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Gary Coleman's Ex -- They Better Not Sell Our House

8/5/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price is upset that Gary's estate is trying to sell the house they lived in together -- and according to Price's rep, they'll "do everything possible to fight this in court."

As we first reported, Robert Jeffs -- the Special Administrator of Gary's estate -- filed a motion yesterday asking a judge to allow him to sell Gary's Utah home and an adjacent lot for $324,000.

That's not sitting well with Price's rep, Sheilia Erickson, who tells TMZ that 24 hours before Gary died, he told her he "wanted [Shannon] to be taken care of" and that "everything goes to her."

Erickson says, "Gary would want Shannon in that house. It was their house together."

Shannon did live in the house with Gary, but the estate kicked her out in June. She is not named in Gary's currently recognized will.


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Since they apparently owed $315K on the $324K house, and it is in disrepair, I would like to know where she is getting the money to make the mortgage payments. And I disagree that she "has another dude lined up." I can't see anyone else getting in line for that.

1504 days ago


sorry shannon, the estate is pulling the plug, you can understand, right? you stupid vapid money grubber.

1504 days ago


GC was a weird, sick little dude, and he found a weird, sick tranny semi-female to live with, what a lovely pair they made! Now she has killed him and wants all his stuff, and this bitch has reps and lawyers, what she needs is a jail sentence and a probation officer!

1504 days ago


that is one ugly man --- I mean woman. What rock did that thing crawl out of

1504 days ago

Evelyn C    

Damn what is Price problem they were divorce.poor Gary even dead things aren't going on.Sheis money hungry even though they said he didn't have money.get a JOB I agree with Star Collector

1504 days ago


Glad to see that I am not alone in thinking that there is more to this story than we are being told. Funny how he dies and wants her to have everything even though he DIVORCED her!!! I think he was about to kick her ugly butt to the curb and she kicked him down the stairs first......

Don't they investigate murders up there????

1504 days ago


I'm sure when she says she wants the house, she means just that- she wants the house, not the debt that goes with it. She figures the estate should take care of the debt/payments.

If she wanted as much money as she seems to want, she should have a) killed him sooner (aka before he divorced her) and b)go after someone who actually has money. Of course, someone with real money wouldn't have to stoop to someone who looks like her but when you look like a horse don't expect to marry a millionaire. Not like she had a good personality to make up for it, either.

1504 days ago

The Seer    

Another case of, "Lady, pack up that vagina and go home, this game is ova!".

1504 days ago


I think she looks like an ugly man. Musta been some slim pickins for that little dude.

1504 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Karl Lagerfield would have a starving bitches conniption if he were to ever find out that this fugly money grubbing ginge whore is out peddling the Chanel brand.


1504 days ago


Ah, the white trash saga continues.

1504 days ago


If Gary's estate is broke and she ain't gettin a dime, then where is this murdering she-male gettin the dough to buy some Chanel sunglasses? I work every day and don't own any. She needs to STFU and move on! Nobody wants to hear about her/his trashy self.

1504 days ago

The Judge    

This piece of trash is lucky that she is not being investigated for Gary Coleman's death. She should realize this and stop drawing attention to herself. The universe has yet to mete out its punishment to her - and she may be speeding it up.

1504 days ago


She is a repulsive excuse for a human. I hope she is out on her ass and has to pay attorney fees to the estate! She probably killed him. She is grotesque in every way. Bitch belongs in prison where her ass will be kicked constantly!

1504 days ago


I want a rep!

1504 days ago
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