone that can teach him not to bully women and children

1510 days ago


"Who knew that TMZ's readership is 95% Ku Klux Klan members? Interesting. Sad, but interesting..."
Nope, just people who are sick and tired of idiots excusing the bad behaviour of black people....by the way, 1992 called and they want their race card back....

1510 days ago


haha...thats awesome! thats what he gets for sucker punching someone, let alone a woman.

1510 days ago


Solid work Roger. Solid work.

1510 days ago

old news    

@ Antwone""""Deeply saddens me to see this outpouring of support for what was essentially a hate crime. A black man was attacked an injured and people feel like celebrating as a result. So sad. America has a serious, serious race problem.""""
Antwone WTF are you talk about?????????????? Where the hell did you get racism out of his video??????????? Apparently your eyes were closed when the ******* hit the FEMALE in the back of the head. You might want to replay the video!!! With your F****n comment it is clear to everyone reading that YOU FEEL IT IS WRONG FOR A HISPANIC TO HIT AN AFRICAN AMERICAN BUT RIGHT FOR A MALE TO HIT A FEMALE! Dude you are living the the wrong country if that is the fact. There are many countries in the Middle East you might consider moving to if you feel females should be physically abused.

1510 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

After this incident, Roger really should at the very least receive a call from Dana or the UFC with the expressed interested or retaining him for future UFC bouts after his contract with Bellator ends. This guy belong on the biggest stage to show that MMA is versatile and can be used to knock all punk asses out.

1510 days ago


I just have one question for those rooting for the magina MMA fighter. If a woman steps to you and assaults you, you mean to tell me you are going to take that ****? I love how its okay for a woman to put her hands on a man and its no problem, however if a man who has been attacked by a female fights back its a ****ing problem. Bottom line, yall can say that **** on the baords, however in reality these days you ****ing step into the realm of man and you're ass is going to get treated like one. If a woman per se is supposed to be the "weaker" of the species as society points out on numerous occasions. Then a woman should also be inclined to keep her ****ing hands to herself. You have these animals out here, thinking they can slap, throw drinks, scratch and claw at a dude and he is not supposed to be defend himself. **** that ****.

1510 days ago


"They should investigate him. He was standing around waiting to fight anyone, watch the video. A guy as highly trained as he is, should not be outside of any bar waiting to fight. I don't believe his lame explanation. Just because another person breaks the law, it's not an excuse for him to do so."
Are you kidding me? Would YOU just stay put if that guy hit her?
The real problem is with people like you who have no balls to stand up for a woman, let alone yourself

1510 days ago


Man whatever dude. If a woman puts her hands on a man, then she should not be surprised if a man knocks her the **** out. The problem with people LIKE YOU, is you have no problem with someone trying to clean your clock especially if it is a woman. Hey if you like being kicked in the balls, by the oppposite sex, that's fine. Just don't be mad that some of us with a sense of a ****ing brain feel differently.

1510 days ago


F**k everybody that is saying the lady deserved it....she didn't deserve ****....that fat bastard is a coward....has to pick on the helpless.......Roger did the right thing....If anything...I think Roger went easy on the guy...

Good Job Roger...you make us Mexicans proud....

1510 days ago


AHHAHAH. Like I said before, if the bitch had hit one of you dudes, would you be so inclined to not strike her back. So easy to say the dude deserved it however had it been you, would it be any different. *******s love to say its not right to hit a woman and a dude who does it is wrong. However when its their ass on the line, then its a different story. Come on...the **** outta here with that bull****.

1510 days ago
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