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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Much Ado About Nothing

8/5/2010 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's summer of fun continues -- last night he took in some theater in Houston ... a Billy Shakespeare classic called, "Much Ado About Nothing."

" . . . happy are they that hear their detractions, and can put them to mending."


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-#306: danger, what is your source for saying who Murray called? The reports I've seen simply state he made 3 calls and the LAPD didn't release the names of those calls one of which was to Michael Amir, Michael's PA. I've never read anywhere that claimed he called another patient. If you can supply info to the contrary, I would appreciate it.
-#308: Sorry but Randy and Tohme being at Holmsoby is NO RUMOR, there were actual reports about it. If you can believe all of what Cherilyn and the media claims against Michael, you can BELIEVE THAT.
-#329: Hey HumanNature! Just remembered I've got to update my contract for the ringtone on your namesake....
Regarding Murray and his bills, he has to have someone taking care of his personal situation. How many people do you know who can have a house in foreclosure as long as he has. IMO, his partners in crime are keeping it in that status in order to ensure his loyalty. They are protecting him in every way--bodyguards and the whole nine--NO WAY does he have the money for all of this. ANd I don't believe that BS about some "Concerned Friends" helping him. Murray incurred most of his debts years before he even began to work for MIchael, where were they then?
Yup you called it. It's hush money to keep him on board--remember, he holds most of the cards in his hands also and could crack and expose them at anytime....of course that would mean giving up the money he's probably been promised, and with the lifestyle and debts he has, I doubt he would be throwing his "30 pieces of silver" back any time soon....
-#330: Daphne: I totally agree that they will try to discredit him and I hope they succeed. It's totally ludicrous what Murray has gotten away with. Thing is, if you read the link I attached to the last post, it talks about how the U.S. JUSTICE DEPT. IS NOW IN ON MICHAEL'S CASE....
BTW: This blog also supports the Theory that Branca/SONY are the culprits along with Murray. Read it and weep.....
No Peace till Justice!

1515 days ago


Here's the live link to that blog:


1515 days ago


Pegasus - you are so funny!! what a great sense of humour you have...laughter really is the best medicine.
Cher - you are welcome..Got to give credit where credit is due!!
Have a good day/night..

1515 days ago


The people I think were in on the "actual murder" are: Tohme, Randy J., and Muhammad/NOI directed by Barrack (Colony Capital) in cooperation with AEG/Randy Phillips....

Here's the live link to that blog:


Posted at 2:22 AM on Aug 8, 2010 by Cherwood

Thanks, Cherwood for that live link. I read it. About the names mentioned above, I remember watching TII, the video, that Tohme, Jermy, Deileo were all there at the press announcement at the hospital. OK, so Tohme was fired, why was he standing right next to Jermy while DiLeo was around the corner. Wonder who's the power behind the throne. Also all these NOI people surrounding him during the latter part of his life, I don't know if it did more good than harm. I know some could say that Grace arranged for them to provide security, perhaps to save MJ some $$, but I don't know. As Branca said, he left in 06, because of all these people surrounding him.

1515 days ago


To Cherwood - #332 & #336 - I cannot thank you enough for the information you have provided. All of you ladies have access to things and information that I do not. Well I didn't, now I have, I just have to learn to use it - and thank you Mimi for helping to teach me. I just loved talking to you on the phone the other night, God you are such a sweetie!

But to you Cherwood, Brigha and all the others - thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the information and your theories that you have been so gracious to provide! Many a times, I have had to sit and re-think my views based on those facts, and on each of your theories - and I envitably come up with all new conclusions about things. Example: The fact that Dr. Death is still married, the fact that he and his wife own several practices together, etc. Things I had no knowledge of. I hope to learn (one of these blessed days) how to get to and access the information that all of you ladies do. But, until then, just know that there is one person who not only is interested but grateful as well. Have a wonderful evening!

P.S. Cherwood - I left a another message on the Nazi board for you. I am having all kinds of trouble finding my way around these things, and finding where everyone is at. Forgive me!

1515 days ago


you're having too much fun Dr careful ok ppl hate you
dont worry it'll be fine though...I have faith...

continue the show good Dr...
isnt it good to be ALIVE? god bless you and michael

1515 days ago


Of course, you can't answer any of my questions, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SUPPORT WHAT YOU SAY!!!
And the fact that you're resorting to foul language AGAIN, only indicates two things:
Please, do me and everyone else a favor and quit EMBARASSING YOURSELF!
NOONE AGREES WITH YOU and even if they did, they'd be ashamed to admit it based on your posts. Your constant attacks on me and my OPINION is a total JOKE! For all the time you spend calling me out and calling me names, you could be doing your part to get Justice for Michael, instead, you're content to throw barbs at me like a 3 year old.....
And for the record, why don't YOU take your own cue and send the people I've accused my posts? I DARE YOU!!!
I wish you would because then someone would have to ask WHY I've accused them and all of their crap would come out.
Still think they would try to sue me and bring themselves into the spotlight? LOL x 20!!! Unlike you, they've gotten where they are today using THEIR BRAIN, not a KNEE-JERK REACTION!!!
BTW: You say Michael wouldn't want me for a fan? OMG-YOU'RE speaking for him, based on what? Have YOU ever met him before? Better yet, were you EVEN A FAN of his PRIOR TO JUNE 25, 2009? What do you even KNOW about him that the MEDIA hasn't informed you of?
SO you think he would want you--a foul-mouthed, REACTIONARY who believes EVERYTHING the MEDIA ACCUSES HIM OF, only to defend a Nurse that you don't even know?
The Hollywood Reporter?? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!!!
I once accused you of being on meds, but I think that was wrong, Now I think it's more like you need to GET BACK ON your meds so you can get that FOAM out of your MOUTH......
No Peace till Justice!!

1514 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

thank you Mimi for helping to teach me. I just loved talking to you on the phone the other night, God you are such a sweetie!

Posted at 7:53 PM on Aug 8, 2010 by Pegasus


Pegasus ~ I am always happy to help you in any way I can. It was great fun for me as well, talking with you. I always enjoy our conversations whether it's about Michael or helping you find your way around TMZ or how to do certain functions on your computer (like keeping all those wonderful links to the MJ sites)! But of course our most FAVORITE conversations are about Michael!!

Many hugs!

PS: Hope to see you here (on TMZ) again soon! I will try to catch up on all these posts bouncing back and forth between all of the stories that are popping up on TMZ. Trust me there will be plenty more to come!

1514 days ago

shirley alves    

AT least Murray doesn't look too happy in this pic... I hope the girls in front of him were telling him that he'll rot in jail and Hell's fire soon!

Lord hear our prayer!
RIP Michael

1514 days ago


i love to choke him and injecting him profopol! MF!

1509 days ago


Dr. Propofol- you also mesed up with the rehydration,poss. he had water in-
toxication as he got about 2x his blood volume during Rehyration. Rehydration needs to be done slowly with iv fluids to avoid braindamage You had no idea about his electolytes while undertaking the correction.
Or was it done orally with Mihcael Gatoraid? Strictly speaking should have been taken to an E.R. to check on is electrolytes
Look up water intoxication om Wilipdia.The danger with iv solution is from a meidical text We3ight a autopsy 136 lb, prior weigt said to be from 1112 lb to 117 lb.that will give the
apr. amounts of liquides given on 25/6.


1503 days ago


Sorry for the typos in 351, I was tired and half asleep.I just
wanted to draw attention to the dehydration and esp. the
re-hydration.Overdoing the latter can have dire consequences,
this has not come up in discussions.I don´t think Dr. Propofol even kept track of Michaels weight,anorexic as he was.

1502 days ago

nabulime teddy    

actuary i have got what i wanted

1428 days ago
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